The Escape Route: Time to get out of the tech trap?

Does anyone else feel like they’re in a tech trap?

 I do!

 So I’m getting out.

 And it feels REALLY good.

 Want to join me?

 Read on!

I had a big realisation recently…. I didn’t come on this amazing planet to spend hours and hours on my phone each day.

Nor did I come here to have my brain cells crushed by information overload from stuff I simply don’t need to see. 

I certainly didn’t come here to spend my precious time, doing more and more energy zapping and time intensive things, simply to beat an algorithm on social media for my business. More on this on the sister blog The Escape Route: Is social media crushing small businesses?.

And I definitely didn’t come here to bring up children that will be addicted to an evil drug, which is exactly what technology is, especially social media.

Are we in a tech trap? I think we most definitely are.

So as a mindset coach with over twenty years in the well being industry. And together with my co-coach Gill Harvey Bush – mindset coach and psychologist – we’ve created a new project called THE ESCAPE ROUTE.


THE ESCAPE ROUTE is designed to help people question what they’re doing with their time, tech and lives.

It will show them there is a different and better way with of living with far less tech.

AND it will teach people how to take back command to create the life they really want for themselves, not the one they’ve accidentally fallen into, through NO fault of their own.


THE ESCAPE ROUTE podcast launches very, very soon!

The THE ESCAPE ROUTE fortnightly newsletter goes out every other Friday from the 23rd July – sign up below!

And look out for the first of THE ESCAPE ROUTE mini online programs out in the autumn!

We will be sharing info, insights and inspiration. As well as tips, tricks and techniques to help people think about living differently, BETTER. And HOW to make changes for yourselves and your families.

Bronnie Ware, author of 2012 article “The top 5 regrets of the dying”, (now a best selling book), shares how when she worked as a palliative care nurse, there was a common theme of life regrets. The big one being “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”. 

Will our generation say “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on technology”, “I wish I’d created better boundaries”, “I wish I hadn’t become a slave to my smart phone?

I predict so.

We’ve become the scrolling generation, aimlessly taking in endless information, morning, noon and night.
We’ve become the generation that is tolerating not being able to leave work at work, being interrupted at the weekend and not being able to take a proper holiday where you completely switch off.

If you run a small business, the time required to keep up, stand out and trying to beat the ever changing algorithms on social media is probably half killing you.

And many, many parents are struggling to manage their children’s tech time, the dopamine drops which follow, manifesting as bad and often aggressive behavior. As well as putting up with all sorts of crap from tech-dominated but most importantly tech-addicted teens.

The fact mental health issues, self-harming, depression and suicide rates are massively on the increase is not a coincidence.

Don’t you think there’s a better way to live?

Because we do.

But no-one is showing people how… until NOW!

 The issue with technology and especially the smart phone, is that it’s changing so much so fast, but it’s also incredibly subtle.

The iPhone was launched in 2007, designed to alleviate our need for two on the go devices – our music and our phone calls. It was not released with an APP store.

Gradually over time, these devices have become something we’ve been taught to ‘need’ for pretty much everything. The amazing camera, inbuilt SATNAV and apps for everything (one of my clients has over 400!) and of course all social media platforms.

84% of UK adults own a smart phone.

Current stats suggest that the average smart phone usage is three hours and 54 minutes per day.

According to Elite Content Marketer in their article with recent smart phones stats, people pick up and check their smart phones 58 times a day – 30 of these at work!

And 50% of screen time sessions start within 3 minutes of the previous one!

In the book “How to break up with your phone” by Catherine Price and “Digital minimalism” by Cal Newport, they both discuss how social media giants are constantly developing functions to keep you hooked!

And that Smart phone developers have essentially created an in your pocket ‘slot machine’…. You have to keep checking it to see what you’re going to get!

Did you know that we are literally losing our minds from technology too? I’m serious!

“Digital Dementia” is a term coined by neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer to describe an overuse of digital technology resulting in the breakdown of cognitive abilities.

Essentially we are losing certain functions of part of our brain, particularly remembering things.

How many of you can remember your childhood phone number, but struggle to remember mobile numbers of your closest 10 friends and family?!

Digital dementia is also exacerbated by excessive slouched sitting posture which further aggravates our brains by compression and tension in our upper body, head and neck.

We also know that information overload from taking in so much information, TOO much information in also impacts brain function. It simply cannot cope, causing brain fog, anxiety and impaired sleep.

We’ll be sharing more shocking stats and facts on the THE ESCAPE ROUTE podcasts and newsletters. Because we believe more people need to know this stuff.

As mindset coaches, one technique Gill and I use with our clients is called “Roll the film forward”.

In other words, if you carry on doing what you’re doing, what’s going to happen further down the line? Keep playing that movie and visually step into the life you’re creating for yourself further down the line.

What happens to you if you keep scrolling on you smart phone at night? Or start every morning before you do anything checking emails, notifications and the news?


Did you know 85% of people with a smart phone check it within 15 minutes of waking up?!

Most teens Gill and I have worked with have a morning routine totally dominated by their phones that’s killing their mood, mindset, self-worth and self-confidence.

What’s going to happen to your kids, especially teenagers if they’re on their phones until late at night/during the night on most social media platforms, in fifty different WhatsApp groups?

 I work with people whose children’s friends are on their phones until midnight on school nights. Whatsapping each other at 3am if they can’t sleep. And one client took her daughter’s phone away for a week and there were over 17,000 WhatsApp notifications as she’s in loads of groups.

Tiger mobiles recent research on young people state “Teenagers who spend five hours a day or more on electronic devices, including phones, are 71% more likely to suffer suicidal thoughts and 51% more likely to get less than seven hours of sleep a night”

We need to wake up to these learned behaviours and habits that are crushing people of all ages. And businesses!

 What’s going to happen if you keep spending hours and hours each day growing your instagram account for your business, of which the algorithm rewards on engagement? I know businesses with ‘successful’ accounts, 10, 20, 30, 40k followers who answer every message and reply to ever comment. They find it impossible to take full weekends off, they often ‘need’ to be on there in the evenings.  Is this what you want for your life? Because it’s not what I want.

And that’s why I’m working on an exit strategy to come off social media for good in my business.  More about this on the sister blog The Escape Route: Is social media crushing small businesses?

We are sitting on one huge time bomb and in one big trap.

But we’re going to escape it!

Do you want to join us?!

We must stress, THE ESCAPE ROUTE is not about getting everyone off all technology. It’s about bringing the tech trap to people’s attention and helping them get out of it. In whichever way they choose!

For some that is going to be a combination of boundaries and mindset. You can for sure manage technology use and we’ll give you loads of ideas on that.

For others, who have no idea how to live well off technology, we’ll be helping them explore what they might want to do instead – habit replacers are a key part of breaking those tech habits! A lot of people get drawn in because they simply don’t know what to do in their spare time – and have forgotten what life was like without a smart phone or social media.

For a lot of people it’s about exploring their values, fears and beliefs and being able to make different choices and communicate these – of course the trouble with technology is it’s meant people are much less able to communicate properly – more on that in an up and coming podcast!

For many it’s going to be about managing tech differently at home and learning how to parent differently – crikey, parenting is hard enough, tech makes it harder for sure!

Join our weekly newsletter by signing up below and look out for THE ESCAPE ROUTE, out Friday 23rd July.


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Let’s start a revolution… It’s time for THE ESCAPE ROUTE!


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