What’s on in 2019

Here are the details of all my programs running in early 2019…


14th January – BEST 2019 (kicking off for the 6th year running!)

BEST is a life-changing 40 week program that runs over a twelve month period from 14th January 2019 until 7th December 2019, with breaks in April and August. This program will help you to take command of your life, thoughts and choices, become the best version of yourself and create an authentic life where you can truly thrive and have peace of mind.

BEST works through nine steps (Take control, Create more self respect, Look after yourself, Let things go, Sort your priorities out, Lighten up, Find your inner confidence, Beat self-sabotage and Make things easier).  You will receive inspirational weekly emails and audios, plus weekly Q&As with me and my co-host Gill Harvey Bush.  You also get 12 months access to the secret BEST 2019 support group on Facebook where you’ll receive incredible support and inspiration from other women doing BEST.

Book before 16th December to get an earlybird rate – CLICK HERE to find out more!



14th January – BEST 2: The Next Level

(only those who’ve done BEST before can move on to BEST 2)

This brand new 12 month program aims to build on everything you learned in BEST.  There are nine steps (You are enough, Super-charge your success, Subliminal beliefs and building new beliefs, Communication 1, Communication 2, Throw back, Anxiety and stress management, Acceptance and Obliterating comparison).  You will receive weekly emails, two Q&As per month and brand new laser coaching sessions with myself and Gill Harvey Bush once a month.

CLICK HERE to find out more!



14th January AND 4th March – Four 28 day bootcamps!

Choose from the following:

Best Body – Create YOUR best body, help your body to function at its BEST and create better BODY image

Tummy ATTACK – Transform your tummy (and body) inside and out and learn to love your tummy for life

SELF-CARE – Body and mind transformation for women with a nourishing, not punishing approach. Results you want, but in a completely different way!

Sugar HIIT – Beat sugar and train smart. Everything you need to understand sugar and train effectively, helping women improve their body strength, fitness and tone AND lower or ged rid of the white stuff.

All four of these programs come with amazing online workouts to do at home, inspirational daily emails and audios, practical and healthy recipes/eating plans and free access to a secret Facebook support group for the duration of the program.  All the content is hosted on password protected webpages and you have access for life!

Book by 24th December to grab the 2018 end of year sale price of just £28CLICK HERE to find out more!



14th January – The 10 Minutes A Day bootcamp

This is a bootcamp that won’t feel like a bootcamp!  It’s a 12 week program that’s run numerous times before that will totally change the shape of your body and make you feel completely empowered as a woman, all with just 10 minutes a day exercise.  There’s NO cardio, just a simple format, perfect for busy women who want short term body gains and long term health wins.

You will receive a weekly email with the details of your daily workouts and inspirational audios for the week ahead, and all the content is hosted on password protected pages (and you have access for life!).  The workouts and audios are split between me and co-host Sarah Honey Lawson, and you’ll also receive access to my secret Facebook support group for the duration of the bootcamp.

This is a great bootcamp to do between Christmas and Easter and by starting on the 14th January, you’ll be done by Saturday 6th April!

The 10 Minutes A Day bootcamp costs £99 – CLICK HERE for more info!



28th January – The Money Manager

This is six week program which will help you to take control of your personal finances. Whether you’re disorganised, busy, overwhelmed, scared, hate dealing with finances or all five of these, this is the positive, practical and empowering online program that you’ve been waiting for!

The Money Manager runs for 6 weeks with a 1 week break in the middle.  You will receive weekly emails and audios/webinars with practical advice and tips for managing money, plus a bonus webinar on money management for small businesses.  You can submit any money related questions which I’ll answer in my Q&As and you will receive access to a secret Facebook support group for the whole of 2019!

The Money Manager costs £79, or £69 for BEST 2019/BEST 2 clients. CLICK HERE for more info!



4th March or 29th April (TBC) – NEW Online bootcamp!

The name, details and date are still to be confirmed, but this bootcamp is likely to start either 4th March or 29th April.

Please fill out this WISH LIST survey so I can make sure that I create something fab that you all want and need!






1:1 coaching with me – NEW slots available!

I am opening up some new coaching slots for the new year so if you’re someone who wants some 1:1 support with your health, fitness, lifestyle, mindset, business, work or family, then some 1:1s with me could be just what you need.

Although I live in Devon, I coach women all over the world and typically use my private conference line for sessions which means that they can be recorded and you can listen back to them at any time – often an invaluable resource for clients! But I can use Skype if people prefer.

1 hour costs £100, 5 sessions cost £450 and 10 sessions are £850.

After each call you will be emailed a short follow up and the call replay. (Please note that I am unable to do any coaching sessions after 2pm in the day or at the weekend)

Please contact my PA Rachel in the office (info@janeyholliday.com) if you’d like to have a 15 minute chat with me to see whether I can help you with whatever you need help with.