The mid-holiday mind switch


Melon and Parma ham, followed by BBQ leg of lamb with rosemary, new potatoes and green beans, followed by some cheese (no bread / biscuits), some nice wine and then a snooze at the pool.

I’m now half way through my holiday and as you’ve probably seen from my photo food diaries, I’ve mixed some fun with focus with regards to food and fitness whilst I’ve been away. I’ve indulged in pate which I don’t normally eat, eaten quite a lot of cheese, mainly by itself, slightly larger portions at lunch and dinner and more wine than I’d usually have. I’ve fitted in a couple of training sessions, but to be honest, I really felt this last week that I needed to switch off and relax a bit – and that did mean from food and fitness as well as work and to-do lists!

Now at the half way point of my holiday, I’ve decided to switch focus a little bit. There is nothing I hate more than coming back from holiday and your clothes don’t fit and you feel rubbish. So today, on day eight, I’m slowly warming up for the July Best Body that starts on Monday and have kicked off Wednesday with an 8km run along the beach and some dynaband work. I’m planning on running or power walking every morning until I fly home and streamlining my food choices (because I feel like I’ve indulged enough already) and cutting back on the wine, because I’ll be going back to five alcohol free days a week when I’m back.

The second half of July and August are big work months for me and now that my brain has cleared from relaxing, yesterday saw me with start mind-dumping and off-loading ideas, notes and plans onto my big notepad. I actually get excited about coming home which I think is the sign of a good holiday. I could literally feel my mind filling up with solutions and creativity and I started to feel overwhelmed because it was in my head and not on paper, I really do recommend to anyone who runs a business, works or has a busy home life, to take a note pad wherever they go because when you relax, it’s amazing what the mind can concoct!

day 7 holiday food

Switched off! Pate, ryvita and salad followed by cheese and even a little bit of bread which is very unlike me. Then a BBQ Steak ache, potato salad and mixed salad for dinner. A bit of wine and in the evening the boys had some chocolate pudding.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m still planning on enjoying the rest of my holiday, but in my experience, clients get into bad holiday habits that stay with them the whole time and that makes coming back an uphill struggle. You don’t need wine, cheese, bread, big meals out and sitting around doing nothing to relax, even though some people think that!

Campsite life for me is the very best thing a holiday can offer. I’ve not worn any make up all week, I wander down to the shop in the morning in my PJ’s, and I play catch, tag, frisbee and hide and seek with the boys until nine at night. I can’t get wifi from my mobile home (which I found stressful at the start but actually has been the best thing – I can access it from the bar area so only a five minute walk away) and it’s just so nice to be chilling out this way after my crazy workload before I came away.

The campsite has six water slides and so I have been active (to say the least!) with the boys, but whizzing down a slide without a care in the world is not only appealing to the boys, but has done wonders for me too! Holidays for me aren’t just about eating and drinking, but about creating happy memories and giving my body a break from the norm. Many people come back from a holiday needing another one, but right now, I think I’ve got the balance right.

For week two of my holiday, I’m planning on some really nice meals (including a meal out in Spain for my Dad’s birthday on Friday), but I will be cutting back on the cheese and vino and including more exercise. For me this is really easy when I’ve had nearly a week of being ‘off duty’ because part of who I am, is healthy, fit and toned.

day 8 holiday food

Time to refocus! Boys has wheat free flakes, sesame seeds and oat milk for breakfast and I had my favourite – hummas and avocado on rye bread

One of the things I teach my clients is that women are usually in one of three stages when it comes to weight management: mishaps, missions and maintenance. If you can include mishaps but keep them relatively small, it means the mission is less of a struggle, meaning you are maintaining your general weight and size, despite some small fluctuations.

I love things like the best Body Bootcamps, because I know that come Monday, I’ll be with a group of fab women, I’ll be nice and relaxed, will train smarter and go on a bit of a post-holiday blitz that means my holiday will enhance my health, not hinder my size and shape.

Also, how great is it that I can take part in my online program from abroad on my own holiday? I’ve downloaded the videos to my iPad, I’ve booked my cardio workouts in, I’ve adjusted the week one plan to fit in a rest day when I travel, and I’ve actually planned all my workouts in my diary from Monday through to the 3rd August.

For me, life has to be about balance. I’ve indulged guilt-free, but it’s not been insane. I’m not bloated, I have good energy and I’m still looking forward to a few planned indulgences this week. I’m in control of my food and drink, rather than the other way around and that is one of the best switches I think people can develop.

If any of you want to join me on the Best Body Bootcamp, secure your place here and if you haven’t read our recently updated testimonials, you can do so here. On the July Best body Bootcamp, I’m also analysing people’s food diaries.

My next blog will be post-holiday, so for now, au revoir!

Janey x

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