It’s simple; the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life!

If you are:

  • Ready for something better for yourself?
  • Determined to get your mind on side?
  • Craving to be the boss of your own life again?
  • Wanting to boost your mindset and reignite your mojo?
  • Fed up of being dragged down by your inner voice, overwhelm and the life grind?
  • Want to reclaim your time, energy, headspace and have less overwhelm?
  • Wanting to lighten up, have more fun and move through life with more ease and joy?
  • Determined to live your life to the full and make your dreams your reality?
  • Struggling with big life challenges going on behind the scenes and need a tool kit to deal with them in a calmer and stronger way?
  • Ready to make some great stuff happen and remember who the hell you are?!

Then I have the perfect solution! 

With the right blend of ideas, inspiration, coaching, resources and support. In my life-changing and life-supporting membership of The Women’s Mindset Club.  It’s your one stop shop to taking back control of your mind, time and life.

By joining The Women’s Mindset Club, you also have life time access to my brand new OVERWHELM NO MORE 10 week program running 19th April to 12th July!


“I feel more like my upbeat, positive happy self this morning. The AHA hit me when I realised that none of the things that were bringing me down have actually changed. But I HAVE! It’s amazing what a change in mindset can do” Julie L, WMC member

“The Women’s Mindset Club is such a supportive community. And I am continually amazes by how much value-adding content Janey has created and continues to create. It is a total life game-changer” Penny Dickensen, WMC member 


The Women’s Mindset Club will support you to:

  • Address your mindset with easy-to-understand psychology and coaching – which offer game-changing thinking and simple techniques – transferrable to ALL areas of your life.
  • Gain clarity, calm and confidence with aspects of your life where you currently feel overwhelmed and out of control
  • Develop a second-to-none mind and life management tool kit; with both quick-wins and long-term strategies, to help you feel good about yourself and your life and cope better in life.
  • Feel more motivated and focused enabling you to be more productive and successful with your goals. In any area of your life
  • Create more time and energy for the people and things important to you
  • Build an authentic life where you thrive, so you have peace of mind and can live life to the max

“If I’d have worked with you 20 years ago, I would have had an entirely different life. But as you’ve taught us; no regrets. We’ve just got to put all our focus on changing the end of our story, which I fully intend to do!” Sarah B, WMC member

“I’ve been working with Janey in The Women’s Mindset Club for over a year now and I absolutely love her methods, non-sugar coated explanations and advice” Rachel H, WMC member.

The Women’s Mindset Club includes: 

  • Access to a variety of inspirational and life changing mind, time and life management audios, videos and resources
  • With 8 individual mindset and motivation programs (and some brilliant bite size bundles);  that you can work through as you wish, at a timeframe that suits you. And can download and keep for life – (see list below)
  • A coaching corner and inspiration zone coming that provides a stack of downloadable coaching resources and mini coaching videos built around what our members need!
  • You do not need to be anywhere at anytime – and there is 247 access to all of these!

PLUS – On-going tailor-made advice and regular contact with ME!


  • Fortnightly Friday lunch time coaching sessions at 1.15pm (replay and summary emailed afterwards)
  • 2 Q and A audios a month (these are pre-recorded Q and A audios that we do from emails our members send in with questions, struggles and wanting advice). We pretty much cover anything. And there is a categorised Q&A replay library for ease too
  • A monthly guest expert; delivering either a pre-recorded session (you can submit questions in advance), or sometimes it is hosted as a live session.
  • You’ll also be part of a tribe of like-minded women all on different journeys, all working through my trainings and resources to reclaim their power and take back control of their mind and lives.
  • All hosted in one easy-to-use membership platform, with one simple log in.
  • Accessible from any desktop, laptop, gadget or smart phone.

“Just watched the latest gust expert call with Jo Cooke – just fabulous. So many light bulb moments from her tips and insight. Janey thank you so much for organising and running the guest expert sessions for us – there truly is so much value in the WMC” Current WMC member


There are currently 2 options to choose from.

  • £49.99 per month
  • APRIL SALE!! £ 399 per year


Ready to change the end of your story?



“Because you can listen to the audios on the go, I’m learning so much and making changes without having to find a lot of time! What I love most is waking up and thinking ‘what shall I listen to today?’. I log into The Women’s Mindset Club and make a decision based on how I’m feeling that day. Every audio I’ve listened to has made me feel empowered or better about myself and my life. I also love that you can set off daily emails with the audios in them for most of the programs. Just so practical and accessible. ” Sam H

Want to make the rest of your life the best of your life?  

“I signed up to The Women’s Mindset Club in January 2023 and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in a few months. And what has surprised me the most is how easy the process has been. I can honestly say every audio I’ve listened to and every Friday group coaching call I’ve watched on replay has been not only useful, but enjoyable too. I can’t imagine ever leaving!” Sarah L current WMC member

Are you ready to take action, to tackle that overwhelm and get out of that mindset dip for good.  And start living the life you really want to live, not the one you’ve fallen into, or are stuck in?

The Women’s Mindset Club is the place to be if:

  • You want to create a better life experience for yourself
  • You’d love to lower stress, fear, anxiety and worry
  • You want to have more calm, clarity and confidence
  • You’d benefit from boosting your mindset, motivation, mojo and mental health
  • You’d love to take back control of your time, energy, boundaries and choices
  • You need simple strategies and ideas to help you cope better with difficult behind-the-scenes situations
  • You want to be able to communicate more effectively and be heard by those around you
  • You’d love to lighten up and enjoy life a bit more!
  • You’d value unbiased, expert advice with things you might not want to discuss with colleagues, partners or friends
  • You’d like to be supported and have positive accountability

“I’m genuinely really surprised at how much I take from the Friday group coaching calls. They are brilliant! I really like seeing you coach some of the women – I’ve never seen coaching being done like that! There is always so much I can apply to me and I am learning so much from the others too. I’m off to start RISE now. Thanks Janey!”


Here’s what you get when you join the Women’s Mindset Club!

There is a lot of awesome content in there – over 500 hundred audios, videos and resources. Think of it a Netflix Library of mind, time and life goodness.

We can help you with where you start if you’re unsure too!


8 incredible mindset related programs:

  • NEW – Overwhelm no more – A new 10  week program starting Friday 19th April (CLICK HERE for details!)
  • 30 Days to a High Vibe Life – A super simple life-lifting audio series – 30 x 5 to 8-minute audios to reboot your life mojo!
  • I’ve got the POWER – A powerful motivation program – 40 x 15-minute motivation audios to teach you than you CAN do it!
  • RISE – Get out of your rut for good – 6 x 30-minute audios with self-coaching eBooks to instantly take you to a better place
  • BEST 1 and 2– The ultimate, ultimate mindset program for women – 80 x 30-minute mindset audios to create your best mind, self and life
  • The Procrastination Buster Bootcamp – A 21 day program with just 10 mins a day. To help you really understand procrastination and push through it once and for all

Thank you for all your help and support in The Women’s Mindset Club and setting me on the right track again. The work you do with all of us is invaluable. Keep on being the upbeat, positive, intuitive, fun woman that keeps us all going! Julie L, Women’s Mindset Club founding member.


With mindset, time, life management, health and business related topics. And, we create new ones depending on what our members need and ask for!

They are 1 – 5 hours per bundle,

Currently in The Women’s Mindset Club:

  •  Remember who the F^*K you are – A starter pack with audio and 2 Ebooks on how to create the best “Remember who the f*^k you are day!
  • Mindset Must Knows – 3 audios and call summary Pdfs with all the mindset must-knows, so you can get your mind working for you rather against you!
  • Mindset HOW TO’s – 60 minute video call series. Including; HOW TO manage your inner dialogue, HOW TO deal with complicated relationships, HOW TO cope better and make peace when child/children turn out differently to how you’d hoped, HOW TO create a new identity.
  • The Coaching Corner and Inspiration Zone – helpful coaching resources and downloads!
  • End Emotional Eating – 9 calls with Gill Harvey Bush (Psychologist and master NLP practitioner)
  • The Gut Health series – 75 minute must know gut health advice from one of the UK’s top gut health specialists, Alex Manos. And Q and A replays covering invaluable health insight.
  • Online Fitness Bootcamps – 6 online fitness bootcamps to choose from, including: The 10 mins a day bootcamp, Best Body Bootcamp, Tummy ATTACK bootcamp, SugarHIIT bootcamp, Busy Women’s bootcamp
  • Money Boss – The basics of positive money management

Guest Experts

Our 2024 sessions so far (replays available in the membership area!)

  •  Johnny Lawrence, AKA the self-development coach – Ran an “Emotional regulation, setting boundaries and managing your reactions to others” masterclass and it was AWESOME!
  • Maryline Favreliere – Grief coach – Did a wonderful grief session around loss (not just with a bereavement either), shared her story of her own journey of grief and answered lots of questions members had about grief and loss.
  • Jo Cooke – Chronic disorganisation / clutter expert / author – Covered the difference between hoarding, clutter and disorganisation. Including mindset around home organisation. Working with your unique brain’s organising preferences. And lots more. Fantastic session!
  • Annie Knowles from Sober Rainbow Rider works for the NHS as a senior radiographer. She is now also a sobriety coach who supports shattered healthcare professionals examine their relationship with alcohol to help improve work-life balance.  She came in and shared incredible story (of being a stress drinker to 2 years AF) – and sharing tips and strategies to support you with burn out. A wealth of inspiration.
  • Food freedom coach Helen Bennet – Came in to the group at the end of 2023 and is back with top up Q and As around emotional and disordered eating since her guest expert slot in October which members loved.

Summer Term sessions (that are part of the Overwhelm No More course this term):

  • Mindfulness masterclass – Helen Jeffreys from A cup of Mindfulness
  • Overwhelm lowering hypnotherapy and meditation – Yves Smith from Yves Wellness
  • NLP techniques to protect yourself from overwhelm in the moment –  NLP Practitioner Jessica Vasello
  • Procedures and routines in your home and general organisation methods to lower overwhelm – Jo Cooke

Yes please, I’m ready for a mindset and life upgrade!


What makes The Women’s Mindset Club different?

  • A combination of life-enhancing expertise with the perfect balance of mindset and practical components
  • Hours and hours of useful, game-changing audios and resources (many of them bite size) for you to follow at a pace that suits you; choosing the ones most relevant to you
  • A truly positive experience that I seriously can’t imagine any woman not benefitting from
  • A tribe of like-minded women all looking to inspire and encourage each other
  • And me!

“Janey is very upbeat and inspiring – Her enthusiasm for life and living it well is infectious.”

Perhaps you’re thinking: “Who is Janey?”

I’m Janey Holliday, and I’m looking forward to working with you in The Women’s Mindset Club. Together, we can work on many aspects of your life so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s more about me!

I’ve been in the coaching and wellness industry for more than 22 years. I worked first as a fitness instructor and PT (I founded one of London’s most successful women’s outdoor bootcamp brand Fit for a Princess in 2003), and have been working as an online coach since 2011. Since then, I’ve created more than 25 programs, received hundreds of testimonials, appeared in the national press and on TV, and made a difference to thousands of people’s lives.

I’m a single Mum of three (15 year old twin boys and a 7 year old girl who is autistic). And my life is a little crazy behind the scenes. But mindset and time management is what keeps me sane – AND means I feel in control of my life. Even when lots of things are out of my control!

I created the Women’s Mindset Club to bring together all of my content as well as benefitting from my in-person expertise and to help you:

  • Take back control of your mind, time and life so you can create the authentic life experience you truly want for yourself, and find the headspace and energy for the things you love and that are important to you
  • Learn how to think differently so you can live better, challenge your boundaries and choices, find more peace, and be on your own side for good
  • Be inspired, making the journey of change way more enjoyable, expansive and empowering
  • Realise that ANYTHING is possible with the right approach, coach, mindset and environment. Everything is on the table, and it’s never too late
  • Life can change for the better quickly! Hanging out with me and listening to my content will give you AHA moments and breakthroughs from the get-go .  And you are going to LOVE the way you feel!

I’m ready to help you, if you’re ready to take a positive leap to a new way of thinking, feeling and living!

And if you run your own business, I will help you create a successful AND enjoyable business. And build your business around your life commitments with The Women’s Mindset Business Club!

I’m not like other coaches. Why?


  • Super friendly
  • Really relatable
  • Fun and upbeat
  • Accessible
  • Butt-kicking but with a “Mary Poppins” firm but fair style vibe!
  • Experienced – I’ve been helping women in the wellbeing, business and coaching industry for over 22 years and have over 3000 hours of coaching experience  (don’t forget to check out the testimonials page; where you can find 11,000 words of testimonials just from one program alone!).
  • I inspire by example and do NOT have a perfect life. My life is super chaotic as a single Mum of 3 / SEN Mum. I embrace my imperfections, admit to winging it (we all are!), am comfortable being vulnerable if I think it will help my members. And my approach is extremely refreshing according to my clients!
  • I bring bloody awesome women together! One of my core business values is camaraderie. We work together. You are never alone!

“Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive whilst completely focused throughout. Empowering and encouraging us to take action. At the end of each audio or session, I really believe in myself and my ability to make changes in my life.”

Ready to get make some positive changes?

I’ve designed The Women’s Club to be easy to navigate, easy to access (it’s all online, available 247, listen on the go; walking the dog, on the school run, cooking, ironing, doing the washing up…) and it’s super effective.

“Last week I was really overwhelmed. But the BEST program audios have really helped me realise I simply need a reset. I just needed to wipe the slate clean of the past before getting stuck into the future. I now feel that I have a better grip on reality and am feeling so much better about myself and my life.”  Penny T

How can the Women’s Mindset Club help you?

Got a great idea for your own business, but your mindset is holding you back? Rachael Bowie listened to BEST, which gave her the ability to ‘get out of her own way’, and the confidence to set up her own business making jewellery which she sells on Etsy. She then made her way through the BEST:Business calls and has grown her business, pushed through procrastination and become more confident and light hearted than ever before. She has been coming to the Monday Motivation business sessions in The Women’s Mindset Business Club for three years now!

Facing challenges in your life and need some hand-holding and positivity? Honor Davis-Marks was going through a long and difficult divorce and needed help to manage the anger, regret and bitterness that the process was causing. She listened to BEST, and benefitted from live coaching in The Women’s Mindset Club: “It put me in a place of strength and resilience,” she reveals. “It was also a safe place to come to rant or ask questions without dumping it all on my real-life friends. The support I have received far exceeded my expectations. I’ve become more chilled and I think I’ve become a better friend and person, due to having a much better perspective on things.” In lockdown as a gites business owner, I suggested she became an instagram coach, which she did – with bells on! At the end of 2022, she had an idea for a midlife membership. But had some self-doubt. I told her she could, I told her which audios to listen to. And in the Monday Motivation sessions, we got behind her and cheerleaded her to get-going and push through fear. And she launched her membership and got 100 members in a week – the power of MINDSET!

Struggling with your weight and want to feel more positive about your body image? Catherine took part in the Best Body Bootcamp and from doing it three times back to back; went from size 22 to a size 14. “Janey’s food plan is easy to understand and easy to incorporate into everyday life,” she explains. “After years of trying every diet on the market, I had completely lost touch with how to eat a normal balanced diet. Thanks to Janey’s advice, I can make a healthy choice in any situation. It’s no exaggeration to say that Janey’s body image webinar has changed my life.”

If you haven’t already, read more of The Women’s Mindset Club case studies on the START HERE page

And there are hundreds and hundreds of individual program TESTIMONIALS too!

There really are a variety of ways my Women’s Mindset Club can help you.

And the number one thing my clients say the most? “I wish I’d signed up sooner!”

I’m ready for a mindset adventure!


Any questions? I’m happy to help.

Q: What if I don’t like it?

A:  Just give it a month and you’ll experience for yourself the many benefits! But because there’s no contracts or membership hassle, if it’s not for you, you can sign out at anytime by cancelling your subscription or popping us an email.


Q: How many hours a week will I need to commit?

A: As with many things in life, you’ll get out what you put in! But as you probably know I like my clients to be the boss of their lives, so it’s entirely up to you. Many of the audios are just five minutes long but can have a real impact on your life and ways of thinking. The joy of the membership is that you can do as much or as little as you like. With the tailor-made side, term time we have an hour-long call at 115pm on a Friday afternoon for our group coaching session. But there are replays and you can dip in as you wish. The Q and A audios are pre-recorded and sent out as a replay – so you can listen at any time. And, listen to the ones you think are more suited to your journey. Some women come in and get completely stuck in to as much as they can. Others take it more slowly. But the real benefit is 90% of the content are AUDIO-BASED. So you can listen on the go, or in the bath, or you can even change your life without leaving your bed!


Q: I’m worried this is too challenging for me.

A: Making real change requires a little bit of work. And if you’re looking to change your life with a 90 second reel you’re in the wrong place! But smart work pays off. And the way I work I promise you it won’t feel like work. I have a saying; whatever you don’t change, you are choosing. So take a moment to think about what happens if you carry on the way you are versus what happens if you give the Women’s Mindset Club a try?!


Q: When does the membership start?
A: As soon as you join! You’ll get access to all of my online courses, audios and resources. And instant access to our gorgeous Facebook community plus fortnightly Friday live coaching sessions. Pre-recorded Q and As are emailed out when done as and when questions are submitted. And these run all year long.


Q: Do I really need to spend money on something like this?

A: If you’re ready to get clarity on the overwhelming aspects of your life, and start taking better care of your mind and body to improve your life experience, then The Women’s Mindset Club will be an amazing investment for you. Take a quick look at my start here and testimonials page to see the true value that hundreds of women have enjoyed from my programs.


Q: There’s so much stuff, I find it overwhelming and don’t know where to start.

A: I can understand that! The contents of The Women’s Mindset Club are the result of more than a decade of coaching work. I’ve supported hundreds of women through my programs, and recently decided to wrap everything up into a straightforward membership that combines all my courses and resources with the tailor-made side. You can buy programs individually. You can also check out my START HERE page too!


Q: What if I don’t run a business?

A: Many of my clients don’t own businesses. They may be in mid-life, managing motherhood, be part of the sandwich generation (caring for their own children and their own parents), or be keen to improve their health and fitness. Although I’m a business coach as well as a life and mindset coach, you don’t have to run a business to benefit from my varied programs.


Q: When do live sessions happen? What if I can’t make lives?

A: Live coaching calls take place every other Friday afternoon at 1.15pm GMT. If you can’t make the live call, you can catch up via a recording, which will be sent to you the same day. Some Club members come every week and make it their non-negotiable ME hour. Others come from time to time. Others prefer to watch the replays.


Q: I’ve signed up for programs like this in the past and they haven’t worked. How soon will I start to feel the benefits?

A:  Perhaps you didn’t completely connect with that coach, or perhaps you struggled to motivate yourself to get going with what was on offer. My many happy clients will tell you that’s simply not the case with my programs: from my coaching style to my positive vibe and no-BS approach, this could be the one that works for you! You can enjoy the benefits straight away, with access to all the training and recordings in The Women’s Mindset Club, as soon as you sign up for membership. Although we run some new, live programs throughout the year. There is no start and end date – so you can’t get behind. That’s what the women love. You can listen to the audios at a time / pace/ place to suit you. The audios and programs are so empowering, you’ll feel the benefits after listening to just ONE audio! But the more you listen and the more you take in, the more you’ll reap the rewards. We also nudge you to send in questions and struggles for you to cover. And on the Q and As / Friday calls, we share what useful and relevant content will help you!

Do you have any other questions? Drop me an email at

“I am so happy I found you and have joined. Your audios are helping me so much, the other women are lovely. I am making some really nice changes and I’m feeling a lot less overwhelmed”


I’m ready to join you!

“A great friend gifted me the “2022 end of year 3 month BEST pass” and I instantly felt a connection to Janey and the way she works. I’ve jumped straight in with the Women’s Mindset Club.  And love the combination of the audios and programs that you can dip in and out of.  I’ve done 30 days to a high vibe life and I’m currently doing the RISE program and getting so many breakthroughs. It’s been lovely to bring out parts of me that had been forgotten! And my plan is to make my way through the BEST calls next.  I get a lot from the live Friday group coaching calls.  And I always feel a sense of calm come over me, knowing I’m going to get an hour with Janey at the end of the week. Any problems seem to melt away!  I really enjoy being part of a group of women. And I’ve never felt so heard and supported as I do in this group. I’ve sent in a few questions to the Q and As and the advice is always useful and easy to implement. I get so much from hearing advice on other people’s questions too. All of this has been hugely beneficial to my mindset and mental health. I can’t believe how different I feel and I highly recommend!”