The number 1 CAN secret…

The Number 1 CAN secret this…

Whatever it is that you want for yourself, you DO have the power within you. It’s all in there!

Sometimes you need a different approach, a better mindset, help to unleash it, a support team, an AHA moment, some positive discipline, a moment of courage, a little nudge from someone else, to take command of your inner dialogue, an element of self trust, true dedication, investing in yourself…

But it’s all there within you!

One of the most empowering feelings in the world is when you finally turn can’t into CAN, switch up doubt into belief, transform fear into confidence and you sit back and smile… because you realise that you had the power within you the whole time!

So today I want to share some exact things I did through the winter last year that took me from rut to rise,  meant I achieved so many of the goals and intentions for 2022 within a few months of the year – and massively helped me turn can’t into CAN in quite a few areas of my life.

As I write this, this time last year I was flat, unfit, full of self-doubt and life felt like one big uphill struggle. Now, I’m fit, focused, have made some great things happen, am on my own side I’m waaaay more relaxed and life feels so much better. Of course there are still areas of my life I want to continue to develop and improve. But with what I’m sharing here, you’ll realise it’s all there within you and you CAN make some awesome changes, MORE easily and enjoyably than you might think too!

Five key things I’ve done in the last year!

These are the things that have helped me turn can’t into CAN and switch up my beliefs from impossible to possible, IT WAS ALL THERE!

  1. I created a short term and long term wish list – Wish lists are SO good at pulling out what you intuitively want for yourself. They are different from setting goals.  I did an eight week one (as a warm up) last October. And then did an annual one (building momentum) for this year. I picked 3 things for the first stage, then chose five for this year. Some were business related, others mental and physical health, a couple, personal. Literally ask yourself “If someone gave me a magic wand and I could wish for 3 things in the next 3 months and 3 things in the next 12 months, what would they be?”. Doing this rather than thinking about ‘goals’ meant I tapped into things I knew would make a really big difference to my life, far more exciting than the ‘should’ goals! All part from one that is work in progress has been ticked off – and it feels so good!
  2. I stepped into the identity it had already happened – I’ve talked a lot recently about the danger of becoming a victim of your less than ideal current reality. Instead, I started to think, feel, act and behave AS IF these things were already here and happening. This stepping into the identity AND stepping into the new reality of what you want is such a game changer. Your energy changes, your belief system changes, you trick the sub conscious, your behaviour and habits shift, it really does feel like magic. It’s like playing a fun game that has a big real life impact 🙂
  3. I took in the right information! – Looking at my boundaries and yes / no choices were a BIG part of me moving away from where I didn’t want to be and towards where I wanted to. I read books on how to get what I wanted and followed them to the letter… I listened to podcasts and audios that helped me build my strengths and push through roadblocks… I completed mini online courses that empowered me. I watched less TV and didn’t get pulled into social media rabbit holes. I didn’t waste time when in ‘to do’ mode but I also created more pockets of time for calm and relaxation. All of these boundaries and choices are within us, we just need to make them. And when you do and you get on a roll, it feels absolutely brilliant and you often think “why didn’t I do this before?!”
  4. I turned my wishes into goals and then goals into smaller inspired action tasks – Breaking things into bite size chunks to give me a monthly focus and week-by-week task list. It meant BIG things were in fact just a series of very small things that just added up. Overwhelm is one of the biggest roadblocks to getting started – break it all down, build that momentum and see how quickly things can improve or change. Small steps are one of the greatest ‘turning can’t into CAN’ behaviours. But our generation is very much programmed to extremes, big / instant things and the hugely self-limiting all or nothing mindset!
  5. I got behind myself, upped my game and created a daily practice -Every morning and evening I connected with myself and my wishes. I took my goals and dreams seriously. I didn’t allow myself to get distracted. I created a vision board, I journaled like a ninja, I worked REALLY hard on my mindset and myself. It wasn’t easy,  but it also felt effortless because I was so connected and dedicated to turning things around and I had the feeling that it had already happened. I KNEW it was all in there and I KNEW I had the power. I just had to unleash it!

If you’re someone that is struggling with your mindset, motivation and mojo at the moment, I’d recommend these:

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Remember you CAN change a lot in a short space of time with the right approach, mindset and support. And oh my goodness, everyone CAN change the end of their story. Remember you’re the boss of your own life!

You may also want to consider my 30 days to a high vibe life, I’ve got the POWER and RISE programs; packed with mood, mind and life enhancing content.  These can be purchased individually BUT now also included in my One Life Hub and Club 
Any questions let me know!

Janey x

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