Help! I don’t know which program to do?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “I DON’T KNOW WHICH PROGRAM TO DO OR WHERE TO START?!”

So I’ve put together some information here, along with a little visual pdf and video, explaining what your options are!

I have been creating programs and resources for my clients for over 12 years. So there is an abundance of life-enhancing programs on my website that cover three main areas; mindset, life management and business.  And because I was in health and fitness for 16 years, there is an array of bonus health and fitness programs too!

You can buy all my programs individually from as little as £29.99. Or, they are ALL hosted in my THE WOMEN’S MINDSET CLUB which you can join from £49.99 a month.

My new business structure means, you can now work through the programs one by one; at a pace and timeframe that suits you. Or (as most people do), pick and mix the audio content that is most relevant for you. Either working through a couple of complimentary programs simultaneously. Or simply dipping in and out of audios as you wish.

95% of the content in my THE WOMEN’S MINDSET CLUB are audios. And you really are only one audio away from a better day

Audio content means you can listen to on the go too! Many of my clients are busy and love the fact that you don’t need to create lots of time for participating in a program or getting incredible benefits.

You can listen to them whilst driving, doing the ironing, walking the dog, cooking, doing housework, pottering around in the morning whilst getting ready (switching up mood zapping scrolling with inspiration that breathes life into you!), power walking and even in the bath!

If you’re someone that thrives from the tailor made, interactive side, The Women’s Mindset Club includes not only the resources nut also time with ME including unlimited Q and As, a weekly group coaching session and access to a wonderful  (optional) Facebook group.

A summary of the content!

Think of it as a Netflix library of time, mind and life enhancing resources! That are all designed to help you embrace your one life and help to you live well and live long.

And the calls range from 5 minutes long, up to an hour.

There are:



  • 80 x 30 minute BEST mindset audios
  • 40 x 15 minute I’VE GOT THE POWER motivation audios (you can set these to come in daily via email)
  • 30 x 5-8 minute 30 DAYS TO A HIGH VIBE LIFE audios (you can set these to come in daily via email)
  • 6 x 30 minute RISE audios (and ebook)
  • 5 x 60 minute HOW TO series


  • TIME BOSS – 5 audios and the Life Management Formula webinar and resources (Then 5 new calls each month from March-May)
  • 10 TECH BOSS audios (the last 5 by March)
  • MONEY BOSS – Rolls out from March
  • HOME BOSS – Rolls out from March


  • 30 x 30 minute BEST:BUSINESS audios
  • Ideas to Income challenge
  • Business Basecamp Formula


  • 35 x 3PHEALTH audios
  • 96 X 10 mins food, fitness, body image & lifestyle audios from the 10 MINS A DAY BOOTCAMP
  • 130 fitness motivation audios from my BEST BODY, TUMMY ATTACK, SELF-CARE & SUGAR HIIT BOOTCAMPS (you can set these to come in daily via email)

You can look at the details of these programs individually on the PROGRAMS PAGE on my website.

Or if you are not too sure where to start or how I can help you, take a look HERE for more information.

Hope this is helpful, any questions please let me know!

Remember you can join The Women’s Mindset Club for £49.99 a month or join us for 10 weeks for £99. So if you’re not sure, why don’t you come in and experience it for yourself? You can sign out anytime no questions asked!

Janey x

PS… Read hundreds of testimonials HERE and if you’d like to gift a good friend a 10 week pass to The Women’s Mindset Club for £99, you can find the details HERE!



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