The Spring Lift Off!


Two of the greatest things you can do for your physical and mental health are:

⭐Move regularly

⭐Listen to positive and inspiring information


This is why I created the JANUARY LIFT OFF – now called the SPRING LIFT OFF! It was so successful, we had to make it last even longer!

The LIFT OFF concept, combines movement and mindset to help women be in better place physically and mentally.  And all you need to do is combine power walking WHILST listening to inspirational and positive information.


BUT, it’s with a difference!

⭐No burpees

⭐No counting calories

⭐No dieting

⭐No rules

⭐No misery


In January, I asked them to walk 100 miles…. which if they walked at 4 miles an hour, that was 25 hours of goodness for their bodies AND minds.

Now, the choice is yours! Some of the women are aiming for another 200 miles by Easter weekend, others are going for 1000 miles in 2021, some are even going for 100 miles a month – aiming for a full 1200 miles by 31st December!

The repetition of positive and helpful information and power walking outside in nature is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the women women who’ve been doing this since the start of the year have been completely surprised at how much this has enhanced their mood, life and body – especially with everything going on around us at the moment.

They’ve also LOVED having an enjoyable and flexible goal with camaraderie and accountability in our fun Facebook group (full of awesome power walking pics from all over the world by the way!). There are no rules as I said, so by signing up to the newly named SPRING LIFT OFF, the concept is the same – movement and mindset – but you decide what goal you want to go for 🙂


It’s also FREE to sign up!

And on signing up you get over 9 hours of some of my favourite inspirational audios that I’ve created for my clients in either my popular programs OR recent masterclasses to listen to.



Taken from BEST: Time to get real and Finding your inner confidence

Taken from BEST 2: Just the way you are and Understanding other people’s personal communication styles 

Taken from BEST:Business: Crushing Imposter Syndrome and Authentic selling – your business gold! 

Taken from the 3PHealth program: Overriding habits, breaking anchors and triggers

Taken from some of my 2020 masterclasses: She remembered who she was and the game changed masterclass,  YOU CAN DO IT confidence boosting masterclass and the One life, JUST one masterclass

And newly added for February is: “Must-have mindset for an amazing year ahead EVEN with lockdown” masterclass replay and “How to make your business more successful and enjoyable EVEN in lockdown” replay!

AND if you’ve never power walked before, you’ll also get access to my power walking program Ebook and audio which explains the benefits of walking and how to walk correctly. As well as a mini power walking to program.

Plus, I’ve also added a list of podcasts some of my clients have recommended for those that might prefer podcasts instead 🙂

We will grow this list through the LIFT OFF too!



So, who’s ready for a mental and physical lift off that will take us into spring? I certainly am!

Don’t forget to follow me on social media where I’ll be sharing all my walking milage, views, and tips. As well as what I’m listening to audio / podcast wise.




If you’d like to work alongside me and get encouragement by me and other people doing the Spring lift off, please tag me in any posts and use the hashtag #springliftoff

There is also an optional POP-UP Facebook group for those who don’t want to post publicly and would like additional inspiration and support from me and fellow Spring lift-off-ers! I’ll also share some bespoke health and mindset advice in there as well 🙂

Let’s do this. Let’s help our bodies and minds thrive. Let’s lift off and bounce into spring!




PLEASE NOTE: As soon as you sign up, you should receive an email containing the links for the Spring Lift Off.  If you don’t receive it, please check your junk folder and if it’s not in there either, please message me on Facebook or Instagram.

(By signing up you are agreeing that I can send you information about this challenge and that you will be added to my mailing list where I will contact you from time to time with news, inspiration and offers. I do not share your email with any third party and your email is stored securely. You can unsubscribe from my emails at anytime. Please read my GDPR terms and conditions here)


Some of the women who started in January wanted to add some additional strength work to their walking. And so I’ve recommended (and indeed am going to do it with them!), the 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp! This was created as a live online bootcamp back in 2018 and it is a BRILLIANT addition to walking, as just 10 minutes a day. It’s on sale from £149 to £29.99, so take a look HERE if you want to do that too. You can start it any time and repeat it as many times as you like as you have content for life 🙂

Janey x






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