The Flamingo Lounge!

If you’re in need of some positivity, support, camaraderie, tips, ideas and inspiration come and join 🦩🦩THE FLAMINGO LOUNGE🦩🦩 – the place to hang out and high vibe with me!


🦩🦩THE FLAMINGO LOUNGE🦩🦩is a closed Facebook group with a difference – where I will share daily uplifting and wonderful stuff to help you (and a group of like-minded women!) to IMPROVE your mindset, INCREASE motivation and ensure that you’re the BOSS of your own life.


It’s a positive, pro-active, inspirational and empowering place to help you make great things happen in your life, to be kinder to yourself AND indeed cope with life much better, I mean it’s a crazy old world out there right now isn’t it?!


🦩🦩THE FLAMINGO LOUNGE🦩🦩 will include things like daily quotes, mottos, recommendations, tips, techniques, articles, coaching exercises and little updates from me to help you HIGH VIBE and FEEL GOOD!


You can post updates and share things too! Anything that helps you with accountability (so you can make great things happen!) – and anything that means you are moving away from that low vibe place of stress, worry pressure, grumpiness, complaining, going against yourself and the grind of life.


🦩🦩THE FLAMINGO LOUNGE🦩🦩 is also designed to help you in all areas of your life – everything is transferrable! From health, work, business, home, family, self-development, relationships and more!


I love working with women and helping them become the happier and healthier versions of themselves – I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now and can’t wait to see who I help and support for the next 20!


Some of my life values include inspiring others, community, happy & upbeat, kindness, consideration, mischief, light-hearted and fun – and the 🦩🦩THE FLAMINGO LOUNGE🦩🦩 is a place that puts all these things together.


If you’re ready to get on the high-vibe train of life, come and join us!


It’s completely FREE to be part of and as well as the varied daily content I mentioned above, there is a weekly tips video, a fortnightly Facebook Live Q&A and a monthly 🦩🦩THE FLAMINGO LOUNGE🦩🦩 zoom social.


Join the group by clicking below and answering the 3 short membership questions and I’ll see you in there!


Janey x

PS A little fun fact for you…. Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a “FLAMBOYANCE“?! How cool is that 🙂

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