Tummy ATTACK Testimonials

Zoe L before after “When I started FFAP I did it because I wanted to get fit de-stress and of course lose some weight. I started slowly at first with the odd class but within a fortnight I started doing 3-4 classes a week and I loved it. I started to feel more like me and my energy went up so I signed up for a Direct Debit.

After 3 months I realised I was no longer happy with other elements of my lifestyle but didn’t know where to even start to change them. Long hours at work had also made me lazy in terms of my diet. I was lucky enough to meet Janey at the 10 year anniversary weekend and at that exact moment I was looking for something extra so I signed up for Tummy Attack with Making Things Easy. I’m currently nearly half way through the 28 day bootcamp and have never felt better. The changes have been so quick which have really surprised me. The combination of audios, online bootcamp videos and Facebook group have enabled me to overhaul my lifestyle and get to a place where I’m a better version of myself – a version I wished I’d found earlier! Can’t wait to keep going and the satisfaction of fitting into my old pair of jeans is just an added bonus. I’m still enjoying my outdoor classes with Fit for a Princess but I hadn’t fully appreciated how much food and lifestyle choices and having additional workouts at my fingertips if I can t get to class would have such a positive effect so quickly. I would recommend to anybody, whether a Fit for a Princess client or not! I also went from a size 14 to a size 10 in a month!”

RS after pink polka dot bikini

“I am truly never the type of person to post bikini photos, but I just tried mine on for going on holiday on Sunday and for the first time in as long as I can remember I don’t hate how my tummy looks! This is off the back of two tummy attacks and three months really working to change my long term approach to food and exercise and until now I couldn’t really see if it had made much difference. Not that I doubted it but wow, thanks Janey, it really works! Thanks for helping me not dread stepping out in a bikini.”


“Tummy attack was amazing – great combination of exercise and food management. I really enjoyed it…and it works!”


“The TA videos are more challenging than those from any of Janeys other online courses! The daily messages keep you on track and the forum helps share the successes, failures and who he’s about sore muscles :-)”


SS front on beforeSS front on after“Ok I soooo wasn’t going to do this! But I had been taking regular photos over the last two TA’s but never sat down to compare them. I had noticed some differences but am really surprised at the before and afters. Especially as I have just been at a 2 day wedding that sent me way off track. So I thought I would share too to say thank you Janey! A little effort from me despite challenges of summer holidays and great instruction and motivation from Janey can really make a difference.”