Tech boss 1.0

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Let me introduce you to TECH BOSS 1.0….  If you’re wanting to change your relationship and use of technology (especially your children/teens!), read on!

Technology use continues to increase in most people, especially in children and teenagers. All data shows this.

This means we are living in a generation of (unconscious) dopamine highs, lows and withdrawals. As well as information overload and FOMO.

Most people (including a lot of teens surprisingly), would like to be on tech less, but don’t know how to do it. And don’t know how to do it well AND without stress, fear and discomfort. Most people know that somehow they are getting pulled in, but aren’t sure why and aren’t sure how to stop it. It is way more complicated than ‘just coming off it’ or ‘having a timetable’.

The majority of people (and especially parents), don’t fully realise the true impact of the effects of dopamine (and dopamine withdrawal!), particularly after the explosion of social media, smart phones and interactive gaming. Most don’t appreciate that modern technology is designed to be addictive and IS addictive. And the tech giants (whose main goal is profit if you didn’t know!), totally understand that humans become wired to want to go back for more dopamine hits – and so they design it to do more of that as a result – even those emojis aren’t as innocent as they look!

Throw in that information overload I mentioned – I mean we are literally taking in SO MUCH more information that ever before. With the psychological impact of being IN social media (with you’re own identity), as opposed to ON it with classic media (no identity within), which has proved to be huge.  Kids, teens and adults alike are often in fight or flight from the minute they wake up and our brains are struggling to cope.

So it’s hardly a surprise that mental health rates are at an all time high, particularly in children and teens. And the stats emerging from the last few years are alarming. Equally, happiness rates are down for adults in the Western world too – specifically since the Smart Phone was released – and I’m not sure that’s a coincidence!

Laptop life and hybrid working generally speaking – but particularly since Covid. Has meant work-life boundaries have actually been harder to achieve for most adults than ever before. And don’t forget, if you have children, they’ve been witnessing this along the way! AND kids being ‘forced’ to be on technology more during the Pandemic with home schooling, increased tech use and online habits were (quite understandably) created.

Throw in WhatsApp and Whatsaap groups (that really kick off for kids from year 5/6 onwards), the never ending interruptions and notifications we get all day long (One of my clients took her 15 year old’s phone away for a week and when she turned it back on, it had 17,000 WhatsApp notifications!). And the ever increasing adverts and algorithms that bring to us what they think we want. Means without realising, many of us are losing control of the information we take in.  Including the distractions, comparisons and temptations that come with this stuff.

Lots of teens and young adults simply can’t cope well in life because of all the aforementioned. And it’s pretty serious stuff. But a lot of people (and especially our kids!), have fallen into a way of living that they don’t actually want to be in. But they don’t know what to do about it.

And many people, especially parents; feel utterly helpless and out of control.

Especially as when parents try to limit technology, they typically face backlash and negative behaviour. Which can be really hard to deal with. But, particularly if you are overloaded, exhausted and overwhelmed in life, which many busy parents are!

If you didn’t know, addiction is often described as never getting enough of what you don’t really need”. And “Social Media (Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok etc.) “use the very same neural pathways used by slot machines and cocaine”.

“Feeling out of control”. And being “worried about the impact of technology use by their children”, is what many clients come to me for help. And not simply not knowing how to help them.

Did you know that  “89% of parents blame themselves for their child’s mobile phone usage.”? 

Yet technology seems to be the absolute bugbear of many families.  And technology is the number one reason for family arguments!

Research done back in 2016 (so quite a way back), said that nearly 40% parents and teens argued about technology DAILY. And I’d say this would have gone up a lot since!

Nearly half of children aged five to ten have a mobile phone (Childwise 2020) and over 50% of teenagers felt addicted to their smart phones (Common Sense Media).

“Teenagers who spend five hours a day or more on electronic devices, including phones, are 71% more likely to suffer suicidal thoughts and 51% more likely to get less than seven hours of sleep a night” Tiger Mobiles research

And as one client described it… “Technology is the bartering currency of our family and I am fed up of constantly talking about and negotiating tech use in our home”.

Many teens are spending more time on their phones each day than they are sleeping – yep! That’s even more time on tech than a full time job.

Most parents I work with are aware that their own tech use is far from ideal. They want to be on it less too, but find it hard.

Did you know that 80% of smart phone users use their phones just before sleeping and 85% within the first 15 minutes of waking up?!

The impact on our brains, sleep, mood, energy, mindset, productivity and how we feel about ourselves and the world around us is phenomenal.

Most people I know don’t want to carry on the way they are, but don’t know how to change things – especially with kids and teens! And think that it’s an arduous, uphill battle to create change; something they don’t have the time or energy for. Rather than it being an expansive, easy and fun (my approach!).

And this is where my TECH BOSS 1.0 program comes in! 

As a mindset and life management coach AND as a Mum of 14 year old twin boys and a six year old girl. I know the challenges people, parents, kids and teens face first hand.

And some of you may remember that last year took a 4 month break from social media because I was getting fed up of being a tech-dominated world and feeling I was in a tech trap. As such, I have a wealth of knowledge on tech impact and tech management. And after that break, I’ve made huge changes in my own life and home as a result. Because completely coming off it wasn’t an option for me after trying… One day maybe, but not for now!

TECH BOSS 1.0  – 

  • 📱 Has been created to help you take back command of your technology use. So you become the tech master, rather than the tech slave!
  • 💻 Is aimed at those who would like to have better technology boundaries themselves – and learn how to happily spend less time on tech without stress and FOMO.
  • 🎮 But it’s massively for parents who want to feel more empowered, confident and calm to make changes with technology use at home; whatever your family tech issues are – AND understand the challenges their children face. It is NOT as simple as putting a tech timetable in place if you want to make long term changes. We need to step into their world and empower them.
  • 🖥 Parents, especially Mums, are the technology gatekeepers of the home. But this can be a very hard role to play, especially as a generation of parents who NEVER had tech as a child or teen, bringing up a generation of children who have ALWAYS had tech as a teen / child
  • 📱 The current struggles you might have in your family with technology isn’t your fault. But if it’s a problem, it is your problem to fix.
  • 💻 And with the right approach, attitude and understanding. AND with stacks of ideas, support and solutions from me -in a judgement free zone, I promise that you CAN take back control of your technology – for good – without coming off it completely!

The TECH BOSS 1.0 outline!

  • 🎮 There are 15 tutorials to my TECH BOSS 1.0 course and these are delivered as pre-recorded Zooms and come with printable slides / pdf or exercise templates – you can watch at anytime to suit you and work through them at your optimum pace
  • 🖥 For each call there are also some (optional) action points / self-coaching questions to work through to help tailor-make this program to your own needs.
  • 📱 The Zoom calls are also available as audio links if you prefer that

The 15 calls will be released in blocks of 5 and will be available on the following dates:

  • Calls 1-10 available now!
  • Calls 11-15 Roll out from April 2023

My course will take you on a three part journey:

  1. The first five calls – Observing the world we’re in, where you’re at, the struggles you and your kids personally face and what you want to change moving forwards
  2. The next five calls – Implementing these changes; understanding how to break habits, considering your unique non-negotiables, creating boundaries and building the optimum mindset for positive, easier and long-lasting change – for you and your family
  3. The final five calls – How to inspire, communicate and respond with those around you – from getting heard by your family, dealing with backlash, responding to peer and/or sibling pressure and how to manage any difference of opinion from others

The TECH BOSS 1.0 Tutorials are as follows

  1. The serious issues we face with smart phones, social media & technology right now
  2. The challenges our kids face today – and a lot of them aren’t what you think!
  3. The problems us parents have managing these – because there are many, many challenges!
  4. Throw back – how DID we live before technology?!
  5. Becoming the tech boss – what are the tech habits you want to change from today?
  6. Breaking habits and exploring your tech habit replacers
  7. Getting clear on your tech non-negotiables – from social media, smartphone, laptop, APPS, Whatsaap
  8. Exploring your tech time-blocking and boundary options
  9. The ultimate tech boss mindset – mindset is everything with this!
  10. Rewriting yourself into a new positive tech less life story
  11. The secret to inspiring those around you to change (because trust me, nagging won’t help you!)
  12. Communication; Adjusting your language and style so you get heard by those around you
  13. Positive discipline and tough love (Yep you might need some of this on your journey!)
  14. Tackling peer pressure, FOMO and withdrawal – possibly the biggest battle as a child, teen AND grown up!
  15. How to deal with backlash to change and difference of opinion from partner / those around you

The majority of calls are 15-40 minutes long, call three is slightly longer at 50 minutes – and they all come with pdf print-outs or exercise templates to fill out after the call.

You have access to everything FOR LIFE too.


The price for the TECH BOSS 1.0 program is just £99.

And I’ve also created a library full of stacks of research, statistics and resources which I will be adding to over the duration of the course.

To sign up for TECH BOSS 1.0 simply click the pink box below and you’ll have immediate access to my members area, where there is a welcome video and you can start listening to the first 8 calls!



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I promise you that TECH BOSS 1.0 will be the greatest investment you can make in you and your family. And many of what I teach about creating change with technology, will help you in other areas of your life too! As there’s lots of mindset, motivation, time-management and communication.

I will be sharing the things I do in my home and how as parents we need to see this as an on-going thing to manage. Because those tech giants aren’t going to slow down in a hurry. AND as our children grow up and technology changes, there are always going to be new challenges they AND us face.

And as a coach, I’ll help you work out what is right for you – and that might be completely different to me, your friends, other people on this course. As a mentor, I’ll share all the tips and advice I know and support you along the way.

And I cannot stress enough, this is going to be an invaluable, upbeat experience and an absolutely judgement free zone!

Looking forward to getting started and any questions, pop me an email –

Janey x 



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