Help! I don’t know which program to do?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “I DON’T KNOW WHICH PROGRAM TO DO?!”

So I’ve put together a little visual pdf and video, explaining what your options are!

There is an abundance of life-enhancing programs, covering mindset, time and life management. As well as health and fitness, family, business, money and technology.

You can buy these individually from £29.99.  OR, as most people prefer now, you can access ALL my content in ONE place at one GREAT VALUE price in my One Life Hub. Where you can work through the programs one by one, or indeed pick and mix the content that is most relevant for you!

If you’re someone that thrives from the tailor made, interactive side. Then you can simply join my One Life Club. Which is the hub, PLUS unlimited Q and As, a weekly group coaching session and access to a wonderful Facebook group.

Click the link here to access the pdfWHICH PROGRAM TO DO

If you’re tight for time, look out for the pink clock – as these are the best options to do if you’re time poor!

And I’ve also done a little video to go with it! – CLICK HERE – Passcode: cJ.3QYPw

The video is 20 minutes long. But I’ve put the most important information in the first few minutes if you’re in a rush. With more detail further through, including taking you into the hub so you can see how it all works if you have more time.

Hope this is helpful, any questions let me know,

Janey x

PS… Here’s a testimonial from one of my new club members, Sarah Ball from Faversham!

“A great friend gifted me the “End of year 3 month BEST pass” last year and I instantly felt a connection to Janey and the way she works. I’ve jumped straight in with the new one life club.  And love the combination of the audios and programs that you can dip in and out of.

I’ve done 30 days to a high vibe life and I’m currently doing the Rise program and getting so many breakthroughs. It’s been lovely to bring out parts of me that had been forgotten! And my plan is to make my way through the BEST calls after that.

I also get a lot from the live Friday group coaching calls.  I always feel a sense of calm come over me, knowing I’m going to get an hour with Janey at the end of the week. Any problems seem to melt away! And I really enjoy being part of a group of women.

I’ve sent in a few questions to the Q and As and the advice  is useful and easy to implement. I get so much from hearing advice on other people’s questions too.

All of this has been hugely beneficial to my mindset and mental health.  I highly recommend!

I always read the Sunday Set Up newsletter. The social media content is always fab.  And the One Life Club facebook group is brilliant”

Read more testimonials HERE and if you’d like to gift a good friend a 10 week pass to The One Life Club, more details are HERE!



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