What if you didn’t drink?

What would your body look like?

Would you choose tastier food on the menu?

Would you have to exercise less?

Would you get more out of your training sessions?

Would you get fitter and smaller quicker?

Would you have a clearer mind?

Would you be less anxious?

Would your eyes be brighter?

Would you have more energy?

Would you actually feel better for it despite thinking wine makes you feel better?

Drunk face app

Drinking Mirror app

The other day a client of mine said, “I know that drinking stops me getting the body I want” and so we’re using this as motivation for her to cut down her drinking. Another client who refused to cut back her drinking even when I explained the increased risks of breast cancer and liver disease, only decided to work on reducing her wine consumption when she saw this Drink Mirror app. She finally saw that drink was stopping her look her best face wise.

I’m not saying everyone should give up drinking, far from it. But I just want to give women an awareness around their alcohol intake. After all, when women want to look good they train hard, invest in beauty products and eat better. But often that’s to balance out damage from toxins, such as wine, sugar and stress.

I go through phases with my wine intake, some weeks I have 4-5 alcohol free nights and other times I drink 1-2 glasses most nights, occasionally if I’m really busy, or feeling emotionally weak, I drink more ,and other times I don’t drink at all for a few weeks at a time . But I thought about what my client said over the weekend and thought about when I had my better body. It was always when I drank the least and it actually meant I could train less and in many ways think less about food. After all, wine = calories= cutting back elsewhere/training more, right?

It’s not just my body that feels better when I drink a lot less or not at all, it’s my mind too. I get more out of my training sessions, I’m able to push myself more, I have way more energy – which surprises me as I’m a pretty energetic person! And I’m actually able to deal with challenges and lifestyle stresses much easier.

What causes you to drink? If being busy makes you reach for the vino, or juggling working and being a mum leaves you shattered, is wine the only solution? What if you could change a situation that meant you wouldn’t ‘need’ the fix so much. What if you dealt with emotions that you are trying to block?

With your training, do you train daily at 60% because you feel like you need to tick the “I’ve done my workout” box so you can balance out your alcohol intake? What if you drank less which meant you could put more into your training session, train less but get even fitter, slimmer, achieve your own health goals?

Is your sleep affected by the alcohol you drink which means you wake up foggy and reach for a sugary pick-me-up? Are you fed up of wasting a day’s worth of calories on hangover food that makes you feel rubbish physically and mentally and means you start each Monday feeling crap?

I love my wine, and I intend to carry on drinking it, but as I’ve been spending hours and hours researching women’s health around drinking habits, I’m convinced of one thing. There needs to be a paradigm shift.

I had a bit of epiphany at the weekend, which I wanted to share. In the last couple of months, my drinking has crept up a little bit– my holiday in France and a few social weekends have played an part, and even though I’ve balanced those out with good eating, exercise and a few wine-free days, I’ve also been juggling too much again.  As I looked back on my own food/wine diaries, I realised three things…

1)     if  I slowed down and made my life easier, I wouldn’t have the need for a glass of wine (or 2!) at the end of a busy day.

2)     If I worked less hours and spent more time with my children maybe they would be easier in the evenings.

3)     My exercise program would be less stressful because if there weren’t so many calories to balance out and my body was working at its optimum, I could reduce the amount of hours I’d need to put into my training which results in more time on my hands.

Just ask yourselves some questions about the habits you have, and try to imagine – actually put yourself in the place of someone who doesn’t drink, or drinks very little – and see whether your life would be easier, despite all the noise around us telling us that we need it or deserve it.

My Wine Management Made Easy course will help you unravel all of this if you need support, but a good starting point is to be really observant and honest about your current drinking habits and the reasons behind them.

Time to sparkle!

Janey  x

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