What body type are you?

One of the best things that ever happened to me was understanding what body type I was. Once I understood this I could work with my body by training smarter and this led to me feeling much more content with my body.  Many women still aren’t clear on what body type they are and what that means, hopefully this blog will help.

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The main types are:

Ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs.  You can be a mixture of two and you can be a shorter and taller version of all body types.


  • Thin build with typically little muscle or fat
  • Find it hard to build muscle and gain weight
  • Most models are ectomorphs
  • Most long distance runners are ectomorphs
  • But can be small framed , smaller in size but with less tone and you can be a short ectomorph
  • Find heavy weight training hard and tend to steer away from resistance training
  • Tend to have higher metabolism
  • Likely to find endurance training easier over high intensity interval training, but need to do both
  • Sometimes shy away from conditioning but if done properly can get great results
  • Paula Radcliffe, Gisele Bundchen



  • Opposite of ectomorphs
  • Larger, rounder body (not always fat, of course)
  • Higher fat levels and slightly more muscular than ectomorphs
  • Can gain muscle more easily than ectomorphs
  • Gain weight / fat more easily than both other body types
  • Can have a slower metabolism and therefore a higher body fat percentage
  • They need to work harder than the other body types to get their best body results
  • They prefer conditioning and lower level endurance typically
  • Should focus on high intensity interval training with intensity / interval resistance and endurance
  • Also food management is key for this body type – this category often undoes fitness work by eating too much so they get fitter without changing shape drastically
  • Kylie Minogue, Dawn French, Queen Latifah are classic endomorphs. Kylie Minogue is a petite endomorph, but has to watch her diet a lot otherwise she can gain weight


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  • Best of both worlds
  • Athletic / sporty / strong
  • Can lose weight and gain it quite easily
  • Can adapt and change shape quickly
  • Can gain muscle quite easily too
  • Like high intensity training and conditioning
  • Often find endurance harder, but need to do it
  • Physically stronger, can recover better and less prone to injury
  • Many athletes are mesomorphs because of this
  • Some women who are overweight think they are endomorphs but actually they are mesomorphs carrying excess weight
  • Mesomorphs can combine with both ectomorphs and endomorphs, whereas it’s practically impossible for someone to be a mix of an ectomorph and mesomorph body type

I am a classic mesomorph, as are a lot of trainers / athletes, we can get results quicker and easier than other body types but we can gain muscle / fat easily too.   We need to get out of our comfort zone for maximum results and food management is key for this body type. It is quite common for mesomorphs to carry a layer of excess fat – to the extent that some women think they are endomorphs, so getting calorie balance in and out right and eating a balanced low-sugar diet is optimum eating that should run alongside an effective training program.

You can change body type over time, but it is easier for an ectomorph to gain muscle and become more of a mesomorph. It’s possible for an ectomorph to become an endomorph, but generally speaking body types blend and it’s the type of training and eating and the amount of focus and how long you stick to a training program that will help you improve your genetic cards, should you want to.

Understanding your body type is not an excuse to just accept your body the way it is and avoid training – a classic excuse I hear all the time! But it should give you a little more understanding about what you can do as an individual to help yourself out, which may mean harder fitness and less food! It may also help you accept your body if you aren’t prepared to put in the work.

Next time you compare yourself to a model (95% of current models are ectomorphs and the rest very slim mesomorphs), you might want to cut yourself some slack. When you work with what you’ve got, believe me, everything just sits better in your soul. All women are different, I could be a much smaller size, maybe a 10 with ripped muscles but A) I don’t want to look like that and B) I don’t have the time needed to become that.

Many women I work with have spent 25 years trying to have a body that doesn’t fit in with their genetic make-up nor a body that they can get and sustain unless they work their socks off continually, day in, day out.

It’s much easier to create a great version of your body than to try and attain someone else’s great body.

We should celebrate women having different, fit, strong and toned bodies, whatever shape or size they may be – and develop better body image so women feel happier about themselves.

Janey x

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  • Colette April 24, 2013   Reply →

    I never realised about the different kinds of body type. Gosh that explains a lot! Thanks!

  • Kris June 9, 2014   Reply →

    Most people don’t realize that there are 3 body types, unfortunately. But I have been educating people. Slowly but surely the word is getting out! Not everyone can be a size 4 model. lol. I’m proud of my toned and lean frame and wide shoulders. 🙂

  • Ella August 18, 2016   Reply →

    Also keep in mind most people are a combination of body types. I build lean muscle easily but don’t bulk well. I can only gain fat in my stomach. I’m skinny and fidgety like an ectomorph but am shorter limbed like an endomorph. Basically, I’m built like a jockey. Most people are some combination.

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