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One of the things I know from experience – both professionally and personally – is the importance of setting yourself up for a great week ahead! 

My weekly newsletter –  The Sunday Set Up – goes out at 7am on a Sunday morning, packed full of inspirational goodness. To help get you in the zone of creating the week you WANT for yourself (it will also help you have a better Sunday too!) AND, indeed your life!

Janey I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing newsletters. I look forward to them each week and you’ve always got something so useful and helpful to share. I get my cup of coffee and take it back to bed whilst the rest of the house is still asleep and read them in the peace and quiet. I love them and always take so much from them” Sally H – August 2022

It’s packed full of:

Top tips, mindset switches, organisation / planning hacks, journal prompts, mini self-coaching exercises, helpful recommendations, empowering messages and all sorts of lovely inspiration.

It’s designed to help you think differently, feel better and live better.

And… to become much more in command of your time, boundaries and choices

It’s essentially your Sunday reminder -straight into your inbox and packed with soooo much goodness – that will help you realise a) You can cope with ANYTHING that is thrown at you b) That you have the power to have a wonderful week by setting the intention to have a wonderful week and c) It will show you that you absolutely CAN swap stress, chaos, comparison, worry, fear, anxiety and overwhelm into the opposite when you put your mind to it.

Everything I share on the Sunday Set Up is exclusive content, plus there are unique discounts to my masterclasses and programs throughout the year

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