TIME: Time Management and Time Mindset Tips

When I coach people, I often start by asking them what they would wish for if I gave them a magic wand. 🪄✨

And one of the things a lot of women say is “MORE TIME!”

In fact, a few months ago, I coached an incredible woman on one of my VIP Fast Track days, who said she specifically needed a “couple of extra hours in the day and a couple of extra days in the week”!

Admittedly, she was very busy, with a lot of important things going on. But she didn’t actually need extra hours in the day or week (and let’s face it, I’m a very experienced coach but not a magician!).

She just needed to make different choices, switch a few simple things up, make some bold decisions (without stress!), delegate more. And, consider her priorities, non-negotiables and optimum week, month & year. 😃

So today I have 5 time management tips and 7 time mindset tips!

5 time management tips!

⏰ If you absolutely had to create an extra 60 minutes in the day for something, how would you do this? Give yourself 3 minutes and work out all the different ways you could do it. You’ll be amazed as to what you can come up with, with a timer and a brainstorm!

Spend this week observing where you waste time OR, where you run out of energy to do things. People often confuse time management with energy management!  One of the ways you will find more time is really having a good look at your helpful / harmful time habits!

Give yourself a little nudge to get stuff done in a certain timeframe.  I use the task-time-when-deadline-reward technique a lot. It’s amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes. I use this at work and at home. And a mindset coach, I use around this is to say “That’s it, you’ve done your best, time to move on”. Time mindset is a huge part of time management (see more on that below!)

Know your peak and weak energy slots and time batch things that match these. One of the greatest ways to lose time is to have a mismatch of energy and tasks. And it’s really demoralising when you are constantly stretched or exhausted and not getting stuff done. Often a few tweaks make a huge impact.

Rest more and be unplugged more! Resting or taking proper breaks will give you way more energy and productivity without a doubt – ALL research shows this. And I suggest having a daily check in to the amount of time you’ve spent on your phone. Me and my twins do this at tea time and we have a daily limit we aim to stick to. It really helps!


7 time mindset tips

⏰What swirls around in your head, drives the choices you make.  Observe what you are telling yourself about time and time blocks. Things I hear a lot are “I can’t take anything out of my day”, “I have to do that”,  “I can’t delegate” or “That won’t work for me”. Be really careful what you tell yourself doesn’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy! Instead, be more curious about solutions and try things out before shutting them out. Some of the greatest changes I’ve helped my clients with, were the very things they thought would be impossible to do!

⏰Give yourself permission to do what YOU want and need to do with your time. When you don’t give yourself permission to do something, you feel guilty. It’s that simple. There is nothing wrong with putting in boundaries or making changes that you need to make. So remember three key things: 1) Not everyone has the same inner dialogue as you! 2) Boundaries are about YOU not other people. And 3) You are likely to be completely making up how others might feel or respond to changes you make. And remember that even if people were to react negatively to anything you decide that is important to you. This is about them and their beliefs, values, expectations, needs – which may be different to yours. You are NOT letting others down. You are doing what’s right for you. And that’s NOT a crime!

⏰Stop comparing what others do with their time. One, you don’t ever really know what people do with their time (because we make up SO many stories in our heads about what people are doing and how they live their lives – without actually knowing the facts and truth!). And two, comparison only works if you compare like for like. We are all different, often living very different lives. So put your blinkers on and think of your life. Your time. Your priorities. The changes or solutions that you can make.  And forget what others are doing! By all means learn from others if that’e helpful to you. But never compare. It’s the thief of joy after all. And that is one sure way to waste time and your one life!

⏰Stop the negative thinking and over thinking. Guilt, worrying what others think, going against yourself, comparing yourself, self-doubt, questioning everything, that analysis paralysis many women have… Do you know how much time, energy and headspace this will zap?! 😵‍💫 When you have a calm, positive, encouraging inner dialogue. And, you have those blinkers on and just focus on YOU. I promise you that time, energy and headspace will start to appear magically at your finger tips! Mindset is at the core of 99% of time management problems AND solutions!

⏰Things can change easily and quickly – With the right mindset around time management, things can change fast. A couple of small tweaks put into place with some simple non-negotiables can completely transform your week AND life! See it that “all you’ve got to do is move a few thoughts and things around”! And “get rid of some thoughts and things, that make way for new thoughts and things”. Don’t make it any bigger in your head than it needs to be with extreme language and dramatic tone. Because that will cause even more overwhelm and procrastination. Or be the catalyst to complete shut down. But equally, you’re not going to take back control of your life, by watching a 90 second reel! Clever switch ups, YES. Short cuts and quick fixes, NO.

⏰Nothing changes if nothing changes. To change you have to change. So prepare to change. Please take some time (to give you that all important headspace!) to really think about what I call your harmful time habits. Think of the drivers behind them (often unhelpful beliefs / the ‘just because; mindset). And what really needs to change without judgement. Also consider the habit’s function. In other words what you get from doing it. And then think of the ways you can get that habit’s function from a different (better!) habit.

⏰There is only so much you can do! Another BIG mindset switch and something I use myself ALL the time is this…. There are always things you can be doing. There is always more you can do. Especially if you have responsibilities; whether family, work, both or more. Because there are SO many ways we can fill our hours and days. And we have to put a cap on this! I have a saying; ‘Janey you are enough. And you’ve done enough’. I’ve become very good at drawing a line. Just because you want to, or because you can. It doesn’t mean you have to. When you say yes to something, you’re indirectly saying no to something else. I am clear that there is a consequence on my health, sanity, life experience AND those around me… If I’m the stretched and shattered, tight-for-time version of me.

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Hope these tips help?

Please comment below if you have questions or if you prefer drop an email into janey@janeyholliday.com.

Janey x

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