TYLA 1 Intro / wellness wheel of life replays
Hi team!
It’s been so great to kick things off with you!
And I hosted two TYLA 1 sessions.
The idea is you can watch the other group’s one at the start, so you can get to know the other women.
You don’t need to watch the part where I explain things and go through the exercises as I did the same thing in both your sessions.
But you may want to watch the part where the others share their wellness wheel scores and explanations.
So I have put the call breakdown so you can fast forward!
We are adding some new parts to the membership area this week and all these calls will be in the December section in the TYLA 1 box.
The coaching PDF with the wheel of life / wellness wheel of life will be added to the membership area.
All you need to do for now is consider any power actions, non-negotiables, habits and preparation you might want to consider before we officially kick off in January. Remember these can be small and subtle. And you don’t have to do it before / for 1st January.
Janey x
TYLA 1 – session 1 – Louise and Helen
CLICK HERE for the replay
Passcode: d9G*m$!c
Intro – Start to 9 mins
Wellness wheel scores and discussions – 35 mins to 50 mins
(Please note I refer to this in the intro as the TYLA 2 group, error on my part, you’re TYLA 1!)
TYLA 1 – session 2 – Jude, Isabel and Katherine
CLICK HERE for the replay
Passcode: VJ0!5Nj1
Intro – start to 14 mins
Wellness wheel scores and discussions – 29 to 49 mins