The August Challenge!

I’m a big believer that summer should be about fun, but also balanced with some focus and so that’s why I’ve created the August challenge for you all!

Everyone is challenged by different things and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses , as well as different commitments. Challenges can last three days or 30 days, involve cutting things out, or including more of something. And they can requite a huge amount of determination or in face seem pretty effortless and enjoyable.

If I asked you to fast forward to the start of September and you were looking back thinking ‘Wow, what a great month I’ve had – having lots of fun but still some focus. I’m so glad I took the time to think about my choices and boundaries because I feel amazing as a result”, what would you need or like to do to accomplish that?

For some of you, it might be a few little adjustments, for others it might be some super duper life overhauls.  Well, I’ve got a long list of suggestions for you to cherry pick to suit you, or you can of course create your own!

So with 31 days in August, here are some suggestions on how you can have a more balanced and healthy month…..

Exercise ideas

  1. Workout for 20 days out of 31
  2. Workout for 30 mins six days a week
  3. Power walk 50 kms in 10 x 5 km sessions or 5 x 10km sessions
  4. Do 10,000 steps Monday to Friday and 12,000 steps Saturday and Sunday
  5. Try a new fitness class or online video once a week
  6. Double up on workouts one / two or even three days a week
  7. Swim 50 lengths ten times
  8. DO two HIIT sessions a week for four weeks
  9. Find a fitness buddy and go to three classes a week for a month
  10. Do a 10 minute stretch routine every evening


  1. Drink 2l of water & fresh lemon for 31 days
  2. Have 11 booze free days
  3. Have a non-booze day every other day
  4. Have 25 veg juices or veggie smoothies
  5. Eat greens every day
  6. No wheat or dairy for a month
  7. Make a new recipe once a week
  8. Cut out all coffee after 9am
  9. Go vegetarian for a month
  10. Drink peppermint tea every evening

Technology management

  1. Unplug from all technology at 9pm every night
  2. Don’t watch TV in the evenings four nights a week
  3. No Daily Mail or web surfing Monday to Friday (or 31 days if you can!)
  4. Facebook for designated times only (maybe 30 mins at start and end of the day)
  5. Defriend / unlike anything on your feed that makes you feel bad
  6. Put your Iphone on air plane mode for at least 3 x 60 minute blocks
  7. Turn off all notifications
  8. Don’t check emails / You tube / Daily Mail / FB / Instagram before midday and / or after 6pm
  9. Get a watch and leave your phone at the bottom of your bag in the day time or hidden away in a draw in the evening
  10. Sort out your computer (delete things you don’t need, save all photos you want, archive emails, empty trash, get a good anti-virus, back up all important documents etc.

Lifestyle / mindset

  1. Have an Epsom salts bath three times a week
  2. Don’t spend any money on non-essentials
  3. Go to bed earlier
  4. Read three books you’ve always wanted to read
  5. Coconut oil pull every day for the whole month
  6. Take some good quality organic pro biotics all month long
  7. Write a letter or send a post card to three people who’ve impacted your life positively and/or friends you haven’t seen for ages
  8. Create a list of 10 things you’re grateful for and read it every morning and evening as you wake up / go to bed
  9. Sit with your bare feet on fresh grass / sand / mud for 20 minutes a day
  10. Make the effort to chat and have a conversation with a stranger at least once a day

Also, what about buying a star chart? You can get one from The Works for £3 or £4! I bought one for me and my children this summer as we get stuck into our challenges and I get just as much satisfaction as they do for popping a star on my one (mine is for a wine free day and doing a workout!). CLICK HERE to order one on line!

Or if you’d like to include lots of fitness, food and lifestyle focus whilst having fun, then come and join the SELF-CARE or Tummy ATTACK bootcamps that kick off on 31st July or 14th August. There are an amazing group of women who are locking in, determined to make August a month of fun AND focus – and when you’re doing it along side others it really does make it so much easier! We also have a 241 offer on at the moment – so grab your August Challenge buddy and let’s go!

Here’s to an amazing month that takes us into September feeling and looking great J

Janey xx

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