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Janey’s Style

“Very upbeat and inspiring – Janey’s enthusiasm for life and living it well is infectious.”

“Janey’s coaching style is what brings me back to her programs year after year. Open, honest, transparent, fun. And of course her incredible knowledge bank”

“Janey is sensible yet powerful, balanced yet revolutionary”

“Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive whilst focused throughout on encouraging us to take action. At the end of each audio, I really believed in myself and my abilities to make changes in my life.”

‘Janey, you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!’                                                   

(Photo above taken at the Sidmouth Retreat 2022! Sidmouth Retreat 2023 is FULLY BOOKED!)


“BEST has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I want every woman in the world to do it”

“The BEST program was literally life changing. Janey is life changing. BEST is the thing that has made the single most difference to how I live my life and approach things”

“BEST teaches women to fly”

“This programme has literally changed my life.  I was stuck, dissatisfied with life in general and scared to make changes that deep down I knew needed to happen”

“BEST was amazing. Surpassed all my expectations!”

“This practical, no nonsense and powerful programme guided me through a discovery process that enabled me to make some big lifestyle changes and I have never been happier and more in control and calm in my life”

BEST can be bought as an audios only home study program, but also hosted in The Women’s Mindset Club with unlimited Q and As!

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So many women have done RISE now and the feedback has been incredible!

“RISE -omg, part of the old me was that I was always singing and dancing and happy, she had become hidden. But I found myself dancing while de-icing the car this morning; she is back”

“I’ve just finished Rise…so much I’ve unpacked – loved the magic part. ‘Lost’ came up for me too”

“Spent this morning doing RISE. Actually spending time on my rut issues has been incredible. Janey you are an inspiration and you  should be incredibly proud of yourself and the impact on the world

“Rise; magic part 1 Well that was eye opening: Didn’t realise how lost the real ME was”


I’ve Got The POWER

“The audios blow me away every morning. Literally green juice for the brain!”

“I’m up to date on all the audios – just fantastic – your best yet Janey!  Really enjoying this program, it is making me see all sorts of things differently.

“Janey, I LOVED the first POWER-BOOSTER call, so so inspirational and helpful, got so much from it, thank you! x”

“I have listened to the I’ve got the POWER audios about three times through. They are my go-to when I’m in need of a mindset and motivation boost and need reminding that I’ve only got one life and only me can make things happen”

“The I’ve got the POWER audios are the perfect accompaniment to BEST. I flip between the two and always get new things from listening to them over again. And I like the fact they are just 15 minutes, perfect to press play when getting ready for work in the morning – they always set me up for a better day!


BEST: Business

“Janey’s coaching style is what brings me back to her programs, year after year – open, honest, transparent, fun and of course, her incredible knowledge bank. And she also knows how to get the message across without it becoming boring or over-complicated”

“Take a chance and join BEST:Business! This course is so relevant to so many of us right now and it takes away the feeling of solitude that starting a business can bring. The clarity you will get is everything!”

Before BEST: Business I was feeling stuck with a list of dreams, but no specific plan and now I know it was a lack of confidence holding me back. I had a gremlin on my shoulder for sure. The course made me realise I had a unique offering & that I had the passion needed and that I could do it – I just needed the encouragement, focus and support of the BB course & ’tribe’ to help me get out of my own way. And I have!”


(The BEST: Business audios can be bought individually, or are now hosted in The Women’s Mindset Club. If you want to join the Monday VIP BEST:Business Club, click here for info!  

The 10 Mins A Day Bootcamp

“I’d like to say a very big thank you for the 10 minutes a day bootcamp. It’s brilliant. I hardly ever finish things I sign up for, but I did this right through until the end…not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I signed up focused on fitness and although that has been a big part of the bootcamp, the biggest shift for me has been my attitude. I recommend it to everyone!”

I have to admit when I signed up I wasn’t sure what could be achieved in 10 mins , but I have been amazed with the results and have ended the 12 weeks with a more toned upper body and stronger legs – The videos were hard enough to really challenge me but always in a way that I could keep going… thanks again”

“As I was side planking this morning it made me realise that the 10mins a day boot camp came at just the right time for me… it’s helping me keep strong and fit through pregnancy and while I have to make the odd adaptation (rest band on hips? – ha ha, I can’t reach!), I’m feeling great physically. One or two videos a day are the perfect fit with yoga and swimming and I hope to be doing a video the day I go in for delivery! Love the Janey/Sarah dynamic duo and this little group of motivators – thanks ladies!”


The BEST BODY Bootcamp

Janey’s Best Body Bootcamp has been absolutely fantastic for me, and has helped me go from a miserable size 22, to a much happier size 14 (doing it three times back to back). I’ve also lost 43 lbs! Janey’s food plan is easy to understand and to incorporate into everyday life. After years of trying every diet on the market, I had completely lost touch with how to eat a normal balanced diet. Thanks to Janey’s advice, I can make a healthy choice in any situation without needing to know how many points or sins something contains!

It is no exaggeration to say that Janey’s body image webinar has changed my life and I really wish that I had been able to listen to it when I was a teenager. It would have saved me years of trying to starve myself into Kate Moss’ shape, when my body’s just not built that way. The online exercise plan is brilliant; as the videos are only 10 minutes each, it never feels overwhelming. I even stuck to the exercise plan on holiday by downloading the videos onto my iPad.
Catherine Bedford, Best Body client


“As a slightly older woman (60) I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Best Body Bootcamp, or stick to the eating plan. But it didn’t feel like I was on a diet, and Janey provides all kinds of options for all levels of fitness abilities, so I was able to do all the workouts to my own level. I can’t believe the difference Janey’s principles have made to my life… I never feel like I’m missing out, and now I’m fitter and smaller than I have been in a very long time! I have dropped two dress sizes, and have never felt so great!”
– Lyn


The Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp

“I cannot believe that I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in a month! The combination of audios, online bootcamp videos and Facebook group have enabled me to overhaul my lifestyle and get to a place where I’m a better version of myself – a version I wished I’d found earlier! Can’t wait to keep going and the satisfaction of fitting into my old pair of jeans is just an added bonus. I hadn’t fully appreciated how much food and lifestyle choices as well as exercise would have such a positive effect so quickly. I would recommend to anybody!” – Zoe, London

“I am truly never the type of person to post bikini photos, but I just tried mine on for going on holiday on Sunday and for the first time in as long as I can remember I don’t hate how my tummy looks! This is off the back of two tummy attacks. Not that I doubted it but wow, thanks Janey, it really works! Thanks for helping me not dread stepping out in a bikini.” – Rachel S

“I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing month. I’ve seen your online bootcamps advertised for years but never done them as couldn’t see how they might work for me. I was always one of those people who needed someone there telling me what to do, or so I thought. How wrong I was!  Having just completed the Tummy ATTACK, I’ve never felt so great. I loved how simple it was to fit in around everything, I thoroughly enjoyed the program and I wish I had done it sooner. I cannot recommend it enough. –  Louise B



The SELF-CARE Bootcamp

“To my Girlfriends… I’m on my second month of this fitness, nutrition & mindset bootcamp and I’ve never looked or felt better. It’s such a GREAT course just for women and perfect when you have the kids at home all summer and can’t make it out to the gym. It’s packed with SO many different types of exercise videos made by real women for real women (i.e. Not intimidating!) and loads of inspiration through the daily morning motivational emails and audios, nutrition advice, recipe ideas and eating plans. It’s run by Janey Holliday who’s one of the most inspiring women I know; A single mum of three who doesn’t believe in classic dieting, still loves her vino and her burgers and chips but teaches so much about nourishment, consistency and balance. There’s a great bunch of ladies around the world doing these courses with you too and you can do them wherever you are in the world, fitting them around whatever you have going on. They are 28 days long and they start every two weeks so really flexible, you can build your own bootcamp experience depending on your goals and your time.. Being part of a secret Facebook group is optional but is a REAL help –where  totally awesome women share their progress/food diaries/mind blocks and get advice from Janey. I just wanted to share as I’m not your classic motivated exercise lover but I’m loving the course and the progress I’ve made and proud of Janey for what she has created”

– A client in Portugal describing The SELF-CARE bootcamp experience to her friends on her Facebook page


The Busy Woman’s Bootcamp

“Loving this bootcamp Janey, really enjoying the videos and really like the short and sweet morning email and audio format, really powerful but perfect whilst boiling the kettle! I’ve also enjoyed having rest days within week one of bootcamp whilst also feeling focused and on a mission. Great program!”

“I just did 3 of the videos back to back as was busy with work on Monday and Tuesday and they have killed me but I really loved all the moves. Love the seagulls too, they made me smile all the way through! I will do the other 3 videos on Saturday as I’m away with work today and Friday and I really like the fact I’m still on track. Next week I’ll try your 2 x 30 mins format. Thanks for such a great program so far, I didn’t realise how much I missed your bootcamps until Monday morning. Loving the daily emails too! Right, off to catch my flight, just wanted to email you to say thanks!”

“Just wanted to say I am loving all the exercise videos and format of the bootcamp too, I’m on maternity leave with a 4 month old so they are the perfect length to do while he is kicking around on the floor, before he wants to be lifted, so I’m managing to keep up for once!”

CLICK HERE to read more Busy Woman’s Bootcamp testimonials!


The Sugar HIIT Bootcamp

“It’s taken me 5 days to pluck up the courage to get on the scales after finishing the Sugar HIIT Programme. Why? Because I don’t feel like I’ve been on a diet or deprived myself of anything (not like the diets I’ve tried in the past). I’ve had some wine (well quite a bit to be fair), been out for a few meals, attended a few BBQ’s and even had to eat while on the run. I was really pleased with the 10lb weight loss in 28 days but thrilled with the 53cm loss over my 9 measurements. I can really see a difference in my skin and my eyes. I’ve been on medication for years because of terrible period pains and I just can’t believe how much better I feel having quit the sugar. My mood is also much more level; before I use to be so ‘up’ and ‘down’ and would get so stressed out!! I feel fantastic, have lots of energy and can’t wait to hit the shops to buy some smaller clothes!! My husband has also lost 10lb during the 28 day programme although he hasn’t done the exercise, only followed the eating principles. He has become a Sugar Bore (like a reformed smoker) lecturing friends, family and colleagues on the health benefits and reasons to give up sugar! Exercising 6 times a week, at times, has been really hard to fit in around work and a busy family life. The children, my husband, our home and my job always come above ‘me’ on my list of priorities. Well I’m nearly 43 and I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should be starting to allow myself a bit of time for me (to work on me)! Although it has also occurred to me that while making the effort to fit all the exercise in, I was in fact, also setting a good example to my children. Unfortunately my 8 & 11 year old children have already established some sugar habits that I hadn’t realised prior to the programme and I will continue to chip away at these. I just wish I had learnt all this years ago when they were smaller. As a family we are talking about sugar a lot and hopefully my husband and I can lead by example and perhaps they will just fall into it….. It has been so interesting learning and reading all the articles and literature about sugar. It has very quickly become just part of my life. The turmeric shots and veggie juices are just part of my morning routine now. This programme has certainly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks for everything.”
– Sarah H