Turn your life around in a year!

(Please note this is full for 2024 apart from one place – pls email the office if interested as we need to make sure you match the group with the final place)

Yes it IS possible!  And I’m going to show you how!

“Turn your life around in a year” is an uplifting, motivational, bespoke and boutique coaching experience, like NO other.

If you’re fed up or struggling with where you are right now. You’re wanting more out of your life. You’re ready to take back the reigns of your life. AND, make 2024 the year you absolutely DO turn your life around (whatever that means for you!). You are going to love this.

It is an exclusive opportunity to work closely with me for an entire year. Where you’ll be made to feel really special and be totally championed along the way.


“Turn your life around in a year” is for you if you want to:

  • Create the changes you desperately want to make (but haven’t managed to yet).
  • Get right behind an important goal or dream that you can’t stop thinking about
  • Sort your crap out so you can become proud, lighter and free!
  • Find the conviction, confidence, consistency and courage to become the version of you that you really want to be
  • Make something truly bloody amazing happen!
  • Want to be mentally and physically empowered as you head into a new phase of your life
  • Rejuvenate and recalibrate yourself whilst going through or moving away from a period of difficulty
  • Have a milestone birthday or age related goal you want to get right behind and smash
  • Prioritise an area of your life that you know needs your attention, but you can’t seem to give it what it really needs
  • Protect your future, by doing what your future self is begging you to do!

“Janey’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is balanced yet revolutionary. And she really does help you turn your goals and dreams into reality”

Be inspired, coached and completely supported through the whole of 2024!

BUT… with an all important SET UP and PREP phase – that we do simply and this side of Christmas.

This means:

  • You can take your time to really think about what you want.
  • I will get to know lots about you and exactly what I need to do to help you
  • We’ll have started to build a strong foundation before we get going
  • You’ll be able to head into the Christmas break feeling positive, relieved and excited.
  • You’ll avoid the January upheaval, overwhelm vibe

I mean how great does that sound?!

You tell me what you want to make happen next year. And with the perfect blend of inspiration, coaching, tips, resources and stacks of positive accountability, we’ll make it happen!

“It’s simple. Janey gets women. And her passion for helping women thrive in life is completely inspiring.”

How it works:

  • “Turn your life around in a year” (TYLA) is a boutique and exclusive small group coaching experience with just 18 places available
  • You’ll be in 3 separate groups of just 6 women, who like you – are also wanting to turn their life around
  • There is no program to follow, the 12 months are completely tailored to you
  • There’s a 3 week SET UP phase in November 23; where you can take your time, complete a questionnaire and work through 3 simple coaching exercises.
  • So I can find out about your goals, needs, dreams, personalities and values. As well as your roadblocks we need to overcome
  • I match you with women that compliment you. Whether that be similar priorities or goals. Or similar values or lifestyle blocks.
  • It also means I know exactly what you’re wanting to achieve. But most importantly, how I can utilise your personal values and communication styles to create an even more impactful coaching experience for you
  • Then there is a 2 week PREP phase; where you are introduced to your TYLA crew groups and we get excited and ready to get going in January!
  • During this prep phase we will do a couple of simple organisational and motivational coaching exercises in 2 group sessions, where we’ll work out your priority for the first month of 2024. And, where we will start consider some habit stacking and goal prep.
  • This means there is no pressure, no rushing and NO overwhelm. Just space, pace and peace.
  • Then, the TYLA fortnightly sessions begin in January and end December 2024 (NB there is a consolidation month in April and August. And an occasional one week break. Please see a 2 pager template of 2024 dates below that you can download)
  • There is a TYLA private and secure membership area; which hosts all your coaching templates and bespoke resources in one place with one log in.
  • It’s a “lets do this” and “no excuses” BUT with a compassionate, flexible and solutions-based vibe.
  • And you’ll have me every step of the way to support and empower you to make 2024 the year you really do turn your life around!

“Janey’s coaching style is what brings me back to her programs year after year. Open, honest, transparent, fun. And of course her incredible knowledge bank”

A summary of what you get:

  • A tailor-made motivational audio for your group on the 1st of every month for 14 months (from 1st Nov 23) – to fire you up and keep you dedicated to getting where you want to get!
  • Each month, there’s a brand new mini TYLA eBook; to help you stay focused and get clear on your priorities and power actions. And, explore what help you need mindset and motivation wise
  • 22 x 60 minute small group coaching calls in 2024 (see time / schedule options below) which will combine tailor-made top up tips from me and work through any challenges or blocks you have, so we can find the solutions and breakthroughs for them. Plus, at the end of each session, there will be an accountability section!
  • 3 x 30 minute 121 sessions in 2024 at a time to suit you (you can also do one 90 minute one if you prefer).
  • 30 mins of Whatsaap text or audio exchange each month with me (should you want / need it – January to November 2024).
  • 2 x 60 mins group coaching calls in 2023 (One towards the end of November and one the second week of December – these sessions can be over the weekend if need be – we will liaise with you in the set up phase to ensure you can make them).
  • A TYLA membership area where bespoke coaching templates and resources are hosted and released each month. And where all the motivational calls and group coaching replays are hosted.
  • A private and secure Facebook Group (optional)
  • Full access to the Women’s Mindset Club Membership for 14 months*
  • Discounted 121s the whole of 2024 should you need additional help with over 30% off my 121 hourly coaching price (£99 instead of £149).

(*If you’re already a member of The Women’s Mindset Club, we will cancel your subscription straight away when you sign up and refund any pro rata membership fees if applicable. This also means you have access to unlimited Q and As and an additional two group coaching calls a month throughout 2024; should you want a top up to your TYLA experience! You’ll also have access to 14 guest experts over the 14 months in The Women’s Mindset Club AND you can request people you’d love to have in there too!)

‘Janey, you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!’

It’s perfect for you if you:

  • Are bloody well ready for change!
  • Want to be fully supported to create change with me, but without the much heavier investment of 121
  • Find bigger group coaching overwhelming and get more from being in much smaller groups
  • Struggle to follow a program; especially if not everything is completely geared up to what you truly really need
  • Prefer knowing exactly who you are working alongside so you are able to be completely yourself
  • Struggle to keep motivation and momentum long term, so value on-going support
  • Don’t want to be pressured, nor work at too fast a pace. But also knowing that you need regular connection to stay on track and keep going
  • Want to learn cutting edge coaching methods that are simple and easy to implement. And ones that are tailor-made to you and your goals
  • Would like to ENJOY the process of change! And not feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

“Janey invests her total energy and passion into mentoring her clients. …It’s rare to find such a dedicated mentor”

Your investment:

  • It’s £149 a month for 14 months (October 23 to November 24)
  • Or £1500 for a discounted up front payment (saving you over 25%)




On signing up, the SET UP phase – taking place in November.

Where you’ll have access to:

  • Your first motivational monthly audio (to launch your TYLA experience in style!)
  • The TYLA questionnaire (20 questions in a downloadable eBook – you email it to me AND keep a copy for yourself for your records)
  • Your life values exercise (this is so I can build motivational tools around these and match you with women with some similar values – it will massively help you too!)
  • VAK questionnaire (This will tell me if you’re more visual, auditory or kinsthetic and I can then adapt coaching templates and resources so you will find them even more helpful)
  • Turn your crap around offload! Mind dump your crappy habits, unhelpful patterns and self-limiting beliefs we need to address and leave behind in 2024!
  • You send these back by Saturday 18th November, so you have nearly 2.5 weeks to complete these
  • Plus, in the first week of November, a beautiful TYLA gift will be on it’s way to you in the post!  I want to really nurture you during your TYLA experience and I mean who doesn’t love a wonderful surprise in the post?

“I only have to listen to Janey’s voice and I know I’m in good hands with great advice to follow”

Then, the PREP PHASE begins!

  • WC 20th November, I will collate everyone’s information and put you into groups!
  • On Thursday 23rd November, you will be introduced to your groups (with a short audio for each group; welcoming you all and touching on why I’ve put you together and the common goals / themes we’ll be working on).
  • The (optional) Facebook groups will open
  • Between 24th November and 15th December there will be the 2 PREP Phase group coaching calls (during the set up phase we will contact you regarding times you can do so you don’t miss these).


The Fortnightly coaching and accountability sessions start in January 2024!

There are generally two x 60 minute sessions a month for each group. Except around Easter and August which are consolidation months.

I am currently offering the following session times and you need to come to at least 50% of these live to make it worthwhile. Replays are available (and remember you have the Whatsaap contact with me too!).

  • VIP Group 1 – Monday lunch time
  • VIP Group 2 – Monday lunchtime
  • VIP Group 3 – Friday lunchtime

(I am not able to do evenings and weekends as a regular group coaching sessions. But if you aren’t able to do these times, I am also able to do a group on a Monday or Friday morning between 9am and 12pm – please email BEFORE booking if you are interested in a morning slot)

CLICK HERE for the 2024 coaching dates




“Janey is FAB – I love her style – honest, direct, relatable, supportive, upbeat, positive, encouraging. AMAZING”

Never worked with me before? Here’s a bit about me!

I’m Janey Holliday!

An experienced mindset and life coach, who’s been helping women for over 22 years. First in the health and fitness industry and then as a coach.

  • I have over three thousand coaching hours under my belt
  • My energy, style and delivery is upbeat, inspirational and motivational
  • I help women get stuff done and make changes, without shouting or shame!
  • I have an empowering, compassionate and solutions based approach
  • I really understand women and I bring brilliant women together
  • Some of my business values include; camaraderie, inspiration, judgement-free, inclusive, community, friendly, empowerment, caring, education, growth and anything is possible!

“Janey is the Mary Poppins of the industry. Fun, firm, fair with a little bit of magic thrown in”

And if you don’t know:

  • I am a single Mum of three (15 year old identical twin boys and a 7.5 year old girl who is autistic with ADHD and SPD)
  • I live in Sidmouth in Devon (I moved her back in 2017 by myself with my kids – then 8, 8 & 1- and didn’t know one person! BEST decision ever!)
  • My hobbies are paddle boarding, kitchen discos and singing.
  • My favourite things are the moon, charity shops and Christmas!
  • My values are happy, upbeat, kindness, consideration, love, honesty, health, mischief, inspiring others, community, magic and intuition, nature and outdoors.
  • I am currently finishing my Master Mindset Coaching qualification which I am loving and can’t get enough of
  • And I honestly believe I was put on the earth to help women embrace and enjoy their one life!


I cannot wait to help you turn your life around. Secure your better life below!




Got questions?

Please email janey@janeyholliday.com and I’m also more than happy to have a quick chat on the phone too.

Here are a few FAQs that might answer some of your questions!

I’m not sure I can commit to 14 months? The reason I’ve made this 14 months long, is so that we can take our time during the set up and prep phase so it’s not rushed or pressured. If you want to turn your life around, 3 or 6 months simply isn’t long enough.

What if I can’t make all the lunchtime sessions? – As long as you can come to half of them, then it’s absolutely worth doing. On top of the 2 group sessions a month, you get your tailor-made motivational audio, you have an abundance of bespoke coaching templates and resources. As well as Whatsaap catch up time with me.

What if I have a few different things I want to turn around, can I work on more than one thing? YES! Some women will want to focus on one goal and that’s fine.  Some of my 121 clients are doing this who really want to turn their health and fitness around. Others may want to address and change a few things. You’re the boss! But I will also help you prioritise what to work on first.

Will you tell me what to do and how to do it (for example if I want to lose weight and get healthier)? This is a life-changing motivational coaching project; that also comes with access to an abundance of resources. The tailor-made side of things will combine coaching templates you need and advice and suggestions. Plus, you can ask questions in the group coaching sessions. AND via the unlimited (and anonymous) Q and As in The Women’s Mindset Club; which are packed full of suggestions and advice that you can take or leave!

What if I don’t like my fellow TYLA group? I can’t imagine this happening as you will be put in groups based on your questionnaires, values, shared goals and personalities. But I will be putting you into groups well about a month before the fortnightly group coaching starts. So if there were any concerns, you can feed them back to me and we can address.

14 months seems a long time? It’s going to whizz by I promise you! And with over 22 years experience, I know that when women take their time and work with a longer time frame (especially when the TYLA is built around them) this is where the magic happens!

I’m worried it will be too overwhelming? I have designed this to HELP women who are overwhelmed! This is why we have the set up phase. This is why you have the dates of the group coaching calls now so you can plan your time around these. This is why it’s small groups. This is why it’s bespoke and boutique. If you’re overwhelmed, you 100% will benefit. You only have to be at a certain place and time twice a month. The rest is up to you. This is why I’ve made it a 14 month program. So it isn’t overwhelming and there isn’t loads you need to do each month!

What are consolidation months? These have been put in for two reasons. 1) Because on consolidation months, you can practice being self-motivated and going it alone a little! And 2) Because taking breaks is good (and I am a better coach when I have some coach-free time in the year to recharge my batteries!). But you still have the monthly motivation call, your bespoke motivational and coaching TYLA resources. We will set you up before the breaks. And… You have access to Women’s Mindset Club audios. So you may choose to listen to things from there whilst we take a small break.

Do I have to do the Women’s Mindset Club resources? NO! This is a bonus part and whilst there’s a lot of amazing resources in there, you do NOT need to do them. By being in TYLA and working with me closely, I can make some recommendations to you regarding further inspiration and support. But we will put the WMC resources in a one click option; directly into the TYLA membership programs so you don’t need to go in there at all. What I would say is that we have 14 guest experts and unlimited Q and As, and some fantastic motivational and mindset boosting audios (which you can listen to on the go), so it could be a really wonderful add-on IF you want it!

Can I pull out part way through? By signing up, you are committing to being in the TYLA until December 2024. Please read my terms and conditions in full here.

“Janey manages to be uplifting, engaging and supportive, whilst focused and encouraging us to take action. Her balance of humour, friendliness and “just bloody do it” is why I continue to work with her after almost a decade