The Monday VIP Business Club

  The Monday VIP Business Club.

Get ready to supercharge your business success, enjoy your business more – AND be part of an awesome team!

My Monday VIP Business Club provides invaluable weekly group coaching sessions for female small business owners.

Who struggle with things like:

Mindset blocks

Including; confidence, comparison, impostor syndrome, fear, self-doubt, procrastination, consistency, motivation.

Practical challenges

For instance; planning, time management, simple strategy, marketing, social media, productivity, distractions.

And working alone

So they thrive from on-going inspiration and ideas, help and support from an experienced business coach / entrepreneur with weekly check ins for accountability. As well as feeling part of a uplifting team, getting out their own heads and having someone to positively push and challenge them!

“The combination of Janey’s encouraging yet no-nonsense coaching style and structured sessions on different topics has dramatically improved my business mindset! Mix that with the interaction of different female small business owners and you have a complete game changer. From the very first session I found myself saying, why didn’t I do this years ago and suffice to say I’ve signed up for another term.” Penny D, Toulouse

Being part of the Monday VIP Business Club will:

  • Help you get key things achieved in your business
  • Find solutions to any problems you have
  • Provide a sounding board to ideas or frustrations
  • Get you through all sorts of business roadblocks
  • Teach you how to be more focused and aligned
  • Help you compartmentalise especially if you’ve got lots on outside business
  • Boost clarity and confidence
  • Improve motivation
  • Push through procrastination
  • Stop you complicating things
  • Encourage you to simplify your business
  • Challenge and change unhelpful beliefs
  • Help you shine bright and authentically sell
  • Show you how to tiptoe (or jump!) out your comfort zone
  • Inspire you to make some amazing things happen
  • Mean you will never be alone!

“It’s such a great combination of the Mindset and Business advice that Janey provides as well as info from women who run all different sorts of businesses. I found it very motivating and interesting and could put into place some new ideas that sprung from the Group zoom calls.” Autumn Term VIP Client

The Monday VIP Business Club is perfect if you want tailor-made support for your business, but without the cost of 121’s or a long time commitment of a big coaching program.

It offers weekly sessions every Monday, that you book term time blocks.

And the sessions are designed to set you up for an empowering week ahead!

The VIP Business Club – Summer Term details!

  • There are two Monday groups this summer term
  • 12-1pm (only 4 places left)
  • NEW!  1030-1130am (Only 20 places available)
  • Summer term sessions run from Monday 17th April to Monday 10th July  (NB: Monday 1st & Monday 8th May sessions held on Tuesday 2nd & Tuesday 9th May – NO session Monday 29th May ) 
  • There are 12 sessions in total
  • The term block costs £199 for the 12 sessions
  • There are a maximum of 20 women per group
  • All sessions are recorded and a replay sent out afterwards
  • All sessions are tailor-made

How to join

If you would like to join our summer term sessions and and you have NOT been in the group before, please register your interest on the link below.
You will get an automated response with a short online survey that will help us work out what your needs are; and whether the VIP Business sessions are the right match for you and your business.
When we’ve received this we will be in touch within 48 hours.  And either offer you a place or make other recommendations.
If you’re offered a place, on booking you will be sent the call details and access to the (optional) Facebook group.


“Have just loved the new Business VIP Club; the new format has produced so much camaraderie and support. Talk about women supporting women. And the honesty and being open to being vulnerable has brought out so many ah ha moments.  We all are experiencing the same issues and problems. And by sharing we not only feel better but we can can help and solve each others challenges and our own.  I wouldn’t be without our zoom calls now!” Spring Term VIP Business Client.

Topics covered in the Spring Term VIP Business Club:

  • Procrastination
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Financial pressure / stress
  • Time management – better planning /underestimating time
  • Creating an annual calendar of key events
  • Domino goals / power actions / managing distractions
  • Mapping out things well ahead to avoid urgent mode
  • Changing business structures
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Pushing through roadblocks (business and personal ones),
  • Building a stronger mindset around all things business related
  • Comparison
  • Improving identity
  • Breaking scary things down into bite size chunks
  • Taking command of the inner voice
  • Mini challenges and self-coaching questions
  • Celebrating wins
  • Two way mini coaching sections within sessions to work through bigger issues when needed.
  • More!

Why work with me?

  • I have been running my own businesses for 22 years
  • I have experience running a larger, more complicated business (turnover 330k, VAT, employees, 20 freelance staff)
  • I now run a simpler, lifestyle business that I have created to fit in around my three children (14,14 and 7), working only 40 weeks a year
  • I have hundreds of hours of business coaching experience
  • I was the first guest speaker at Stylist Magazine’s first business event in London
  • I have been a guest expert speaker at a variety of business conferences
  • I have delivered high end corporate key notes and run 121 coaching sessions for staff
  • I bloody love small businesses and female small business owners are the heart of the economy

Further info

  • It doesn’t matter what business you run or where you’re at in your business
  • It doesn’t matter what your back of house is
  • You do NOT have to have done the BEST:Business program to be part of the VIP Business Club
  • All that matters is you want to make your business more successful
  • And ideally you can come to most of your live Monday sessions live (you will get more from them if you do)

Any questions, please drop me a line at

Janey x