The Women’s Mindset Business Club


Got big business dreams, but also got big business blocks? It’s time to work out what those are and push through them!

I can help you create a successful and enjoyable business, by:

1) Getting clear on what is is YOU want to achieve in your business and getting crystal clear on HOW you do this!

2) Turning barriers (mindset and practical!) into hurdles so you can get over them!

3) Building your optimum motivation and mindset and creating a second-to-none time management and compartmentalising tool kit!

It’s time to supercharge your business success, enjoy your business more – AND never feel alone in your business again!

The Women’s Mindset Business Club, gives you access to my hugely popular BEST:Business program, that you complete at a time to suit you should you wish. Along with full access to The Women’s Mindset Club resources – including my brand new Overwhelm No More program).

AND; invaluable VIP weekly group coaching sessions every Monday lunchtime, term time –  for female small business owners that are ready for something BETTER but need help getting there!

So, if you struggle with:

Mindset blocks

Including; confidence, comparison, impostor syndrome, fear, self-doubt, consistency, motivation and a negative / critical / unhelpful inner dialogue.

Practical challenges

Such as; planning, time management, constantly being in urgent mode, crap productivity, distractions, marketing and social media overwhelm, no strategy. And juggling a lot behind the scenes, which has the tendency to creep in to your business and strip you of energy and focus.

Working solo

Massive catastrophising / over-thinking.  Along with solo procrastination (“Why can’t I get things done like I used to in my old office job?” is something I hear a lot!), getting pulled into non-work things when working at home and feeling lonely and isolated too.

Then you probably know that…

  • On-going inspiration and ideas to tackle these blocks…
  • With help and support from an experienced business coach / entrepreneur who has struggled with every single one of the above!
  • Along with weekly check ins for accountability…

Would be a game changer for you.

The Summer term 2024 themes are:

  • Consistency with visibility
  • Authentic and stress-free selling
  • Falling in love and getting fired up about your products and services

“The combination of Janey’s encouraging yet no-nonsense coaching style and structured sessions on different topics has dramatically improved my business mindset! Mix that with the interaction of different female small business owners and you have a complete game changer. From the very first session I found myself saying, why didn’t I do this years ago and suffice to say I’ve signed up for another term.” Penny D, Toulouse

Being part of The Women’s Mindset Business Club, will:

  • Help you get key things achieved in your business
  • Find solutions to any problems you have
  • Provide a sounding board to ideas or frustrations
  • Get you through all sorts of business roadblocks
  • Teach you how to be more focused and aligned
  • Help you compartmentalise especially if you’ve got lots on outside business
  • Boost clarity and confidence
  • Improve motivation
  • Push through procrastination
  • Stop you complicating things
  • Encourage you to simplify your business
  • Challenge and change unhelpful beliefs
  • Help you shine bright and authentically sell
  • Show you how to tiptoe (or jump!) out your comfort zone
  • Inspire you to make some amazing things happen
  • Mean you will never be alone!

“It’s such a great combination of the Mindset and Business advice that Janey provides as well as info from women who run all different sorts of businesses. I found it very motivating and interesting and could put into place some new ideas that sprung from the Group zoom calls.” Women’s Mindset Business Club member

The Women’s Mindset Business Club is perfect if you want to learn how to create a successful and enjoyable business. improve your mindset AND get tailor-made support for your business… but without the cost of 121’s or a long time commitment of a big coaching program.

The Monday Motivation sessions are designed to set you up for an empowering week ahead.  (And to keep the boutique business feel, numbers are capped at 35 women in the club). And the mindset resources at your finger tips, will boost your mood, mindset, motivation, mojo and mental health – which is the KEY for any small business owner and their business to shine bright and do well!

I asked my current member what they got from my weekly Monday sessions and they said:

💕A weekly business mindset refresh

💕An hour where my inner voice gets popped back in its box

💕My weekly team meeting that sets me up for the week ahead

💕Solidarity, unwavering support and out the box thinking

💕Fresh ideas, inspiration and the feeling of being in a community

💕A positive nudge to make things happen and challenge any stressful business thinking

💕My non-negotiable ON my business hour; that gives me calm, confidence and clarity.

💕A transition hour where I switch hats from being a haggard Mum into a business boss

💕Janey’s energy and enthusiasm for getting out your own way and making great stuff happen.


Be part of the BEST BUSINESS crew for spring / summer 2024!

  • We are going on a variety of positive business missions through the year
  • The weekly sessions take place on Mondays between 12 and 1pm (replay available for each call)
  • All sessions are tailor-made to those that sign up. And each week I plan a topic / share useful bespoke coaching questions; that I know the group will find useful.
  • And we set weekly accountability!
  • I bring in guest experts from time to time
  • There are regular self-coaching ebooks and resources
  • You have access to ALL The Women’s Mindset Club resources immediately from sign up (including my hugely popular BEST:Business program; which I’ve ran as a live program since 2020 which has transformed the businesses of many, many women)
  • And as well as having access to The Women’s Mindset Club Facebook group (optional!), you also have a private Women’s Mindset Business Club Facebook group (again optional)

How to join!

It’s £75 a month (sign out anytime)

Or there’s a discounted upfront payment of £599 a year (giving you 4 months free!)

“Have just loved the Women’s Mindset Business Club; the new format has produced so much camaraderie and support. Talk about women supporting women. And the honesty and being open to being vulnerable has brought out so many ah ha moments.  We all are experiencing the same issues and problems. And by sharing we not only feel better but we can can help and solve each others challenges and our own.  I wouldn’t be without our zoom calls now!” Women’s Mindset Business Club Client, spring 2023.

Topics covered in 2023/24 sessions

  • Procrastination
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Financial pressure / stress
  • Lowering business stress
  • Time management – better planning /underestimating time / time blocking
  • Creating an annual calendar of key events
  • Social media strategy brainstorm
  • Creating business confidence affirmations
  • Considering your domino goals / power actions / managing distractions
  • Mapping out things well ahead to avoid urgent mode
  • Changing business structures around behind the scenes challenges
  • Marketing plans
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Pushing through roadblocks (business and personal ones),
  • Building a stronger mindset around all things business related
  • Comparison
  • Improving identity
  • Breaking scary things down into bite size chunks
  • Taking command of the inner voice
  • Mini challenges and self-coaching questions
  • Celebrating wins
  • Two way mini coaching sections within sessions to work through bigger issues when needed.
  • More!

And in 2024, we are going to be going on a personal business mission together! This could be visibility, selling, confidence, planning, newsletter, planning; you decide!

Why work with me?

  • I have been running my own businesses for 23 years
  • I have experience running a larger, more complicated business (turnover 330k+, VAT, employees, 20+ freelance staff)
  • I then pivoted my business to run a simpler, lifestyle one; that I initially created to fit in around my three children (15,15 and 7) giving me 42 weeks off a year.
  • And I’ve recently adjusted further as I now home-educate my daughter!
  • I have hundreds of hours of business coaching experience
  • I was the first guest speaker at Stylist Magazine’s first in person business event in London back in 2010
  • I have been a guest expert speaker at a variety of business conferences
  • I have delivered high end corporate key notes and run 121 coaching sessions for their staff
  • I bloody love small businesses and female small business owners are the heart of the economy
  • I have a crazy back of house as a single / SEN Mum and know how important it is to get your mind on side and be a compartmentalising / time block Ninja if you have difficult things going on behind the scenes but also want / need your business to be successful and enjoyable!

Further info about joining our club:

  • It doesn’t matter what business you run or where you’re at in your business
  • It doesn’t matter what your back of house is
  • All that matters is you want to make your business more successful
  • That you’re ready to put some love and focus into yourself and your business
  • And ideally you can come to at least half of the live Monday sessions (replay available but you will get more from being at some of the live ones)

Any questions, please drop me a line at!

Janey x