The Tummy ATTACK bootcamp – Pull your tummy in!

Pulling your tummy in is so important, and here are some resources which explain why!


A 12 minute audio by me explaining how to pull your lower tummy muscle in. Click to listen me talk you through pulling your lower tummy in and improving your core strength & posture with some simple mini ab pull in exercises.

CLICK HERE to listen (14 minutes long)


A link to a 15 minute video from Vanessa from VCN fitness who shows (with her 6 pack!) how she can look about 20 pounds heavier with her belly hanging out if she doesn’t pull her transverse in. She also gives some GREAT tips on abdominal technique and breathing that I thought I’d share with you.

CLICK HERE to watch (14 minutes long)


She actually issued a correction video shortly after to encourage you to start the ab pull in BELOW your belly button as I explain on the audio, but she and I are on the same page re the importance of pull ins and I will be sharing lots more tips on the daily audios to help you nail an engaged transverse.


I want you to start doing this all the time, because it changes everything.