Welcome to TIME BOSS Express!

Some powerful, but bite-size-chunk, time management teachings, that will change your life, if you:

  • Know you need to take back command of your time, but don’t have the time (or energy!) to work out how
  • Are headspace poor and doing too much, which means you’re constantly chasing your tail
  • Dream of being out of urgent mode and having less on your to do list!
  • Would (if given a magic wand), ask for some extra hours in the day and week for the things and the people you love (and perhaps YOU too!)
  • Know that if you carry on the way you’re living, you’re going to lose yourself and your sanity. And compromise your relationships, health and life experience (I mean we only have one of them after all!)
  • Are frazzled, confused, exhausted and frustrated with where you’re at and need to make some changes fast?
  • Are ready to reclaim your mind, time, boundaries and choices once and for all.

You can buy Time Boss Express individually for £29 below, or it is included as part of the The Women’s Mindset Club.

Time BOSS is going to transform your life as you know it!

I’m going to help you to be a bit more ON your life, rather than rushing around like a headless chicken IN it.

I will show you HOW to literally conjure time out of thin air… seriously, it’s all at your finger tips if you follow what I’ve put together!

You will feel empowered and way more balanced, because you really will be the boss of your time again – even if you have lots of demands and challenges going on.

And, as a busy single Mum of 3 / SEN Mum and Small Biz owner, who has her kids 100% of the time. These are tried and tested methods, put together by ME. And tried and tested by hundreds of my busy clients!

The Time Boss Express Modules:

  • The basics of creating more time
  • The Life Management Formula
  • Creating your optimum week / month / year
  • Time Blocking
  • Time Batching
  • Plus 2 bonus calls; 1) The 5 OVER problems (overwhelmed, overthinking, overdoing, overloaded, overstimulated) and 2) The importance of creating more headspace!


The basics of creating more time – 45 minute audio and call summary pdf

  • Looking at your YES / NO choices
  • Helpful / harmful time habits you’ve fallen into
  • Time management mindset so you can make way for more time and energy right away!
  • And this audio gives you a sneak peak into some of the things covered on some of the Time Boss Express modules and some simple switch ups you might want to start straight away!
  • Listen on the go – no need to find more time to get started – listen whist tidying up, cooking, walking the dog or even lying in the bath!


The Life Management Formula

  • An easy-to-follow 10 part process (which you can flex to your own needs) and is the foundation of being a Time Boss
  • It is what I have created to help me (and my clients) break up their busy years and lives into smaller chunks
  • It combines; choosing a timeframe, setting an intention, cross checking your priorities, creating non-negotiables, considering actual and mental roadblocks (AND solutions you might need to deal or overcome these!), setting up a prep phase before hand, putting together a timeline or optimum week, knowing your to do and to don’t list. And then reviewing, resetting and replanning at different times of the year
  • This is what I call being ON your life and just an hour or so every 4-6 weeks will change SO much for you!
  • It’s a 50 minute zoom replay, with downloadable spreadsheets for you to use
  • Or, a word-style Ebook if you don’t like excel!


How to create your optimum week, month and year:

Part 1 – 30 minute audio and call summary pdf

  • How to create your optimum week, month and year (if you don’t, no one else will!)
  • Long term optimum week – where you’d love to be eventually
  • Mid term optimum week – something you can work towards
  • Short term optimum week – how to make the most out of where you are, especially if you have compromises or challenges going on
  • I will share how you can flex, adapt and adjust your optimum week
  • Give some examples I’ve seen clients create
  • And this audio will empower you to start thinking like a time boss and comes with ideas to make some small tweaks here and there with big impact!

Part 2 – 40 minute zoom replay (and audio version)

  • Optimum week spreadsheet examples
  • With a few of mine and how / why they’ve changed over the last 12-18 months
  • 3 optimum week plans /  non-negotiables with some of my clients
  • A 45 minute zoom replay with my downloadable spreadsheet for you to use

Part 3 – Optimum week coaching template and my latest optimum week example

  • 20 useful coaching questions (can be used for journaling too!) to help you find answers for changes to make
  • My February and March 2024 spreadsheet


 TIME BLOCKING – 60 minute zoom (with slides)

  • How to map out your days and weeks so certain things get done at certain times!
  • Think of it as a flexible, useful, adult time-table – that you can use for work, family, fun and home
  • This changed everything for me and I would not have the time and energy I do without using this technique!
  • I go through why it helps, how to do it and some examples of time blocking
  • It includes the importance of distraction slots and how it helps you compartmentalise, improve productivity and stops you flitting from one thing to another
  • If you haven’t tried time-blocking and you’re busy but often unproductive, overwhelmed or multi-tasking, this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for!


TIME BATCHING – 15 minute audio

  • This is about doing similar things that require similar energy together
  • Looking at your to do / to don’t list throughout the day, week and even the year
  • This can be for work, home, personal and FUN!
  • It’s about cutting and pasting and mixing and matching tasks and even down time in better places to create more ease, time and flow


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