What sort of tummy do YOU want?

I launched the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp back in 2015 with the aim of helping women clean up, lean up and learn to love their tummies for life!

But every woman’s body is different as are their body goals. So the million dollar questions is what kind of tummy do you want?

My tummy goals have changed over the years. Here are some examples of how…

When I was 24, I wanted a six pack. My training was geared up to getting me super lean and training I’ve got to say was pretty mean.  It wasn’t unheard of for me to train two hour plus a day and my eating was very restrictive, too restrictive for me to maintain long term in fact.

The day I had my twins, my waist was 58 inches round! My goal then was to lose my excess baby weight and get my gut health and nutrition spot on. I slept a lot and focused on keeping my stress levels down too. Taking it easy, having  a great new Mum mindset, (with no crunches in sight I might add), meant I had my 28 inch waist back in ten weeks.

In 2012 I really went for it training wise and had the best body I think I’ve ever had, including a lot of ab definition. It was hard work to get (through lots of training, hardly any wine and very light, clean eating) and even harder to maintain. So at the end of Summer 2012, I adjusted my body goal afterwards as a result.

Now in my 40’s I’m not that bothered about a six pack at all, I just like to have a flat, healthy tummy and a nice body shape. I like to keep my core reasonably strong and my nutrition and exercise is consistent which helps massively. But sometimes I go for weeks without training really hard. Choosing to power walk rather than do any full on training is part of me having a flat tummy from time to time.

I’m happy with my body as it is but I definitely like to up my training game in the summer months, party because I like to challenge myself fitness wise and partly because I do like to look good on holiday and in my summer clothes. For me this isn’t now about being super-skinny or having a six pack, it’s about having a strong shapely body that suits me and one that I enjoy going out and getting. This summer, this means I’ll be doing the Tummy ATTACK videos with all my online clients (which makes any body streamlining even more enjoyable!).

But in a few years, who knows what my tummy goals will be? I know my health goal will still be there (my on-going commitment to living long and living well and why I practice what I preach when it comes to the Tummy ATTACK principles!), but maybe I’ll want a six pack again and if I do, I’ll need to be prepared to work super hard for it!

The point is you need to be really clear on what your tummy goals and wishes are right now. Here are some good questions to ask yourself if you want to improve your tummy area:

  • Are you carrying excess abdominal fat?
  • If so, is that from overeating / not training enough / being stressed / a hormonal issue / bad gut health / a combination of these?
  • Do you really understand how to combat abdominal fat with regards to your tummy issue?
  • How much tummy fat do you want to lose?
  • Are you prepared to commit to do whatever is needed to improve your tummy, inside and/or out, to achieve your ideal tummy?
  • If you are, are you in some cases prepared to be patient to get it? A basic six pack can be built up relatively easily but it’s the tummy fat over it that stops you seeing it! If you’ve had three children in 5 years, it may take you a year to get your ideal body / tummy back, maybe more, and a completely defined six pack with low body weight is hard to get and can take years to get to.
  • If you aren’t prepared to put in the work, are you able to make peace with your tummy area or adjust your tummy goals?
  • Do you understand the long term health implications of having an unhealthy gut?
  • Do you want an unhealthy gut?
  • What is your ideal tummy shape / look / function?
  • Are you able to stop comparing yourself to other women’s tummies as you go about addressing yours?
  • What are your real reasons for getting your ‘ ideal’ tummy?
  • When you get your ideal tummy, are you willing to carry on doing the things you need to do to keep it?
  • If you have elements of your tummy that can’t be changed (deep stretch marks / scars etc), would you like to learn to love your tummy again?
  • If you can become less critical of yourself and your tummy, will you stop criticizing other women’s tummies too?

Yes the Tummy ATTACK has some hardcore training videos to challenge you and make you stronger (they are really fun and there are options for all fitness levels though!)

Yes the Tummy ATTACK asks you to be focused with your food which may feel restrictive at times (but it follows a nourishment not punishment approach with some cheat meals and a wine allowance!)

Yes putting the Tummy ATTACK exercise and eating plan together will take some dedication and commitment over the four weeks from you(although we’ve made this one as easy as possible to follow with hardly any prep work and just 35 minutes a day for your exercise inc warm up and stretches!)


Throughout the program, you’ll get to know your tummy really well

You’ll get to understand what your tummy needs from you

It’s tailor-made to encourage those who want six packs to go and get them, but those like me who don’t to have the confidence to make peace with this

It will educate you on the most important part of your tummy – the way it functions over the way it looks (although two are obviously interlinked!).

And I will teach you to love your tummy however it looks now and how it may look in the future

On one of the educational webinars, I analyse actual women’s tummies. You’ll see a lot of tummy flesh on this program! I give my expert advice as to what the main issues are, what the women need to do, giving a time frame on how long this may take to improve / solve and in some cases going through some tummy love mindset!

Here are some examples of the kinds of tummies I analyse on the program:


Tummy collage
Can you see how every single tummy is different? I love them all! Because they belong to amazing women and I’m going to help these women get the tummies they want and get their heads around the tummies they have!

The Tummy ATTACK bootcamp can be started at ANY TIME that suits you!

For more info and to book your place click HERE.

Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!

Janey x


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