The 3P Health Program


The one stop shop to achieve optimum health, total food freedom and effortless food and health management for life… And, in a completely DIFFERENT way than you’ve seen before.


I’ve been in health industry for nearly 20 years and I see the same mistakes being made over and over again.  And I believe we need a monumental shake up and an entirely different approach!

The 3PHealth Program will take you from being an over eater, emotional eater, confused eater or very controlled eater (and/or drinker).  And be free again.

✨ Free to live long and live it well where you thrive mentally and physically and enjoy your life to the full

✨ Free to have a positive relationship with food again so that you can love food, without guilt and restriction

✨ Free from all the over-thinking and overwhelm typically associated with food and health choices

✨ Free from negative body image, self-criticism and comparison and a self-punishing approach to health

✨ Free to be YOU. A happier more at peace version of yourself that doesn’t waste anymore time in life going about food, health and body choices in a self-limiting and difficult way


“The 3P Program is just awesome btw. So pleased I joined, I wish I had followed you a lot sooner and joined your programs” – Stephanie F, 3P Program 2020 client


The 3PHealth Program will also teach you all the things you need to eat, think and do, that will enhance your internal and metabolic health. The very thing we need to focus on most if you want to avoid chronic illness, pain and the big diseases that are on the increase today. If you want to live long and live well, you absolutely need to do this.

And most importantly, it teaches you the very important HOW.

The part that most people struggle to get right.   Even if you’re clear on what you want and have the knowledge on what you need to do. Unless you get the mind on side, you’ll not start, fall at the first hurdle, or self-sabotage.


But more than that, the 3PHealth program will train you to ‘unlearn’ the unhelpful programming you’ve picked up throughout your life (and subsequent unhelpful habits, beliefs and behaviours that show up from that!). The things that keep you stuck, drive you mad, cause you stress and mean you often go against yourself.


And it will retrain your brain for a long lasting, effortless and MOST importantly enjoyable life of optimum health and food freedom.

You CAN change the end of your food, health, body and life story.

I’m living proof of that. But most people don’t know HOW.

As a former exercise hater, sugar addict, over eater, emotional eater and controlled eater AND someone who was very self-critical with low self-esteem,  I know exactly how it feels to be stuck.

But I turned it all around and I’m so glad I did. Because the joy and freedom I have as a result is priceless.

I cannot imagine not imagine living another year longer of the way I was.


So between my own personal journey of reversing my unhelpful and toxic programming, combined with my nearly 20 years experience as a health and mindset coach, I’m going to teach you a completely unique way and you’re going to LOVE it.



“Janey’s experience, energy and motivation are a big source of inspiration, second to no-one. She is sensible yet powerful, balanced yet revolutionary…and can really have a massive impact on lives” – Annelisa Pesa, VIP client


So, if you’re someone who:

✨ Wants to live long and wants to live well and free

✨ Wants a healthy body, where you thrive physically and mentally

✨ Wants to know what you need to do for that and get clarity amongst all the conflicting advice out there

✨ Is fed up of being stuck on a negative food trap of diet-rebel-loathe-repeat

✨ Desperate to have a positive relationship with food, alcohol and indeed with yourself again

✨ Wants to learn how to be healthy easily, happily and most important consistently

✨ Is exhausted from always analysing and thinking about food choices, the size of your body and giving yourself a hard time about the things you find hard

✨ Wants to find a way to be happy and healthy for life without the punishment, stress, pressure and overwhelm

✨ Would love to be able to eat the things you love guilt free

✨ Doesn’t want to be the party pooper and miss out on fun by being healthier and making better choices

✨ Really wants to move away from restrictive diets for good, so you’re not pulled into the latest fad that you know isn’t good for you (but you can’t help yourself!)

✨ Would love to know how to crush that inner voice, push through fears, roadblocks and weaknesses that hold you back from achieving what want

✨ Wants to know how to manage your mind so that don’t sabotage with the all or nothing mindset

✨ Struggles with believing they can achieve what they want health wise

✨ Wants help with addictions such as sugar, carbs and alcohol

✨ Wants to be able to move away from quick fix and would really love to be able to trust themselves again

✨ Would love to know how to be more self-motivated around food and health choices

✨ Would love food and health management to be easier!

✨ Would thrive from having a softer approach to health

✨ Would really benefit from more self-compassion instead of self-criticism regarding their food, health, body and lives

✨ Wants to be total free of the food and/or booze trap

✨ Wonders if it is possible, but hopes it is

✨ And wants to be taught HOW

… this is without a doubt the program AND life-enhancing experience for you!


What does 3P stand for?



In other words…









“I have found first six weeks utterly fascinating. Seeing the 3 angles come together has been a light bulb moment for me. And I LOVED the gut health bonus video series – just wow! I learned so much and it’s like finding the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I know it’s not about weight loss but my body and even mind are changing so much” – Sarah, 3P Program 2020 client


“You’ll never meet anyone as knowledgeable and inspirational about nutrition and lifestyle as Janey Holliday – she’s brilliant”! – Jo Good, BBC TV and radio presenter


I know that the 3Ps together are what make optimum health and food freedom completely achievable, much easier AND enjoyable.

Without the 3Ps together I believe it’s impossible to live long, live well and live free.

Especially the psychology and mindset aspect – the part that so many miss!

And especially if you’re someone with unhelpful programming!

I know that many women have tried most things to achieve what they want.

But it really is time for a different approach. I’m sick of seeing so many women trapped and struggle in silence.

Such a waste of themselves and their lives.

Too many women are ashamed about their habits and food / drink secrets too. So they stay secret, women go against themselves thinking everyone else has it nailed. Then they become more self-critical, building this self-limiting cycle.

They know what they want, but go mad because they can’t make it happen – I have been there, I know first hand the frustrations.

But with my approach we tackle change by encouraging imperfection, embracing weaknesses and not seeing addiction as taboo!

We look at the most important things you need to do, from a food and health choice perspective. AND a mindset one.

Get the mind right and the body will follow

We’ll be working together and I’ll make it fun too!

Being healthy and mastering your mind does NOT need to be difficult, uphill, scary or boring.  NO.

My approach is going about health from an entirely different angle in an entirely unique way.

And I’m not only going to teach you what you need to know and do. But I cannot stress enough,  HOW you implement it.


“In my opinion, Weight Watchers and all other slimming concepts should ultimately be outlawed and only the Janey Holliday system should be allowed to prevail, as honestly they are the only principles that can become an integral part of your day to day existence for the rest of your life!” – Food Management Made Easy client


First my team of 3P experts!


Gill Harvey Bush

Psychologist, Master NLP Practioner and performance coach. She famously cured Whoopi Goldberg of her fear of flying and coaches many high profile celebrities and VIPS. Her approach is no-nonsense but extremely powerful and refreshing. She will be delivering a third of the program content with me – the psychology side of things and will answer any questions via the Q&As taking place around the main program tutorials. She is also heading up the programming bonus (more on that in a sec!)



Alex Manos

One of the UK’s top Gut health expert and Functional Medical specialist who has put together an “ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GUT HEALTH” bonus. It’s FAB. And he will answer any gut health related questions throughout the program.




Zoe Kirby

Top female and family focused nutritionist with over 15 years experience. She is providing a “MUST-KNOW NUTRITION” bonus, covering the basics and most important things you need to know regarding nutrition to enhance your health. Again she is on hand to answer any specific nutrition queries throughout the program.



“Janey, your course is life-changing, the yummiest food, I feel so nourished. And naturally eating less meat now, so grateful – Katie H, 3P Program 2020 client


Here’s how it works!

✨ The 3PHealth plan is a 9 month program delivered over an 11 month period.

✨I know everyone wants a quick fix but the desire for quick fixes is where everyone is going wrong!

✨ I’ve deliberately made this program this length to ensure I not only get the time to teach you all you need to know for optimum health, food freedom and effortless food and health management for life.

✨ But also so that you have the chance to take your time to take in everything.  Start to implement it AND have a team of people to support you if you need help with these things and can answer your questions.

✨ It also enables me to space out the content and chunk things down for you. We are going to take our time, not miss out any important things AND enjoy this journey!

✨ Just so you know, all the topics I’m teaching over the 9 month program are broken down into small bite size tutorials of about 15 minutes.

✨ And there will be between 4-6 of these on each of the topic weeks (see the list below)

✨ You will be emailed these every Monday morning during the various topic weeks and you also receive a short mindset and self-motivation audio from me, to make your experience more enjoyable and more successful too!

✨ We break for Christmas for three weeks and we have a four week spring and summer break in April and August.


“Janey has a great approach and a very simple, down to earth style which makes her very easy to relate to” – previous BEST client



  • Principles – What to eat and do to help your body thrive
  • Psychology – Understanding your thoughts and the impact on your health choices and mindset
  • Planning & Prep – Power planning techniques
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Health compromises
  • Psychology – Emotional and controlled eating / drinking
  • Planning & Prep – How to balance out weekends, special occasions and social events
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Tackling over eating, greed and temptation
  • Psychology – Overriding habits, breaking anchors and triggers
  • Planning & Prep – Simple food prep, quick snacks and health organisation tips
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Understanding labels and sugar
  • Psychology – Subliminal beliefs and messages around food, booze, bodies and size
  • Planning & Prep – Easy recipes and eating plans that work
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Your relationship and choices with alcohol
  • Psychology – Breaking self-sabotage
  • Planning & Prep – Being confident when eating on the go and being out of a routine
  • Q&A Week
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Weight loss, calories and diets
  • Psychology – How to deal with the influence, resistance and opinions of others
  • Planning & Prep – Blend and adaptation techniques for partner / family food management
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Self-acceptance strategies
  • Psychology – Communicating better to inspire others
  • Planning & Prep – Practicing and planning your responses to others
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – Taking back command of modern day life
  • Psychology – Creating your new health story
  • Planning & Prep – Creating a successful, personal and motivational plan
  • Q&A Week
  • Q&A Week


  • Principles – How to achieve long term health
  • Psychology – Re-programming yourself for consistency
  • Planning & Prep – Self-trust in your health
  • Q&A Week
  • Wrap up week




Gut health program with Alex Manos – worth £99

1. Get to know your gut – a journey from chewing to flushing!
2. Nourishing our microbiome: Food matters
3. Stress and gut health
4. The bigger picture of gut health: environment and lifestyle
5. Gastrogynaecology – the hormone-gut connection






Must-know Nutrition program with Zoe Kirby – worth £99

  • Basics of nutrition
  • Signs of vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Nutrition absorbtion and robbers
  • Female health and hormones
  • Common mistakes people make with nutrition




Your Food Story and Unhelpful Programming Analysed with Gill Harvey Bush – worth £99

 After the success of the Food Freedom Challenge, we will be taking the answers from “What is your food story?” and “What is stopping you?” and doing a bonus analysis series. 

For those who sign up to the program who haven’t done the Food Freedom Challenge, an audio version of the videos will be made available to you so you can submit your answers too 🙂

“Gill and Janey are a formidable team, their knowledge is fantastic and the fact they are such strong friends brings trust and confidence whn you listen to them”



Plus as part of the 3Phealth program, there is a secret Facebook group!

Gill and I will be on there throughout the 2021
And you can be alongside your fellow 3PHealth program buddies
It’s a judgement free zone and will be a great place for inspiration, support and encouragement
And a place full of camaraderie too!


BONUS motivation and Q&As!

Every Monday at 10.30am there is a Motivation Zoom call with me where you can join live, and on the second Monday of each month it will be extended with a hotseat Q&A session at the end.
Plus, on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, there is a live Zoom Q&A with Janey and Gill.
There is also a Q and A each month with Alex Manos


“I love Janey’s honesty and vulnerability and the practical advice she gives. I like the way she pushes back on you but does it in an encouraging way”



The 3P Health Program is returning in Spring 2021. Sign up HERE to register your interest!



£37 per month for a 12 month commitment (total cost £444)


A one off payment of £399 to cover the whole year



I know that many people can find it uncomfortable to invest in their health.  And I know that many people struggle to believe they can change. I struggled with both these things when I was stuck too.

But only when I invested in myself properly – both in my body and my mind – was I able to find the health and food freedom I have today.
For less than £10 a week (which let’s face it is a few cups of coffee or a bottle of wine!), you’ll be able to achieve your optimum health, total food freedom and effortless food and health management for life.
It’s your one stop shop that will teach you everything you need to know to improve your health, mind,body and life. And I actually believe that is priceless.
If you have ANY questions, please give me a shout. I’m ready to help you, if you’re ready to help yourself.