Tummy Attack Testimonials

“I cannot believe that I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in a month! The combination of audios, online bootcamp videos and Facebook group have enabled me to overhaul my lifestyle and get to a place where I’m a better version of myself – a version I wished I’d found earlier! Can’t wait to keep going and the satisfaction of fitting into my old pair of jeans is just an added bonus. I hadn’t fully appreciated how much food and lifestyle choices as well as exercise would have such a positive effect so quickly. I would recommend to anybody!”

Zoe L before after

RS after pink polka dot bikini

“I am truly never the type of person to post bikini photos, but I just tried mine on for going on holiday on Sunday and for the first time in as long as I can remember I don’t hate how my tummy looks! This is off the back of two tummy attacks. Not that I doubted it but wow, thanks Janey, it really works! Thanks for helping me not dread stepping out in a bikini.” Rachel S

“The tummy attack was amazing – great combination of exercise and food management. I really enjoyed it…and it works!” Survey Monkey response


SS front on beforeSS front on after“Ok I soooo wasn’t going to do this! But I had been taking regular photos over the last two TA’s but never sat down to compare them. I had noticed some differences but am really surprised at the before and afters.

Especially as I have just been at a 2 day wedding that sent me way off track. So I thought I would share too to say thank you Janey!

SS side on beforeSS side on after

A little effort from me despite challenges of summer holidays and great instruction and motivation from Janey can really make a difference.” Sarah Smith

“Hi Janey and team, I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing month. I’ve seen your online bootcamps advertised for years but never done them as couldn’t see how they might work for me. I was always one of those people who needed someone there telling me what to do, or so I thought. How wrong I was!  Having just completed the Tummy ATTACK, I’ve never felt so great. I loved how simple it was to fit in around everything, I thoroughly enjoyed the program and I wish I had done it sooner. I cannot reccomend it enough. I didn’t use the Facebook group, although I dipped in at the end to see what all the fuss was about and I’ll definitely use it next time! For now, I’m jetting off on my holidays for a couple of weeks and never been in such great shape, or felt so good about myself – the audios have given me much more body confidence as I approach 50 too! So thank you and if anyone is reading this unsure of whether to take the plunge, just do it, you won’t regret it!” Louise B July bootcamper

“I am so happy I have done the TA boot camp…. For many reasons…. The changes I have made have really changed me for the better and I feel like it is something I will be able to stick to everyday moving forward.   I have obviously cut down on my fizz intake, but what I had forgotten to mention is I had got into a habit of drinking a couple of glasses of wine a night, sometimes the bottle…. I have found doing this TA it is all about changing habits and mine have been my fizz, wine evenings and choc hit in the morning, these have all now stopped or being managed.  I have enjoyed a small glass of wine with dinner tonight, which normally would have been the bottle due to the sunshine and I enjoyed it more knowing it was my one guilt tonight and me raising it to myself on my client of the week award!” Jennifer, Secret Facebook post

“Hi girls, been meaning to write this for ages.  The Tummy attack program was the ideal way to kickstart after Christmas. I’m definitely someone who needs motivation and you feel like you have a personal trainer 24/7.  The daily audios were so inspiring, I used to listen to them on my way home from the school run and then I was ready to crack on once I got home with exercise. Sometimes I would listen twice as they are packed with such positive messages.  I loved the videos, found it very easy to upload & watch them on my computer in the kitchen. You don’t need props, just your trainers so it’s easy to get on with it without making excuses. If you travel (as I did), it’s easy to watch on an iPad for example- I did one video in a hotel room in Madrid! Its all over fairly quickly and once finished you feel such achievement.   The fact that they are two like minded people,  (rather than these vids with  “perfect” people, with “perfect” bodies in their “perfect” gym kit who never seem to break a sweat!! – no offense ladies, you both look fab but I did enjoy that you were also sweating it! honestly I felt like I was exercising with friends in a lovely English garden with the birds singing in the background! it’s fun and there is plenty of variety so you never get bored. There are also different levels depending on your fitness.   The forum is very useful and it’s great to share stories and keep each other motivated. There is so much information to help you achieve your goal I really can’t recommend it enough. I also did Janey’s FMME program which was a life changer.  In the month I was really pleased with the results, I got rid of excess weight I had been carrying and I’m going to keep referring back to the videos and audios throughout this year, that is the beauty. Thank you,  Janey and team x” Harriet C

I have loved the programme, if I’m honest I didn’t think I’d be able to stick to it but the combination of the motivational emails and the short sharp exercise has been the perfect balance for me. I’ve totally changed shape particularly my legs and at the last measure (middle of last week) had lost 2 inches off my love handles which is AMAZING and everything just fits better plus I’m back into exercise for the first time pre kids and feeling much better for it! 10/10 from me!!!
L. Oakes

“The TA videos are more challenging than those from any of Janeys other online courses! The daily messages keep you on track and the forum helps share the successes, failures and who he’s about sore muscles :-)” Becca P

“I have really enjoyed this programme and although the main aim is getting diet and core fitness sorted, it has given me headspace and some time to pay attention to myself more generally. I am on the way to being fitter, healthier and I’m pretty sure, happier too. Thank you” Survey Monkey response

“I have done two Tummy ATTACKS back to back, as well as some extra running and spinning and I’m just about back to my pre-pregnancy size and shape now, yaw!  I’m really pleased with the results I’ve got in a couple of months and the secret Facebook group is so motivational. Love that I can get my exercise done in 30 mins a day and fit around my three children. Great programme!” Amber L

Anna L before and after


“I have been doing Fit for a Princess for a year, but took the plunge to do the online Tummy ATTACK in January and it’s been amazing! I couldn’t understand why people would want to do outdoor and online bootcamps but having experiences both alongside each other I can’t recommend it enough! The Tummy ATTACK helped me with food, lifestyle and mindset as well as boost my fitness levels beyond anything I thought and I’ve been astounded to see how much my core strength has improved. I’ve got more out of my FFAP classes as a result and I’ve totally changed shape because I really focused on my nutrition. For me, the flexibility of being able to do the online workouts at home around my kids if I couldn’t get to a FFAP class for whatever reason has been invaluable. I love the fact I get to keep everything for life too and have some great workouts at my finger tips, I think 6 hours’ worth! I love Fit for a Princess, but the addition of Tummy ATTACK has completely re-motivated me! It’s made me want to go to more classes, push myself more, become stronger, more body and health aware and for £69 I think it is incredible value. Thanks Janey & the MTE/FFAP team for providing such great things for women.” Anon email

“I was very dubious about signing up for the Tummy ATTACK in January as I’d never done an online bootcamp before, but I’ve absolutely loved it. I was worried about it being 28 days long, but it flew by and as the testimonials I’d read have said, it really is an enjoyable experience! The daily audios, were so good and I can’t believe how different I felt about myself. I loved the TA recipes, the online video workouts were hard, but manageable and it was great to see my fitness levels improve in just a few weeks and my jeans are so much looser. I loved Janey and Gemma being on the forum each day and I looked forward to our motivational quote of the day – always perfectly timed and I can’t wait to do it again!”.

“I couldn’t do the programme as fully as I had hoped – life!!! BUT I have kept going and just signed up for a repeat because it’s been so good for me and even though I haven’t done it intensely, I can feel and others can see the difference. On top of that, the tummy analysis in particular has helped me to think I can get more in control of more of my health and life and given me impetus to come off the pill and other medication that I am currently taking – with support and slowly and carefully but I know I will do it now. It feels like Janey and the team are doing it alongside me and I have got a lot of moral support from that.” Secret Facebook Group post

I thought the programme was absolutely fantastic. Having done your food management course it was good to refresh myself on all of the good eating principles. However, I have to confess I haven’t been massively strict on the diet (I still adhere to most Food Management principles and have a juice each morning), as I’m weaning my son and between batch cooking for him and keeping my husband happy, something had to give! But, I followed the exercise programme religiously and did everyday. What I love is the balance of your programme, as on a day when I thought I simply can’t do this, you had scheduled a core workout or a different type of cardio…you are very attuned to female bodies. The icing on the cake was on one morning when I said to my husband I needed him to come and make me do it and he did the video with me, but he was absolutely knackered and I could do the plank for longer than him, classic! He said he was incredibly impressed that I’d managed to do the programme as he really didn’t think I had been doing anything so challenging!

I just want to say a massive congrats on running such a great course, it helped me regain my fitness after having my baby and I now try and do at least 3 of your fitness videos a week and I am feeling so good.

Thank you, I have already recommended it to lots of other people

I cannot believe at how great I feel after just three weeks, I’m loving the flexibility of the exercises and at only 30 minute long the workouts are so easy to fit into my busy day juggling 3 kids and work! G Murphy


“I have lost 6 lbs, 4 inches round my tummy and dropped a dress size in just 21 days! I can’t wait for the final week and to do it all over again!”
Sarah C

“Why did not know about the Tummy ATTACK water sooner… a new habit I will have for life!” Secret Facebook Group post

“I love the workout videos, they are long enough to hurt, but short enough to fit in with my busy family/work/ lifestyle. I have downloaded them to my i-pad so I was able to take them away at the weekend and I can’t believe I get to keep all the resources for life!”

Being an older woman who’s never been much into exercise, I was a little scared to say the least of starting this programme, but I was so surprised at how easy it is to follow. Janey and Gemma are so relaxed on the videos and it’s a great feeling to know that they are ‘normal’ too. I loved doing them in the comfort of my own home where no one can see me sweat! Although I’ve found the videos hard, they are very manageable when I take them at my own level. I will definitely being signing up for the next program and hopefully get to levels 2 and 3 on the videos! I’ve also found the daily tummy inspirational sections especially useful and it has been great to see women of all ages and sizes covered on them!

I absolutely love the daily emails and look forward to them each day, it’s been so interesting to hear Janey’s view point on various tummies and bodies and it’s helped improve my body image tenfold. I’ve loved the contrast of being inspired to look your best and being encouraged to really push yourself, yet to also be realistic and enjoy your body journey. I’d recommend this program to everyone! Survey Monkey response

“I signed up to this program to improve my fitness and health levels and focus on really trying to tone up my stomach. Getting started was super simple; no equipment is needed apart from a workout mat. The videos are challenging but with two or more levels, you can mix and match between them to suit your fitness levels. Added to this the daily emails with inspiring audios and information all add up to a holistic approach to getting truly fit and healthy. After just 10 days my tummy has never looked smaller, my tummy is really shrinking and there is no overhang and the lines are less visible. I can’t wait to take my weekly pic on Monday and I can’t wait to see my results by the end of the month” Facebook post

“The recipe book is amazing, the daily audios are amazing, the videos are amazing, the flexibility is amazing and the daily emails have surpassed my expectations. Incredible program Janey, you’ve done it again, only better!” Survey Monkey response

“Love how easy it was to get started, I was on holiday right up to the weekend before it began and all I needed to organise was an online shop using the recipe book/approved foods! Love the tone of the videos, not too Sargent Major but still motivational (and funny!) Already seeing results after 1 week which has really made me go for it in week 2”

“Loving the flexibility of the videos so I can combine with my normal exercise routine”

“I’m on day 11 of the Tummy Attack and it’s already showing some great results. I’ve done several of Janey’s online courses before but this one works much better for me time and kid wise! All that’s required of me is to 1) follow Janey’s key food principles which she makes super-simple with heaps of recipe suggestions and swop tips 2) to commit to eating well every day and take one day at a time 3) to follow the online videos which are AMAZING! The cardio or core workouts are just 25 minutes long and actually work the whole body too and 4) I don’t need to leave the house and I can supplement with any other exercise I choose, or not, it’s up to me. I’m finding it even easier this time because I don’t have to arrange childcare and I only need to find a window of 30 minutes away from the kids – that’s just one episode of Barbie Dreamhouse! After 10 days my skin is glowing, my eyes are bright, white and clear and I’ve moved down two notches now on my belt. People are already commenting on how much better I look but what’s more important to me is how much better I feel. I’d recommend this course to everyone. Emma G the TA smasher!

“The thought-provoking, body image-boosting and stress-busting audios are amazing. Janey’s also put loads into the daily emails, there is so much fab content but it’s completely manageable. I’ve loved everyday so far, thanks Janey & team!” Survey Monkey response

“I’ve done all of Janey’s 28 day online fitness programs but I’ve got to say this is the best by far!” Survey Monkey response

“Love all the body analysis and mindset in the daily audios and love that there are so many stress management / feel good tips, I feel like a different person in just 10 days, can’t wait to do it again” Survey Monkey response

“I will never know life again without the Tummy ATTACK water! It’s brilliant, I have it every day and I’m sure it’s the reason why I’ve lost 5cm round my waist in just 10 days!” Survey Monkey response

“I love the fact the videos incorporate the cardio side this year and that you can do it in just 35 minutes a day” Survey Monkey response

“My husband is doing the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp with me, he’s lost 7 lbs. already and is addicted to the TA water! He’s run 7 marathons but has found the core videos really challenging. We’re working out together most days and the daily audios have really made a difference to our mindsets”
Gemma Tossell

“Loving the programme! – In less than a week I have dropped 2 inches from my stomach and nearly 3 off my hips. I’m also sleeping better and my skin has really cleared. Usually when you get dramatic results, some sort of deprivation is involved but the program is manageable and takes a holistic approach. It’s ridiculously easy to follow too – you can listen to the audios and squeeze in the videos wherever you go which makes things a lot easier to stick to. Most importantly though I love that Janey keeps it real whatever your goal is – whether it’s getting a six pack or blitzing a wine waist she doesn’t promise quick fixes but gives you the tools to get where you want to go. Amazing xx” Forum post

“I can’t say this enough – I am LOVING this programme!”
J. Stone

“I think this program is such good value for money. I Particularly like the repeat rate idea, I have already signed up for the next one!”

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