So what type of procrastinator are you?

Knowing what sort of procrastinator you are is SO important if you want to leave your procrastination problems in the past.

We all procrastinate for different reasons. There are different causes. And most importantly; different solutions (practical ones and mindset). That will help you push through your procrastination; whether peacefully or with power!

And as part of my brand new 21 day Procrastination Buster Bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to understand more about the different kinds of procrastination, and to identify where you lie when it comes to putting things off. So you’ll know exactly what you need to do to turn your procrastination frustrations into effortless action FREEDOM.

Here are some that I’ve put together ahead of the bootcamp kicking off:

Some are chronic procrastinators. Short-term mood repair becomes a priority over everything else. They avoid doing anything remotely difficult and seek quick-fix, mood-boosting gratifications instead.

There are sabotage procrastinators. They unconsciously avoid or delay something because, without them realising it, it’s taking them to a place their core beliefs aren’t comfortable with.

There are positive procrastinators. Those who underestimate the time it takes to do things, or make decisions to do things, when in a good place… Only to find they don’t feel the same when it comes to the action needed!

There can also be the I can do it all procrastinators! They want to do things, they have the will, skill, strength and belief they can do it. Only they can’t! Because there’s a mismatch of task-time-energy and they DON’T like to delegate or admit they can’t! So they keep intending to, but things are always delayed or have to be pushed aside.

There are priority procrastinators. Overloaded with day to day life and time poor, who have to triage on a daily basis and so things always get put away to another day (this is 100% me!). It is a clever form of procrastination in many ways, priority procrastination can be a very good thing. But repetition of good intentions to do, but never getting round to doing it, does need addressing.

There are the convincer procrastinators. The ones who convince themselves to avoid doing something by justifying that they ‘absolutely will do it tomorrow’. And when they say this and instantly get a big feelgood hit about this, guess what? They repeat the delay and avoidance!

There are the distracted procrastinators. Despite having clear goals and intentions, the bright shiny object syndrome (from interruptions from others, or itty bitty thoughts, to Instagram rabbit holes!) takes over. They get pulled away (or rather they allow themselves to) because there are SO many better things to be doing, other than what needs doing!

These are similar to the dopamine deficient procrastinators who are on an unconscious quest for a dopamine hit. And whilst doing what they need that will give them that, it’s not now. They need it quicker!

Linked to the above, are the neurodiverse procrastinators. These are people whose brains really struggle with what neurotypicals find effortless. And they tend to have executive dysfunction, often have demand avoidance, are dopamine efficient and are more likely to be distracted. They can also have sensory influences or overload too, which can impact planning, motivation and task completion.

There are the burnt out procrastinators. The ones who perhaps used to be motivated to do certain things but have nothing in the tank anymore. They often ‘try’ using the old ‘go, go, go, do, do, do!’ tactic. But it doesn’t work. They’re not only burnt out – their motivation methods are too. They usually beat themselves up a LOT, and often don’t realise that a change of circumstance or energy is the reason they can’t do something. So they hate themselves even more! But all that’s required to help them is a different perspective and an adjusted mindset.

The rebellious procrastinators! These are people who rebel against what they need to do to be different, or rebel against those around them. They like to go against the grain, they’re the mavericks of the world and they like to be doing things their way and on their terms. They often resist doing very useful but ‘normal’ things, or things that critical, righteous family members want or expect them to do. So they don’t!

The planning procrastinators are the ones who put ALL their energy into planning, and have nothing left for the action! They’re often stationery addicts, who look really organised to those around them. But they’re not! They look busy and can be busy; but often not with the right things. They can often suffer from impostor syndrome too!

Some are what I call micro minute procrastinators. The ones who, throughout their day and week, just by doing the odd minute of something here, don’t realise it builds up to hours and hours! The micro procrastination acts can often take them down rabbit holes and they’re unaware once in, often not realising what’s happened until it’s too late. But the justifications of just a little bit here and there become their permission to continue.

The last minute dot com procrastinators. They convince themselves that this is what they need to do to get things done. But this isn’t actually true (it’s actually a subconscious win-win to avoid failure whilst also being able to claim success depending on the outcome – clever hey?!). And this actually drives them to repeat the pattern.

The over-thinking procrastinators. Their thoughts are out of control. They make mountains out of molehills. They catastrophise and complicate everything. They can’t switch off. Think more than they act, talk more than they do. And over analyse everything. Which creates overwhelm and shut down.

Some are all or nothing procrastinators. Or perfectionism procrastinators. Did you know there is a HUGE link between procrastination, perfectionism and rejection? As a child you may have taught yourself to aim for mega high standards to avoid rejection from a loved one, with the belief of “When perfect; I am loved or accepted” (or something to that effect) being formed. But as an adult, these standards are too much and not attainable. So we procrastinate doing them as we predict we will probably fail and don’t want to be rejected. We create so much pressure for ourselves, whilst at the same time actually setting ourselves up for failure. Can you imagine how exhausting this is?

There are more types too. And a lot of people are a combination, or possibly even all of these!

The most important thing you know is that you are NOT alone. And there ARE solutions by the bucket load!

Want to find out what type of procrastinator you are, so you can work around your dilly-dallying and get laser focused on what needs to be done?

Take a look at my Procrastination Buster Bootcamp that starts 25th September.

Procrastination is 90% mindset, 10% action.

And when you know what you need to do differently, the overwhelm and stress will disappear.

And getting things done or making decisions (whether big or small) gets easier and easier, I PROMISE YOU!


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