There are a few key things you need to know to get started and make the most out of your experience with us!

There are six parts to the Women’s Mindset Club:

  • The intro (this page!)
  • The main program area
  • The bite size bundle section
  • Group coaching dates, details and replays page
  • Q and A info and Q and A replay info
  • The Quick Start Library

All these are visual boxes on the previous page take you through to a different page or area.

You can easily flip from one area to the other. And if you ever get los, just re log in via the top right hand side of my website ( and it will take you back to the welcome page!

If you are new to the Women’s Mindset Club, please listen to this intro audio HERE!

If you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, you can join here:

Main programs

You have access to a variety of mindset programs that I’ve put together to help women get their minds on side.

There are six main programs (30 days to a high vibe life, I’ve got the POWER, RISE, BEST 1, BEST 2 and BEST:Business – the business version of BEST)

Below, is a quick view PDF with a services and comparison table of the different programs that we have in the membership area. It covers what the programs do, to how many audios there are and what time is needed for each one.

CLICK HERE to view, download and keep / print should you wish!

You may also want to check out the WHERE TO START page on the main website that has an abundance of case studies and possible journeys you may want to take with us. Depending on your needs, time / life commitment or personal roadblocks. There is no right or wrong way, all clients do slightly different things!

Bite Size Bundles

Outside the main mindset programs mentioned above, there are an abundance of bite size resources (which we build on each month depending on what our clients need and ask for!

In each bundle there is typically 1 to 5 hours of inspiration and education and you can dip in and out of these as you wish.

They are in alphabetical order and there are slightly different images for the different areas (mindset, health & fitness, time-management, business etc).

(Please note the Online fitness bootcamp bundle, takes you through to an area with 6 fitness bootcamps)

Group Coaching

On this page you will find a list of the fortnightly Friday live group coaching schedule, your regular call zoom link, all the replays. And, at the bottom a list of live call dates for the rest of the year (as there are no calls in half term and reduced call schedule in the summer holidays).

Just so you know, you’ll get an email reminder of the 115pm Friday live group coaching calls at 7am on a Friday. A reminder if there is NO call that week. And you’ll always be emailed a call replay and summary on a Friday afternoon.


Q and A

Our Q and As are done as we get questions in and usually send out every second Wednesday. Sometimes every week if we get lots of questions. Or less frequently if there aren’t questions that week.

On this page, there are details of how to send in questions, including an anonymous survey link.  And all the Q and A replays we’ve done so far, come with a detailed summary. So you can pick and choose the ones most relevant to you.

Q and As are done anonymously, co-hosted by me and my co-coach, Gill Harvey Bush. And are pre-recorded, i.e. we record them as an audio with no live clients and then email it out. You can send in short questions or a complete mind dump. And you’ll be amazed as to what we can dissect and the tips and advice we deliver on these!


Quick Hit Library

This is an area that has lists of the audios and calls from a lot of the big programs in one quick hit list. This means you can pop in here if you just fancy a listen to something without completing an entire program!