TESTIMONIALS – Self Care Bootcamp

The SELF-CARE bootcamp testimonials


“Today I realised how much I have changed since starting these online programs. Physically, I am so much stronger, fitter and leaner. Personally, I am more forgiving of my self, more self aware of what works for me and what doesn’t. Mentally, I’ve continued on my journey to live in the moment and this SELF-CARE bootcamp has seen me really focus on what makes/keeps me sane. Clearing the house before bed so I don’t start on the back foot, working out first thing, dialling down the tech, creating better habits. I thought I was mainly focusing on exercise, food and wine but turns out a whole bunch of other stuff crept in.

I think I have done every MTE online bootcamp and I’ve enjoyed them all, but the  SELF-CARE bootcamp is a game changer, well done and thank you!


“I signed up to the SELF-CARE bootcamp to help me lose weight and get fitter. I wasn’t that bothered about the self-care angle really, I didn’t think I needed it or would find it useful, but how wrong I was! This program has surpassed all my expectations in so many ways, but mainly because I’ve started to look at myself and my choices and my life completely differently. Yes I’ve lost weight and got fitter… big tick! The workouts were brilliant and I loved that I could dip in and out of them and mix with other things. But I’ve also learnt to leave work at work, AND I also leave work earlier (my friends are shocked by this) and I leave work early guilt free!! I’ve also created an evening routine thanks to all the suggestions on the program, that has meant I’m ending my day relaxed and organised – but without stress or guilt. I’m sleeping so much better which has a positive effect on my eating choices the next day and I’m also now finally starting to realise the importance of being consistent and locking in for life. I loved all the content on habits and a habit’s function, I wish I’d known about all this stuff sooner. Such a great program and I can’t wait to start all over again as I’ll know I’ll get even more from it a second time round. If anyone is reading this and thinking of doing it or not sure if it’s for them, my advice is to sign up and do it, you will take so much from it, whatever your situation and goals!”



“It’s working – strength is increasing and mindset around self care is definitely embedding itself deep in my brain where it needs to be!


“Haven’t been to my usual yoga class for a few weeks for one reason and another, and today I was blown away by my increased strength since doing the SELF-CARE bootcamp! Janey, Katie, Sarah and Lauren have really helped me improve my core and upper body through their fab online videos and I was doing poses in yoga today that really challenged me but would have been a no no a few months ago! Thanks all of you for keeping me going!”


And here’s what one client in Portugal  described the SELF-CARE The SELF-CARE bootcamp experience to her friends on her Facebook page


“To my Girlfriends… I’m on my second month of this fitness, nutrition & mindset bootcamp and I’ve never looked or felt better. It’s such a GREAT course just for women and perfect when you have the kids at home all summer and can’t make it out to the gym. It’s packed with SO many different types of exercise videos made by real women for real women (i.e. Not intimidating!) and loads of inspiration through the daily morning motivational emails and audios, nutrition advice, recipe ideas and eating plans. It’s run by Janey Holliday who’s one of the most inspiring women I know; A single mum of three who doesn’t believe in classic dieting, still loves her vino and her burgers and chips but teaches so much about nourishment, consistency and balance. There’s a great bunch of ladies around the world doing these courses with you too and you can do them wherever you are in the world, fitting them around whatever you have going on. They are 28 days long and they start every two weeks so really flexible, you can build your own bootcamp experience depending on your goals and your time.. Being part of a secret Facebook group is optional but is a REAL help –where  totally awesome women share their progress/food diaries/mind blocks and get advice from Janey. I just wanted to share as I’m not your classic motivated exercise lover but I’m loving the course and the progress I’ve made and proud of Janey for what she has created”