Don’t underestimate what you can do in a year…

It’s a fact that people overestimate what they can do in a week and underestimate what they can do in a year.  As we come to the end of 2013, I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on what myself, my team and my clients have achieved in the last 12 months at Making Things Easy.

The Best Body bootcamp has been my most successful online course to date and it has been amazing to see just what women can achieve when they put their minds to it. This time last year, I was conjuring up the concept of Best Body (in fact I still have the brainstorm on a piece of paper in my office!), I had an idea to create something completely life-changing and I wanted to give something to my clients that they had never had before.

Lots of people have ideas, but it’s only when you take a leap of faith and follow through does the magic happen. I was terrified of trying something completely new, ‘what if it didn’t work, what if clients didn’t like the concept, what if I spent all this time on it and no-one bought it…’ But it’s listening to those niggling doubts that stop people achieving things. Procrastination, resistance, fear. Luckily, I kept a hold of my vision, reached through to my inner-confidence, focused on self-belief and saw those barriers as hurdles. I worked my socks off and when I look back at that piece of paper, I feel very proud to see just how far I came in a year, too. But it’s not just me that stepped up to the plate.

In 2013 hundreds of women took a leap of faith to do the Best Body bootcamp – you only have to look at the testimonials page to see how well they did. I was astounded at the results people were getting, not just in terms of their best body, but with their attitude and mindset, too. Not just the training they were doing, but the choices they were making, not just feeling great in a bikini body, but respecting themselves more, too.  Project Me and Food Management Made Easy were also life changing programmes and the Wine Management Made Easy course, as I’ve been told by quite a few people that did it, may have actually saved some lives too.

I feel so blessed to be able to have a job I love, that helps women reach a better health and life potential, that I can fit in around my twins, that pays the bills and give me a great work-life balance (although it did take a mini burn out in September and me to take a few weeks off to sort the latter part out!). But I created that. You see the biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is that You are the boss of your own life. If you can’t decide how to live your life, then who can? So as you reflect over the last year, think about where you might like to be in 12 months time. You can achieve more that you think!

I wanted to mention a few clients in particular who’ve done some amazing things this year…

megan allway

Megan Allway

Megan Allway, who was suffering with postnatal depression, loaded with stress and sugar, was overweight, lethargic and miserable is now a changed woman. In just five months from following the Best Body Bootcamp and Project Me Programme Megan is flourishing, in both body and mind. An amazing lady and such a joy to have worked with her.

charlotte dunn

Charlotte Dunn

Last Christmas Charlotte Dunn was asked when her baby was due (and she wasn’t pregnant!) and went on a mission in 2013 to get the Best Body she’d ever had. The pictures speak for themselves and she’s ending the year an engaged woman with a body to die for.

anna logue best body client

Anna Logue

Anna Logue, had her second baby last November, lost all her baby weight, got the best body she’d ever had for her summer holiday and has now nailed the balance of training smart, eating well, managing wine and being social, as well as putting more ME time in. She’s turned a big corner, accepted that to look and feel good and have fun takes continuous effort and focus, but has had an amazing year considering her baby had only just been born this time last year!

Finally, Victoria, a VIP client of mine turned 21 in June and was in a very, very bad place.  Five years of chronic fatigue, she’d dropped out of uni twice, was very anxious,  couldn’t leave her house or travel on public transport, wasn’t going out at all, incapable of having a relationship with a guy, lived in fear, taking anti-depressants, was unfit and toxic both in body and mind.  Six months later, she’s half way through a prestigious business course, is the fittest and strongest she’s ever been, is training five times a week, she can travel on the train into town, she can get up in front of 30 people and make a presentation, she’s got a wonderful boyfriend and has had more nights out in the last two months than I have in two years. She’s planning on setting up her own business next year and now just oozes confidence and style. Someone asked me how I did it.  You know what? I simply made her feel good. I made her get excited about life again, removed the label she’d given herself and created self-belief. She’s a star and again, what a year (or in this case six months) can make.

Get excited about the New Year, take time to think about what you could change, do or be 12 months from now. And remember, the only person that can do it is you!

Invest in yourself, feel good about your life, trust you can turn anything around and astound yourself…

Zig Zaglar

Finally, I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to my team, Veronica and Linda, who work behind the scenes at MTE. I get all the praise from clients’ results about my content and coaching programmes, but without the web, media and tech support, there wouldn’t be the programmes. So thank you both!

A very happy Christmas to you all and I’m looking forward to working with some of you in 2014, I’m beyond excited to kick off next year… With the new BEST programme, the Sugar HIIT bootcamp and Battle the Fat as my three main projects for work and on a personal level, I’m thinking next year will be my best yet!

Janey xxx

PS Check out my 2014 Vision Board blog coming soon for more New Year inspiration.

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  • Honor December 19, 2013   Reply →

    Fantastic stories particularly your one about Victoria – you should be a National Health prescription! And I am still one of your success stories as coming up to my third Christmas since your very first online bootcamp – I am still give or take maintaining the weight loss so thank You and Happy Happy Christmas to you,and your lovely cute boys xxxxx

  • megan January 1, 2014   Reply →

    Ive only just read this! And loved reading it, and seeing my name there was just what I needed! The depression has been creeping in again as winter has set in (and with it, the dreaded sugar monster) but with the knowledge i gained from your courses I’m re-focusing this week and i can already feel myself feeling more positive getting back on track. Reading this blog and listening to your ‘food myths’ webinar has taken me right back to a great place…. thank you all over again and happy new year everybody!

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