The mindset to get you through this winter!

As a mindset coach (and someone who’s been through a lot of personal challenges too), I know the importance of taking command of your thoughts, time, energy, actions and the way you respond to any “less than ideal” scenarios.

With all that doom and gloom predicted for winter; the energy crisis, rising food prices, inflation and a recession – on the back of a global pandemic. I know quite a few people are feeling fear, frustration and pretty fed up with the changing world around us.

A lot of people are concerned about money and finances. And a lot of people’s patience, perseverance, mood, mojo, mindset and motivation has dipped – as energy and focus goes on to less joyful and more serious things in life. And many people are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed.

If you’re someone that needs a boost right now and would some simple tips on how to avoid making a bad situation worse with your thoughts and attitude. AND would love some practical help so you can plan a wonderful autumn / winter, regardless of what’s going on (yes it’s possible!)… Read on!


Here’s 10 things I recommend people do this winter and these are the exact things that I’ll be doing too!


  • Remember worrying or stressing never helps you or changes situations! Worry and stress keeps you in thinking (and often over thinking!) mode. And worry and stress can build in your head as thoughts spiral and you go down a mental path of imagining the worse case scenarios. Your brain can’t tell between what’s real and imagination and it struggles to answer questions and cope with the WHAT IFS of things that haven’t happened yet. So if you find yourself worried or frustrated or stressed, bring yourself back to the present and ask yourself “how does worrying or stressing right now help me?” or “how would I like to think / feel / deal with what’s going on?”. Perhaps there are very real problems and challenges you are facing already and if so the same rule applies; stressing and worrying never helps you or changes things.
  • Put your focus on what you CAN control!If you try to change or control things that are out of your control, you will literally go mad! This is one of my BEST program principles that are at the core of most plot twists and transferrable to all areas of your life! Keep looking at the facts and keep your focus on you What do YOU need to know to help you get through the winter well? What do you need to get organised with? What actions might you need to take (mindset and practically wise) to ensure you’re ready for any potential challenge or difficulty. Everyone will be dealing with different things, so don’t waste energy taking in other people’s problems, keep your blinkers on and keep bringing your attention to you.
  • Take in less negative information and talk less about negative things! If you’ve done my 30 days to a high vibe life program this summer, you’ll have heard me bang on about the importance of lowering or avoiding taking in too much low vibe information and talking about low vibe things. Keep pushing back on your information boundaries (esp as we can be plugged in 247 and have bad news thrown at you from so many angles if you allow it). But also take command of how much you talk about low vibe things. We can all CHOOSE how much bad information we take in and how much focus we give to negative or difficult things. And we can CHOOSE how much we talk about and focus on these things. I’m a single Mum of three, I have my kids 100% of the time, I get very little maintenance for them, I have some debt (and no savings) and I run a business. I could be completely stressing right now and watching the news and talking about x, y & z. But I’m not. I refuse to let the news or indeed real life difficulties take me down. I’m not talking about the doom and gloom and energy crisis and giving it loads of my attention at all. Instead, I’m keeping calm, getting organised for what I need to know and do. AND I’m intending on having a completely wonderful autumn and winter regardless of what’s going on – because I have the power to make that happen!
  • Be ON your money management! I’m always astounded as to how many of my clients and followers aren’t good at managing their money. No judgement at all, here, just an observation. If only money management and money mindset was taught in schools! It doesn’t matter whether you earn £100k or 10k a year, whether you have savings or debt, you should all BE ON YOUR MONEY! I check my bank account every morning, I have a simple annual and monthly spreadsheet for personal and business. And once a week I spend 30 minutes on my money manager spreadsheet, so I always know where I am. So many people have resistance to this and so many people brush their finances under the carpet. Now isnot the time to bury your head in the sand, now is the time to own it! I am just updating my mini money manager program which will be out in a couple of weeks – if you’d like to be the first to hear about it, make sure you’re on my Sunday Set Up weekly newsletter list!
  • If you’re wanting to be more careful with money, please remember you can positively budget! No one says you have to be hard done by and miserable, by being more aware of spending! I think it’s important to set a budget that INCLUDES things that are important to you. I will still give away 5% of my salary each month, I will still have a budget for some nice things for me each month and I will still be investing in things that boost my self-development and mental health, like the online courses I do as a client for example. These things give me a positive focus (more on that on point 7!), strengthen my mind and mood and I think that’s pretty essential right now. You don’t have to go into the scarcity mindset and shut yourself down. Instead, just be calm, clever and conscious with your money. If you’ve done BEST or get my weekly Sunday Set Up emails, you’ll have heard me talk (a lot!) about the principle of “happily doing”. Now, more than ever is the time to happily do – you can budget happily and get through challenges happily, just as I’m going to be.
  • Set the intention for the autumn / winter that you want to have! Setting the intention for how you want to live each day / week / season and especially the intention for getting through any challenges or difficulties is ESSENTIAL! I have set the intention for a calm, productive, organised, homely, healthy and relaxed autumn and winter. And now I’ve set that intention I’m doing the things I need to get ready and to bring that intention to reality.  When you set an intention you are basically saying “this is how I’d like things to be”. And then each day you start living with that intention and cultivate it by building momentum. In my autumn / winter planner webinar (you can sign up for free below!), I always start with my intention and a few important questions to ask myself in terms of how I want to think and show up in that month, season, year. It’s the foundation for being more of the boss of your life and feeling more empowered, especially when things might be uncertain or unsettled.
  • Create a positive ME project! This is such a good thing to do that will give you a positive focus and enhance your life experience. Maybe you could take up a new hobby? Learn some new skills? Sort your house out? Go on a health and fitness mission? Do something creative or fun? Find something that challenges you or relaxes you? As I said in point 1, stressing and worrying doesn’t help you. So a positive ME project is a wonderful diversion tactic that will help you feel good!
  • Shift your attention to the good stuff! There is always loads of wonderful things around us, we just aren’t very good at bringing our attention to them. If you want to feel good, focus on the good things, take more good things in, talk about the good things more, create more good things. Stop complaining. Take Command of thoughts and things that cause you stress and worry. And be more grateful and mindful for what you DO have. My 30 days to high vibe life is packed full of simple things you can do to help you shift your energy and vibe, helping you feel better about yourself and your life with some fairly small switch ups.
  • There can be lots of positives in challenging times! Nature, kindness, community, simplicity, connection, team work, opportunities, change for example, can all come out from less than ideal scenarios, particularly if you do all the above. Instead of trying to fight the stuff that is out of your control, learn to embrace the things within your control. It’s a game changer. Just lean in and think “how can I make this more positive?” or “how can I lean into this and learn something new”?
  • Don’t struggle alone! Do not whatever you do sit at home, festering in your out of control and unhelpful thoughts, worries and frustrations. And I’d avoid as I mentioned above having endless conversations about things out of your control, talking over and over about the bad stuff. Instead find a positive focus, surround yourself by people that lift you and want a positive autumn / winter and get the right support if you need some help.


I am actually thoroughly looking forward to this autumn and winter. I’m not buying into the panic, stress, complaining and worry – NONE of that helps anyone or anything, especially me.  I’m taking responsibility to do what I need to do to get through it. I’m clear on the mindset I’m going to have. And I know some adjustments I need to make in my life to make this autumn / winter simpler and easier.

I’ve created a really positive focus for me as the core of everything, and I’ve taken the time to plan my non-negotiables – from the fun to the more serious stuff! So if you’d like help to have the best mindset and took kit for this autumn / winter (and indeed beyond!) I have a few things you might be interested in:


  • Firstly, my FREE autumn / winter planner webinar replay! This is where I share, how I’m mapping out my calm, productive, organised, homely, healthy and relaxed autumn / winter. This 50 minute webinar is packed full of mindset and planning tips that are transferrable to any area of your life at any time of year too! You can find out more and sign up for that HERE.



  • Secondly why not jump on and join my BEST program for the rest of the year? You will be supported and inspired in the run up to Christmas by me and my fab co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush. I’ve never done this before… but you can now join us for 3 months of the interactive side of BEST, without signing up to the full BEST program. This means 1) you have access to 12 x live Friday lunchtime mindset zooms at 115pm starting the 9thSeptember with me. And 2) You have access to the Q and A audios between now and the end of the year! We promise, we will answer EVERY single question / struggle that is sent in – AND you can ask as many questions as you want.  Usually you need to have to pay for the BEST 40 main audio calls to get the interactive side, but I have decided to let people join us for the next three months. The end of year BEST pass, is just £99! (Of course you can still buy the main BEST mindset calls if you want to!). This is a one offer and you must book your end of year pass by Thursday 8th September 


  • Or finally, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times above, my 30 days to a high vibe life is such an awesome mini program, drip feeding 5-8 minute audios into your inbox each day with an optional little high vibe boosting challenge. If you’re in need of a quick, inspirational lift, this is the program for you! Plus it’s part of my GIVE AND GIFT IT ON!



In summary, I believe the best thing to do this autumn and winter is to take in more positive, helpful and inspiring information, keep your focus on the good stuff and create a positive ME project to get you through it. AND to get any support you need to keep you strong and sane.  I’m ready to help you if you need it!

Any questions at all, please let me know 🙂

Janey x

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