The ONE thing I’ve changed in my life that has made the BIGGEST difference

In the last 6 months I’ve been waaaaaay more productive, relaxed and confident in my business.  I’ve also become fitter, stronger and healthier.


And whilst the work-life juggle whilst full on with 3 kids by myself is certainly real (especially during lockdown!), I feel so much more in control of my time, choices and boundaries. WHY?


Because I time block. I am the time block NINJA!


Recently I ran a FREE masterclass where I share all there is to know about time blocking and how it can help you – both at work or in your business AND your home!


Time blocking is waaaaaay better than having to do lists. It’s actually more about having a to don’t list!


It means you prioritise the most important things. And helps you make time for the things you really want and need in your life.


Timeblocking is not all about do, do do either…. It’s do AND rest. Work THEN relax.


It helps you become SO much more focused and means you are far better at managing distractions. Plus it positively impacts stress levels and overwhelm.


Time blocking as I said can be done at home and at work and I’m telling you the difference in my efficiency and enjoy-ability in my business has been UNBELIEVABLE!


You can sign up for my FREE masterclass replay below!




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