When it comes to exercise turn your barriers into hurdles

When it comes to finding the time to exercise you have to make a choice; see barriers to getting out and training or see the same things as hurdles and find solutions to get over them. It’s all about choice and mindset.

‘I don’t have time to exercise’ is probably the number one reason/excuse I hear from women who aren’t achieving their health and weight loss goals. But we each have the same number of hours in the day and one of my favourite quotes is, ‘Someone busier than you is out running now’.

I certainly wish there were more hours in the day what with running two businesses, parenting my twins, training and trying to have some semblance of a social life. But I have learned to prioritise and plan and find flexible solutions to the problems of time, money and children. And developing Making Things Easy was one of the solutions to those hurdles.

Below I’ve listed the biggest hurdles faced by women trying to integrate exercise and eating well into their daily lives and my solutions as to how you can overcome them, even with just 24 little hours!

Pink treadmillI can’t get out the house because of a new baby / I have young children
Our client Anna Logue, bought a treadmill so she could do all her cardio training inside and once her youngest baby was six weeks old that’s exactly what she did. She also had a three year old child too so had different logistical problems compared to a new mum of one. If you have just one baby power walking with the pram is great way to get you out of the house, completely your cardio and spending time with your baby.
It’s great for your children to see you enjoying working out and taking care of yourself as these will be habits that they will pick up themselves. They will probably want to join in with you on the conditioning videos too, and why not? At this age, exercise if pure fun for kids!
Pink treadmill available from amazon.co.uk.

I am so tired
You can always create your own energy. Exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing if you’ve been busy with work, children, socialising but as you will realise exercise actually gives you energy. And the more you do the fitter you’ll be for the rigours of daily life. Our client Sita Noble, completed the Best Body Bootcamp with a four week old baby and yes there were some tough days but the camaraderie of the women on the forum plus, her own determination saw her adapt the program to suit her and resulted in her having more energy, not less. Only this morning my twins woke me up at 4.55am and didn’t get back to sleep. My initial reaction was ‘I’ll train later’ but I went for a swim at 8am and have felt great ever since!

Janey and child exercisingI’m busy with work
Anyone can create more time, we all have the same amount of hours in the day, it’s a choice -get up earlier, become more efficient. For example, occasionally when I’m super busy I get up at 430am to clear emails in peace, or I work Sunday night which means I can train Monday afternoon. It’s all about planning and prioritising. I also sometimes have to train with my children around if I really run out of time too. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


take care of your body quoteI’ve got no money
By not paying the price for your health now, you’ll pay the price for your health later. Good health is priceless but something we take for granted until we don’t have it anymore. Investing a little in your body now we’ll help you remain strong, fit and healthy and maybe even help you live longer. My clients always comment on how my online programs are such amazing value for money, £75 is a month’s worth of lattes but you get to keep all of the resources for life meaning you can remind yourself of good eating habits and complete the conditioning videos over and over again. People waste money the same way they waste time, but my online programs help women save money and helps them fit exercise into their busy schedules, win-win!

I don’t like exercise
Does anyone? Don’t focus on how tough it is when you’re doing it but on how amazing you feel when you’ve finished. That is the feeling that will keep driving you to exercise until it becomes a habit you like too much to give up! Make it as pleasant and interesting as possible, plan different routes to keep your interest, use different music, try a different class, make a friend do it with you and try and create a Mary Poppins attitude, preferably without the spoonful of sugar! One of the things I know that helps my clients DO, is having access to a live forum. We post up what we’ve done and how great we feel once we’ve done it, even if we didn’t want to do it! Accountability, support and encouragement are three things that can help you as you strive to get fit for life.

I’m too old
We have two women in their fifties doing the Best Body and one in her sixties – who’s lost over half a stone in just two weeks. Exercise and eating well in the Best body style makes you look younger and will make you live longer. If you need to adapt the cardio due to creaky joints you can ride your bike or go swimming, you don’t have to run to get fit and lose weight!

blogger on holiday doing the best bodyI’m going on holiday
It’s really common for people to delay things until after they get back but our client Anna Logue has been doing it from Ibiza, as has Laura (with a baby), Honor lives in France and I’ll be doing it when I’m away. Holidays are the perfect time for having some ME time, power walking along the beach / running around an old town / harbour, doing your conditioning looking at a beautiful sunset and if you’re near the sea or a swimming pool you can easily slot in some cardio.

This is Laura – StrawberriesandFacecream blogger, read her latest post as she reaches week three of the Best Body Bootcamp…

I don’t like getting up early
Some people will never want to train in the morning but until you’ve really tried it, how do you know? The camaraderie of a group of women all training together at dawn is brilliant and you can relax afterwards knowing that you have done your exercise for the day and have all evening to yourself. It really depends on how you want to spend your time. If you’re in the South London area why not set that alarm and give one of our early morning classes at Fit for a Princess a try? Or get out and watch the sun come up and catch a special part of the day that not many see!

fit for a princess class


Our online bootcamps run all year round and up and coming dates include, Monday 6th June, Monday 4th July and Monday 12th September. For more info and to book your place visit HERE.

Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!


Janey x

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