Welcome to my TIME BOSS program!

A time, energy and life management program for busy women who are juggling a lot, overwhelmed by life and would love to take back command of their time for good. All in an easy, empowering and enjoyable way!


The TIME BOSS program includes:

My Life Management formula webinar (available 24th November)

Where I help you evaluate what you need to create time for  – and this will look different at different stages of your life AND most importantly different times of the year too.

The formula is something I’ve built to help me manage my life better. I am a single Mum of three (one with additional needs), whilst running my own business and home solo. Many of my clients have tried and tested this formula and it has made a HUGE positive difference to them and their life.

This formula means I am more productive, but way more relaxed. It has also meant I can create time for me as well as the other important things in my life.💖

⏰ The Life Management Formula through these 10 steps:

  1. Timeframe
  2. Intention
  3. Priorities
  4. Non-negotiables
  5. Mindset needed
  6. Help, inspiration and support
  7. Building a flexible plan that works for you (or strategy, focus, map if you don’t like the word plan as many don’t!) – in a way that works for your preferred organisation (you can choose between excel, nice templates to print and fill out or there is advice on other ways you can do this too!)
  8. Creating your optimum week – personal / home life as and business or work too
  9. To do/ to don’t lists
  10. Reflect, review, reset, repeat for a new time frame


⏰ The TIME BOSS program that builds on the above, starts on Monday 16th January

  1. THE ‘OVER’ PROBLEM IN THE MODERN WORLD; Overwhelm, overloaded,  over-thinking, over-doing and over-stimulated. Why we get caught up how we can stop it
  2. THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER HEADSPACE; What is it, why we need it and how to get more of it in our life
  3. HOW TO CREATE MORE TIME; Looking at your YES / NO choices, helpful / harmful time habits and the ultimate time management mindset
  4. ENERGY MANAGEMENT; Create enough energy for the right things and working out how to do the right things at the right time
  5. HOW TO FOCUS IN A BUSY DISTRACTING WORLD; Focus techniques and time reminders to help you be more productive, less interrupted and relax more!
  6. HOW TO MANAGE DISTRACTING THOUGHTS; Thought distraction is one of the biggest time, energy and life zappers. Know them, control them, park them and learn to deal / process them at a different time
  7. FAST FIX CULTURE, THE NOW PROBLEM & THE IMPORTANCE OF SLOWING / CALMING DOWN; We don’t like to wait for things, we think, do and act faster than ever before and slowing down can feel very alien to a lot of people, but most of us need it!
  8. FILL YOUR PRECIOUS TIME WITH THE RIGHT THINGS; Knowing what you want to do with your time, creating more time for the things you love and helping you to stop (often unconsciously!) wasting it!
  9. TIME BLOCKING; Mapping out your days and weeks so certain things get done at certain times – think of it as a flexible, useful adult time-table!
  10. TIME BATCHING; Doing similar things together and looking at your to do / to don’t list throughout the day, week and even the year
  11. TIME AND ENERGY BOOSTING ROUTINES; Morning, evening, weekend routines and strategies; from book ending your days and weeks, creating proper breaks, non-negotiables and no thank you’s!
  12. OPTIMUM WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR; How to create a better week if you’re not living your optimum life and have difficult circumstances to deal with – and how to think what your optimum, optimum week looks like and how to start working towards that.
  13. HOW TO GET OUT AND STAY OUT OF URGENT MODE; Being out of urgent mode is one of the greatest things you can do to boost productivity, lower stress and RELAX more!
  14. PROCRASTINATION; Mindset and practical ways to lower and remove it- including chunking things down, changing your approach and how to get the things you don’t want to get done, DONE!
  15. THOW TO ORGANISE YOURSELF TO GIVE YOU MORE EASE AND TIME IN LIFE; We all unique brains, unique preferences and unique lives, so working out what YOU need is part of being a long term time boss!
  16. DELEGATION; Teaching you the importance of delegating the things you don’t need to do or aren’t good at, to free you up to do more of what you’re good at and love. And how to push past delegation resistance which many women have!
  17. TAKE THE TIME AND ENERGY ZAPPERS OUT OF YOUR LIFE; Getting clarity on what these are, how to remove them guilt free and how to communicate these to others clearly and calmly
  18. YOUR UNIQUE TIME BOOSTING MOTIVATIONAL DRIVERS; Working out the ways to make you do (or not do) the things that make you the time boss and give you an easier, energised life.
  19. YOUR UNIQUE SABOTAGES; Noticing any continued patterns (and the reasons behind these) that mean you sabotage your time boss success
  20. MINDFULNESS OF TIME; Time is the most important commodity and when it’s gone it’s gone. How to be less flippant, more engaged, more present and more grateful for our time

PLUS!  A stack of time, mind and life management resources and templates – to suit your preferred method (as we’re all different!)

⏰ TIME BOSS IS delivered either on Zoom with slides / templates or as an audio with a downloadable call summary.

⏰ TIME BOSS is £199 or included in my Life Management Hub (where ALL my content is hosted in one place where you can access it for as little as £24.99 a month).

⏰ TIME BOSS starts on Monday 16th January with the first four of the twenty calls released . In mid February, the next four calls are released and so on, until the last four are released in the middle of June.


⏰ You can buy TIME BOSS now for £199

TIME BOSS – £199


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If you have any questions, please let me know!

Janey x