Try BEST for 1 month!

Although BEST is my most popular and successful program that I’ve ever created, I know that many women are resistant to take the plunge and sign up (despite five years of incredible testimonials!), because of the time and financial investment.

So as I like to provide solutions for my clients, I’ve now made it possible to try BEST for a month before you sign in for the full year!

This means you have access to

  • The first month of the BEST Step 1 calls (which are held in a password protected webpage)
  • Access to the inspirational and supportive2019 BEST Facebook for 1 month, which is a secret group
  • 3 previous Q&As from BEST which are packed full of incredible tips, advice and BEST-isms!
  • 4 weeks of the weekly BEST inspiration emails which are sent out on Monday, for the 4 Mondays after you’ve signed up
  • Access to 4 weeks of current Q&A emails, with the opportunity to submit your own questions anonymously to be included in these
  • BEST Step 1 is called  TAKE CONTROL and there are 4 x 30 minute audios this month on 1) Time to get real 2) Resetting yourself 3) Removing denial and 4) The right goal setting for you. They are fab calls and along with the Q and A content you’ve access and the (optional) Facebook group, you’ll be able to see what all the BEST fuss is all about!

The cost for 1 month is JUST £25!

If at the end of BEST Step 1 and your month of Q and As, you decide that BEST isn’t for you, you simply keep the content mentioned above and you will be removed from the Facebook group.

If you’d like to carry on with BEST so you receive access to Steps 2 to 9 of BEST and 34 weeks of Q and As and 11 month’s further access to the BEST facebook group, you will get the £25 you’ve paid taken off the program price if paying in full. And get a reduced Direct Debit fee that takes off the £25 you’ve paid 🙂

CLICK HERE to access the booking page (select the 1 month for £25 option) and you’ll get access straight away!

I look forward to working with you 🙂