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     BEST Testimonials

✨ For every year on BEST since it started in 2014:

✨ 100% said they enjoyed BEST

✨ 100% said they would recommend it to other women

✨ 100% found the Q and A’s useful

✨ 100% said they enjoyed Janey’s style on the audios

✨ 100% said they enjoyed the input of Gill Harvey Bush every other week on the Q and A calls


What clients had to say about BEST… (click the pink buttons to read more testimonials!)

💡 How are you different since before doing BEST?

“I know that I can become the person that I’ve dreamed of being, it’s all inside of me!”

“The year I remembered who I was and took command of my present and future!”

“OMG! I died and I am in my next life where I live in my happy place! That’s the difference…”



💡 3 main things you’ve taken away from BEST?

“It doesn’t matter what other people think. You’ve only got one life. If you make the wrong decision you can always make another decision.”

“How to change mindset, you can reset at any time and that life is for living, don’t sweat the small stuff!”

“Understanding how important your mindset is in terms of living the life you want to live. Stopping comparing myself to others and worrying about what people think of me. Also how hard we can be on ourselves – focusing on the positives rather than the negatives The importance of enjoying life on a day to day basis, appreciating what we have in terms of health, family and friends and how important that is to our happiness.”



💡 ‘What did you enjoy most about BEST?’

“A life-changing course on a subtle, profound and practical level. Even if I do it over and over for the next 10 years, I’ll get something different out of it each time.”

“I enjoyed being able to focus on myself and work out places where I could learn and change and grow. I have felt a little stagnant recently and BEST has pushed me to change some things – some small changes but positive ones, some bigger – and inspired me to take some time for me. Also there are some ways that I think I have changed that have crept up on me.”

“An incredible course, I have loved and learnt so much from each and every call.”



💡 Janey’s style on BEST

“Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive whilst focused throughout on encouraging us to take action. At the end of each audio, I really believed in myself and my abilities to make changes in my life.”

“I enjoy hearing about Janey’s life and also her clients’. I like the authenticity as some ‘gurus’ make out their life is perfect or only post the perfect, magazine-type pictures on Facebook. It feels like Janey is one of us.”

“Very upbeat and inspiring – Janey’s enthusiasm for life and living it well is infectious.”



💡 The input from BEST co-coach Gill Harvey Bush

“Great to have a different perspective on the issues, Gill’s expertise and advice is so valuable.”

“She clearly has significant depth of knowledge. She is adept at picking up on the undercurrent of what is really going on very quickly. Amazing!”

“Gill and Janey are a formidable team, their knowledge is fantastic and the fact they are such strong friends brings trust and confidence when you listen to them”

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💡 Were the Q and A’s useful?

“It’s great to hear Janey and Gill’s expertise and advice on real life, real time issues.”

“Loved hearing what challenges others are facing and the solutions offered. Whatever the challenge, I learnt so much.”

“I was surprised at how much I got from these even though I only submitted a few questions myself. I thought the balance of Janey and Gill was spot on. Gill’s no-nonsense and Janey’s upbeat / positive approach plus the way they were delivered with a sense of humour and rapport, yet also professional and full of top tips. I wish they could be turned into a book and all the top tips put in one place but I realise that probably isn’t possible?!?!”



💡 What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about doing BEST but is unsure about signing up?

“Do it! It will be the best money you’ve ever spent”

“Do it! Everyone would benefit from doing this course in some way or another.”

“I was unsure about signing up but I’m glad that I did. I don’t think I would have grown in the ways that I have this year without Janey’s BEST voice in my ear.”

“Do it! Make sure you allocate time each week in your diary to listen to calls, make sure you submit questions because you get so much from it and also trust Janey when she says it is a process. At the beginning she knew what was coming and we didn’t and now I’ve done it I know why things were put in when. Just trust the BEST process and enjoy it!”

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💡 What three words would you use to describe BEST?

“Empowering, uplifting and genuine.”

“Life changing, motivating and inspiring.”

“Empowering, liberating and enjoyable.”

“Empowering, motivational, awesome!”

“Best thing ever!”

MORE TESTIMONIALS – What three words would you use to describe BEST?


💡Which step was best?

“I found all the steps useful in different ways. I liked the mix – some steps were fairly deep, making me think about who I really am, and where I want to go, others were more about general mindset issues or ideas to make life easier and flow better.”

“Every single step has a positive impact on me and the way I live my life!”

“I have honestly found something inspiring, uplifting and actionable in every single audio I’ve listened to. I’ve just been through my notes trying to work out which steps were most useful and really can’t – so many different aspects of life have been covered and they have all had loads of inspirational content, much of which is common sense but has been communicated in such a positive and uplifting way, with each audio incorporating a mix of small, easy wins as well as longer term goals. The most powerful subsets for me were: Taking Control Overview, Time to Get Real, Removing Denial, all of Step 2, Removing Comparison, Getting Organised without Stress, Removing Road Blocks, Removing Perfectionism, Lowering your Fear, Trusting Your Ability, Removing Negative Messages in your head, The Best is yet to come – quite a few!!”



💡 What about the financial commitment?

“It’s an investment in me for less than a take-out coffee per day”

“Very, very good value for money. More than that though, it really is invaluable”

“Worth every penny!”



💡 Recommending it to others…

“I completely underestimated what a difference it would make to me and I can’t think of anyone whose life wouldn’t be enhanced by it one way or another.”

“Definitely really helpful in all areas of life, personal and professional.”

“I have absolutely loved doing BEST, the knowledge that I’ve gained is truly life changing.”

“BEST will change your life on a profound and practical level. You will get more out of it than you think possible right now. Wondering about signing up? Go straight to yes.”

“I loved BEST and would describe it as an essential lifestyle management course for every busy modern woman.”



💡 And finally.. Personal Recommendations 💕

“What I wanted to finish saying is I read all the testimonials last year and I signed up not quite knowing what I was getting, I read similar things to what I’ve put here and just decided to go for it. I’ve never looked back and now I know why it’s hard to get across what you get from doing BEST. Janey has created a life-enhancing program that was a joy to be part of and it was thoroughly rewarding working alongside a group of amazing women. Thank you! Xx”