The results are in!

Today I’m celebrating.

As you’ll all know, I like to inspire by example. Although I keep myself active and healthy all year round, training really hard like I did in my twenties isn’t always sustainable bringing up twins by myself and running two businesses. Whilst health is one of my top values, having a really great body or being super fit isn’t. Even if it was, it isn’t always possible to achieve all these things all year round, as my children and earning money sometimes need to come above them. But from time to time, I like to have surges in my training and fitness focus to challenge me, push me and yep, get those results!

Janey after pics planking

So I set myself a spring / summer challenge which involved me doing the online Tummy ATTACK with my amazing clients in April and May and then doing some additional training around it in June.   My main goal was to go away on my family holiday in four week’s time, looking like I did after a similar fitness surge in 2012, but also feeling my absolute best.

Last winter was really challenging for me as I attempted to look after my twins without childcare whilst working full time in school hours and before / after they were asleep (it’s not possible nor sustainable by the way!).  So by March, I was on my last legs and needed a boost. And I believe that a fitness boost is one of the best things you can do for yourself and off I went on a complete mission.

The great thing about the Tummy ATTACK (and the Best Body and Sugar HIIT for that matter) is that you can still have some indulgences, so I’ve had quite a few nights out, I’ve eaten burgers and fries and I’ve still enjoyed some wine.  But I’ve eaten super clean and lean (see my food diary pictures on Instagram or Twitter or Making Things Easy Facebook page) and I’ve worked my socks off.

As you may have seen from my recent blog (7 ways to get beach ready in 7 days), I’ve taken my fitness focus up even higher the last week as I had the opportunity to go on a beach holiday break on Thursday to Barcelona.  To say I’ve gone nuts fitness wise this last week is an under statement. But oh my god, I’ve LOVED it!

It’s meant I’ve had to compromise a few things, prioritise training over fun / relaxation, create space for my gym workouts, pushed myself to the max and all that stuff. But this last week’s push, on top of the last few months have meant that I’m feeling and looking the best I’ve felt in absolutely ages and looking forward to rocking my new bandeau bikini and hot pants in Barcelona this weekend  (which as a 38 yr old Mum of twins is quite a nice feeling!). Yes ok it’s a bit ego based, but I sometimes think a little bit of ego motivation can work wonders (so long as its backed with some authenticity!).

But the thing that’s even more powerful and rewarding than my more streamlined / toned / fitter body, is how I feel having pushed myself, stepped out my comfort zone and committed to complete my goals.  I wasn’t interested in getting these goals. I was completely dedicated to getting them. That meant as I started thinking about responding to emails when I said I go out and run, or one part of my mind was trying to convince the other I could go to the gym later. I shouted back ‘SOD OFF AND JUST GO!’

Plank after pic

So what have I achieved specifically?

  1. I have a stronger core than I’ve ever had – Grasshoppers, pah, piece of cake! V-sit crunches, bring them on! Side planks with dips and twists, love them!
  2. I managed to power walk for 60 minutes at 8kms an hour without stopping – trust me, if people think running 8kms is hard, they want to try walking at 8kms an hour, it’s an absolute killer (but I think my legs looks wonderful for it)!
  3. I’ve dropped a dress size – was 12-14, now 10-12.
  4. I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist – 30 inches down to 28
  5. I can now do 8 x 45 second sprints at 17 kph  – back to back with 45 seconds recoveries. I’ve not sprinted like this for ages and the feeling you get afterwards is magic!
  6. I can do 5 full press ups – I’ve got very weak arms as I dislocated my left elbow as a child and then fractured my right elbow in 3 places rollerblading when I was 22. Believe me, this is an accomplishment!
  7. I’ve lost 8 lbs – now I don’t mark success on scales really but over a 3 month period an 8lbs loss is reflected by better body composition and a smaller body. I now weigh 10st 11lbs, where as before I weighed 11 stones 5lbs
  8. I’ve reminded myself about how much more I can push myself – I always say the results you really want are the ones that hurt the most. To say I’ve stepped out my comfort zone is an understatement
  9. I’ve realized that you can create time when you prioritise – By doing new things, creating space for my workouts and attacking my workouts with some real fire, I’ve got my exercise bug back too.
  10. I’m beach ready! Bring on Barcelona 😮


Janey after pic 1

Now I know some people might think that as I’m in the fitness industry, shouldn’t it just a be given that I work hard and have a fit / strong body. Like I said above, I’m always healthy, but first and foremost, I’m a Mum. I carried two children in me at the same time, I’ve been woken up a few times a night every night for nearly seven years and the needs of two little people often do come before my own.  I’ve juggled work, kids, fitness, fun, my home, finances, friends, clients and all that stuff without a husband for nearly six years of those seven years. But this summer it’s about me. And whilst I love the way I look right now, I love the way I feel even more.

I can’t recommend doing a body challenge like this and I’d love to help you!

Love heart

Our online bootcamps run all year round and up and coming dates include, Monday 6th June, Monday 4th July and Monday 12th September. For more info and to book your place visit HERE.

They work, they’re fun and most of all they make you feel good!


Love heart



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