The Summer Holiday Sanity Planner

The Summer Holiday Sanity Planner

OK, are you ready to get stuck in and create some fun AND sanity this summer?!

Below, you’ll see The Summer Holiday Sanity Planner webinar replay. Along with an excel spreadsheet that I go through on the call.

There is also a word-style pdf Ebook if you don’t want to use excel yourself when you put your plan together. Or just grab a good old fashioned note book!

Please make sure you’ve listened to The Life Management Formula first before you listen to this.  You can find that HERE.
As I mention on the call, please adapt this planner concept to your own circumstances and life. And if you have a partner, you may want to sit down and do it with them!
I’ve also recorded a mini 20 minute Summer 2024 sanity planner too!
Any questions let me know and do keep me posted how you get on!
If you want to share any progress or breakthroughs on social media, be sure to tag me @thewomensmindsetcoach and use the hashtag #summerholidaysanityplanner


Janey x