The Power of saying NO (without feeling guilty!)

This practical, no-nonsense coaching challenge is designed to empower women to take command and say NO more…. AND to teach them how to do this, WITHOUT feeling guilty!

“This week was hands down a hell yeah! Thanks Janey and thanks everyone, have learnt so much from you all”


If you’re a woman that:

  • Says yes when you desperately want to say no
  • Doesn’t say no enough because you feel guilty or don’t want to let others down.
  • Feels selfish putting your own needs before others
  • Worries what people would think of you if you cancelled or pulled out of things you’ve already said yes to
  • Is exhausted from saying yes to the wrong things or too many things
Then you will LOVE this uplifting and inspirational challenge!

“Thank you for this challenge. It’s really going to be helpful with all the Christmas party invites, most of which I don’t want to attend. So I’m feeling a bit more confident in saying no”


Although this live challenge has ended now (it ran as a 5 day live challenge in November 2019), you can access all the content, start at ANY time and make your way through the content at a pace to suit you 🙂
All of the content is hosted in a closed Facebook group.  There are 5 x SAYING NO videos and 5 mini self-coaching work sheets are available too that we will work through in your own time. The videos are packed of top tips and expertise on this subject… Because I am the SAYING NO Queen!
Outline of the challenge:
  • Day 1What are you actually afraid of by saying NO?
  • Day 2What are the consequences of your YES/NO choices on YOU?
  • Day 3What do you really want to say YES and NO to?
  • Day 4The art of communicating NO to others
  • Day 5Making peace with your NO decisions and living guilt free 🙂 


This challenge is completely FREE, just sign up via the box below:

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Janey x


“Janey, thank you for all the materials this week, I’ve managed to complete listening to all the videos (some on train, some doing my housework, some in my car – they are addictive :)) with much joy and what a great week, again this challenge much like the last challenge you offered and I took with you, has transformed my life, the way I value myself, my own time management and how I value my energy resources. Amongst my main realisations was that despite being quite good at saying no at work and in professional circumstances, in my inner circle of family, even extended family and long time friendships I had zero border control when it came to holding onto my own space and time. If anyone called and needed me they get prioritised de facto on all matters they asked for support and their needs took priority over me. Even though massive improvements took place on last challenge, this week I realised my life was still on overload of crap that is not mine and nothing to do with me either. I realised that I had an operating model where I was at all hours the last on priority list. Starting my week, with the question on what is the consequence of me making this choice (which I wasn’t even aware that I was making everyday) woke me up like a cold shower! The next morning I turned down two calls whilst on train and was feeling elated. Later on I went ahead and put my personal phone on airplane at work for several hours at a time and enjoyed a serene me who was able to enjoy my work and focus 100% in London and not being dragged around the world for things that mattered not to anyone the next week. I realised that I can still love everyone to bits whilst rediscovering that I have a place, a significant one in my own life. And that place needs to be reaffirmed in daily choices not once in a while on holiday, on my birthday when others call to wish me niceties instead of asking for something or not only when I am sick. I have also empathised with many of the ladies here on the feeling guilty syndrome when you are forced to rest whilst the rest of the world carries on. Thank you for the valid advice and all the personal examples of the “talking back” affirmations – I am now quite a fan of those.”


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