3 MINUTE READ: Top tips on resetting yourself after a break!

One of the things I see my clients struggle with most, is how to reset and get back on track following a break. Most women flourish in a positive, focused, food and fitness routine and of course absolutely love indulging in food and drink on a holiday or little break! But getting back on track afterwards can be super tricky.

I just got back from Jamaica, so I know just how this feels! But I’m easing myself back in to everything with a nourishing not punishing approach and wanted to help you do the same.


Here’s my 5 top tips on how to reset after a break:


  1. Give yourself some time! Unlike when you go off track (which can be easy, enjoyable and instantaneous!), getting back on track takes time with a little effort so a patient approach is a must. If you’ve indulged in food, booze, maybe drank less water, slept in, been relaxed and of course in some cases, travelled, you’re likely to feel a bit sluggish and de-motivated. When people feel like this, they tend to make it about them and go against themselves. In other words it becomes an emotional self-destruct reset rather then looking objectively at the facts and encouraging yourself to get back on track. But give yourself a break and I always say give yourself at least a week to get back to a properly focused food and fitness routine. You give kids a week or so to get back into the swing of things at the start of a new school term, so why not yourself?
  2. Start easy! With some daily power walks, drinking more water, having an Epsom salts bath each night, eating vegetable soup etc. In other words, easy things you can do that are positive and simple rather than about discipline and difficulty. Set yourself 3 small goals each day such as: 1) drink 1.5 litres of water, 2) Eat a portion of organic spinach for lunch and 3) go for a 45 minute walk after dinner. Don’t be afraid of having super simple meals like 2 poached organic eggs on a slice of rye toast or baked sweet potatoes and hummus. Easy AND quick!
  3. Wean yourself off the good stuff! If you’ve had wine every day, maybe some bigger portions, extra sugar or puddings, coffee and later nights, going cold turkey is of course an option, but I find this to be much harder. Cut things back bit by bit and readjust your eating so that it seems effortless. I like to enjoy a glass of wine for a few evenings after I’ve had a break, knowing I will strip it back completely in a few days. I allow myself that second cup of coffee as I adjust back into my routine, but with the understanding that it will come out when I’m ready. Baby steps all build up and being kind to yourself, by giving yourself permission to pace yourself, is far more helpful.
  4. Think positively! We now know that the link between thoughts and the body is a big one, so thinking negatively, feeling guilty, beating yourself up for what you ate and drank and giving yourself a hard time for feeling demotivated makes things worse ten fold. Science has proven that the way we think has a positive or negative effect on the body. (take a look at this fab link here – http://psychologyofeating.com/mind-over-food). So instead of focusing on the fact your body shape or fitness level may have changed, think of the fun you’ve had in the process by perhaps reflecting on any photos you have or writing all the great things you did. Then see your little de-focus as part of along term success strategy (come on, life is for living right?!) and put your focus where you will be in two or three weeks time. The first week back in, is always the biggest hurdle. If you build on your fitness and food focus, daily, you’ll be back to where you were in no time – women often forget this part and stay stuck with a struggling mindset.
  5. Move! Activity and exercise is key and I don’t mean hardcore workouts each day either (unless you’re up for them in which case great!). An hour’s power walk each day for the first few days is ideal, focusing on good posture when you sit at your desk too, pulling your abs all day long, walking around as you’re on the phone. Then, moving on to short, slightly harder workouts as you feel up for it and then making those slightly longer, I believe is the optimum approach. Or by all means go to or do a longer workout such as a class you enjoy or video you love, but take it easier and be prepared to find it a struggle – it’s amazing how you can seem to lose your fitness in a couple of weeks. But it will come back so long as you keep moving and challenge yourself again when you’re ready.


Finally remember that all that’s really happened is that some previous positive habits that you’ve had have been broken. That’s all. Write what those habits were, set a goal of a week to get back to doing all these habits and blend all the tips above to get you there in an enjoyable and easy way!


If you want help and support with resetting yourself and adopting a self-care approach to getting great body and life results, come and join us on Monday 8th May where we kick off the incredible 28 day SELF-CARE bootcamp! Full details HERE.


Janey x


PS – Some of you may know that my holiday to Jamaica was an absolute disaster when one of my twins was rushed to hospital and needed his appendix out on my 40th birthday! Next week I’m going to be sharing all the top mindset tips and tricks I used to keep me sane in one of the most challenging weeks of my life!

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