Welcome to TIME BOSS!

A flexible time, energy and life management program for busy people who are doing too much and overwhelmed by life.

If you:

  • Know you need to take back command of your time, but don’t have the time (or energy!) to work out how
  • Are headspace poor which means you’re constantly rushing from one thing to another and chasing your tail
  • Dream of being out of urgent mode and having less on your to do list!
  • Would (if given a magic wand), would ask for two extra hours in the day and two extra days in the week
  • Know that if you carry on the way you’re living, you’re going to lose yourself, your sanity and your health
  • Are frazzled, confused, exhausted and frustrated with where you’re at and need some help fast?
  • Are ready to reclaim your mind, time, boundaries and choices once and for all

You definitely need TIME BOSS!

You can buy this program individually, or it is included as part of the One Life Hub.

Time BOSS is going to transform your life as you know it!

  • Time BOSS is your one stop shop to being the boss of your time, boundaries and choices
  • It’s running w/c Monday 20th March to 14th July as a live program (Time BOSS modules with tailor-made Q & As and an optional Facebook group) from
  • You don’t need to be anywhere at anytime
  • You can work through the content at a time and pace to suit you
  • And Time BOSS principles will help you with work / business and you / home
  • There are 5 audios available on signing up (all audios; you don’t even need to find extra time to listen to them!)
  • As well as the Life Management Formula webinar which is the foundation to the Time Boss program
  • There are 5 further modules released on w/c 20th March, 24th April and 22nd May (20 Time BOSS tutorials in total)
  • Then we have five Q and A for any questions you have at the end of March, April, May, June and July

What sort of things is Time BOSS going to cover?

Upfront resources:

Life Management Formula – 45 minute webinar replay

  • My  Life Management Formula is an easy-to-follow 10 part process (which you can flex to your own needs) and is the foundation of the Time Boss program.
  • It is what I have created to help me (and my clients) break up their busy years and lives into smaller chunks.
  • And, where you can allocate a couple of hours every 4-6 weeks to work ON your life.
  • Plus, audio version of zoom replay and downloadable spreadsheets for you to use

Why don’t you have enough time, energy and headspace in your life – 30 minute audio and call summary pdf

  • Overwhelmed, overloaded, over-thinking, over-doing and over-stimulated?  These are the 5 OVER problems most struggle with.
  • You may also have unhelpful beliefs causing you to be stuck in such a busy life?
  • Harmful habits that have built up along the way?
  • Or a combo of all these?
  • This audio will get you to start thinking about the challenges you have without the pressure of changing things straight away

The importance of proper headspace – 25 minute audio and call summary pdf

  • Creating headspace is essential for re-connecting with yourself and ensuring long lasting Time BOSS success
  • Why you need headspace, how to create it and how to use it wisely
  • This audio will encourage you to create small pockets of headspace, today!

The basics of creating more time – 45 minute audio and call summary pdf

  • Looking at your YES / NO choices
  • Helpful / harmful time habits you’ve fallen into
  • Time management mindset so you can make way for more time and energy right away!
  • This audio gives you a sneak peak into some of the things we’ll be covering further down the line and give you some simple switch ups you might want to start

How to build your optimum week, month and year:

Part 1 – 30 minute audio and call summary pdf

  • How to create your optimum week, month and year
  • Long term optimum week
  • Mid term optimum week
  • Short term optimum week
  • How to flex, adapt and adjust your optimum week
  • This audio will empower you to start thinking like a boss and ideas to make some small tweaks here and there with big impact!

Part 2 – 40 minute zoom and audio

  • Optimum week spreadsheet examples – with 10 different options
  • 6 of mine and how / why they’ve changed
  • 4 client examples
  • (40 minute zoom & audio with spreadsheet & spreadsheet template)


W/C Monday 20th March, these calls are released along with a Q and A at the end of the month:

ENERGY MANAGEMENT; Looking at your energy lifters and zappers and how to create enough energy for the priorities in your life. Looking at your energy peaks and troughs. How to balance out your energy better throughout the day and week. And how to create better thoughts to boost your energy.

BE A TIME BLOCK NINJA; Mapping out your days and weeks so certain things get done at certain times! Think of it as a flexible, useful adult time-table – that you can use for work, family, fun and home. This changed everything for me and I would not have the time and energy I do without using this technique!

TIME BATCHING; Doing similar things that require similar energy together and looking at your to do / to don’t list throughout the day, week and even the year. This can be for work, home and personal.

HOW TO GET OUT AND STAY OUT OF URGENT MODE; Being out of urgent mode is one of the greatest things you can do to boost productivity, lower stress and RELAX more! I will show you the various ways you can do this

TO DO / TO DON’T LISTS; Pushing back on yourself about what you’re attempting to fit in each day and week and how to start getting used to putting things into another day, week or month. Or indeed letting things go entirely! This also covers spreading out to do lists, pacing yourself and the now, next, future concept.


W/C Monday 24th April, these calls are released along with a Q and A at the end of the month:

HOW TO FOCUS IN A BUSY DISTRACTING WORLD; Focus techniques and time reminders to help you be more productive, less interrupted and relax more!

HOW TO MANAGE DISTRACTING THOUGHTS; Thought distraction is one of the biggest time, energy and life zappers. Know them, control them, park them and learn to deal / process them at a different time

PROCRASTINATION; Mindset and practical ways to lower and remove it- including chunking things down, changing your approach and how to get the things you don’t want to get done, DONE!

DELEGATION; Teaching you the importance of delegating the things you don’t need to do or aren’t good at, to free you up to do more of what you’re good at and love. And how to push past delegation resistance which many women have!

HAVING THE COURAGE TO CREATE CHANGE; Getting clarity on what these are, how to remove them guilt free and how to communicate these to others clearly and calmly.


W/C Monday 22nd May, these calls are released along with a Q and A at the end of the month:

FAST FIX CULTURE, THE NOW PROBLEM & THE IMPORTANCE OF SLOWING / CALMING DOWN; We don’t like to wait for things, we think, do and act faster than ever before and slowing down can feel very alien to a lot of people, but most of us need it! How to create more calm and slow in your life and rebel against the quick fix culture.

HOW TO ORGANISE YOURSELF TO GIVE YOU MORE EASE AND TIME IN LIFE; We all unique brains, unique preferences and unique lives, so working out what YOU need is part of being a long term time boss!

YOUR UNIQUE TIME BOOSTING MOTIVATIONAL DRIVERS; Working out the ways to make you do (or not do) the things that make you the time boss and give you an easier, energised life.

FILL YOUR PRECIOUS TIME WITH THE RIGHT THINGS; Knowing what you want to do with your time, creating more time for the things you love and helping you to stop (often unconsciously!) wasting it!

YOUR UNIQUE SABOTAGES; Noticing any continued patterns (and the reasons behind these) that mean you sabotage your time boss success.

MINDFULNESS OF TIME; Time is the most important commodity and when it’s gone it’s gone. How to be less flippant, more engaged, more present and more grateful for our time.


⏰ PLUS!  A stack of time, mind and life management resources and templates – to suit your preferred method (as we’re all different!)


Ready to be the TIME BOSS?

I’m IN!  £149


Or, Time BOSS is included in my ONE LIFE HUB AND CLUB – where this program AND all the resources and content I’ve ever put together is in ONE place at ONE price!



This program is on my GIFT TO WOMEN option. This means that 5% of ALL my bookings – either from individual programs or my One Life Hub and Club membership will be donated to Women’s Aid (Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated) via Work For Good.  Work for Good is an official platform that makes sales fundraising easy and legal.




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