The ONE thought you only ever need to change to end suffering!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know how dedicated I am to understanding mindset and improving thought management.

Mindset covers how you think, your attitude towards things and others, how you respond to situations and deal with challenges, what you focus on, what you tell yourself, the beliefs you hold and the behaviours and actions that come from those. And of course how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

I want to help women live their life to the full. By ensuring they have the thoughts and feelings they want to and they are not unnecessarily causing themselves stress, upset, difficulty and suffering, simply because of out of control or unhelpful thoughts.

So when I discovered the ONE thought you only ever need to really change; to lower and even alleviate stress, worry and anxiety, and to boost confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind, I wanted to share it with you 😃

(I was taught this concept by author and coach Genevieve Davis and then added my Janey-twist to it!)

The ONE thought you only ever need to change to end suffering is this…


If you can change this thought, you can change so much!

🦩When you’re stressed, you’re telling yourself something is wrong or going wrong

🦩When you’re anxious, it’s because you’re feeling like there is something wrong

🦩When you compare yourself, it’s because you’re looking at other people and making yourself wrong

🦩When you worry, you’re thinking that there is something wrong or there is going to be something wrong

🦩When you have self-doubt, it’s about you getting stuff wrong

🦩When you have low self-esteem and self-worth, it’s because you think you are wrong

🦩When you give yourself a hard time or go against yourself, it’s about you being wrong or doing something wrong

🦩When you have guilt, you’ll be telling yourself you’ve done something wrong

🦩When you’re unhappy, it’s because you think something is wrong or your life is wrong

🦩When you have fear of failure, this is really fear of shame and the core of that is something is wrong or you’re doing something wrong

🦩When you have fear of success, this is really fear of judgement, again the core of that is there is something wrong or I am wrong

🦩When we focus on what we don’t have, it’s all around things being wrong

🦩When we complain, it’s about something being wrong

🦩When you emotionally eat and drink, it’s usually about something being wrong

When you really break this stuff down, the feeling that “something is wrong” is at the core of SO much suffering AND unhelpful behaviours and actions.

But all this is just coming from a thought. And thoughts can be changed or ignored!

So what if you could remove the thought “there is something wrong”?

Or change that thought to “everything is just right” or “everything is ok” or “I am ok” or “things are going to be ok”? 

Or as I like to shout when I dip into a suffering feeling “There is nothing wrong here, just your stupid thoughts, get a grip on them Janey!”! 😂

And start focusing on what is right or better?

I have been using this technique a lot and it’s helped me AND my clients so much.

When your feelings drop, look at what’s at the core of it – and I’ll bet you’ll find that there’s something about something being wrong in there!

So this week, I’d love you to challenge that thinking mind of yours!

Let everything be ok and don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress, tension and upset by telling yourself something is wrong.

Let me know how you get on!

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Any questions let me know!

Janey x


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