Women and Wine Part 4 – Time to get serious

So as I make my way through the Wine Management survey results, there is clearly a common set of reasons as to why women are drinking too much. On that note, over 85% of women stated that they thought they drunk too much. Here are their reasons why:

Helps me wind down

Helps relax me

De-stresses me

To numb stress and life’s worries

Wakes me up after a long day

Is my escapism

To cope with the demands of being a working mum

I work 60 hours a week and have two children under four who don’t sleep through the night. If I didn’t drink, I think I’d lose it!

Self-medication and as an anti-depressant

To have fun in social situations

Because I love it

Stress of work makes me drink

I’m nicer to my husband and children when I drink

Once I open a bottle of wine I find it hard to stop and finish it

Pressure of running my own business, house and family

Drinking wine is my evening activity

Everyday is stressful with two kids under three

Having wine to look forward to is what keeps me sane throughout the day

When I come home from a 12 hour day to my children who miss me and need my attention, drinking wine is what gets me through that hour. I’m exhausted, they want me to play to them and read stories and I’m a total grump unless I’ve had a glass of wine!

To cope with a loveless marriage

Because I’m lonely, it’s my company each night after a long day

Oh my goodness, I could write an entire series of blogs on these results, although of course, these responses don’t entirely surprise me.

A couple of people said that they drank it with most meals because they were French and that wine was part of a meal on the continent. I did some research around this and came across a lot of evidence to suggest that yes, women do often drink at lunch and dinner, BUT (and it really is a big but here), they typically only have ½ a glass or a very small glass because it is to compliment their food, not to make them tipsy!  I even came across this little video on You tube about a French woman commenting on how the French can tell who the ex-pats are…



Now two women from the survey who’d both had breast cancer, also commented on the fact they were absolutely sure their heavy drinking was a contributory factor to them getting breast cancer and this is where my ears pricked up.

As you can see from the above list, the reason women are drinking the majority of the time, is because they are stressed and unhappy, perhaps unfulfilled, tired, fed up and unable to relax.  All the research that I’m coming across points to more and more evidence suggesting that heavy drinking, stress and certain lifestyles ARE a cause or contributory factor of breast cancer for many women.

Let’s look at this for a minute. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Wine is acidic, stress (that clearly causes much of the drinking) is acidic, and you can bet your bottom dollar that most women eat too much sugar along side that as well (more acidity). Also if your liver doesn’t function properly (the result of too much alcohol, carbs, sugar and toxins), you’ll get a toxic build up and guess what, those cancer cells (which we all carry by the way) will start to have a party.

The French might drink daily but it is typically well under the recommended daily allowance and very rarely do French women get drunk.  Many women I come across and in fact it was brought up in the survey a few times, drink to avoid eating big meals. The French also eat lots of salads and vegetables, very little sugar and eat small portions.

Now I’m not one to lecture my clients, and I’m the first to admit that after a busy day I love a glass of wine, but as I’ve said in previous blogs, I’ve introduced wine management strategies that mean I control the wine and not the other way around.  Also, the better your liver functions the more alcohol your body can cope with. No, this is not a license to binge drink but is to demonstrate that while I may drink around  twice the government recommended amount but I also eat five times the recommended amount of vegetables each day, exercise, drink lots of water and eat lots of liver-friendly foods, meaning my body functions extremely well and is good at expelling toxins.  However, in my true style of complete transparency regarding training and food blogs I’ve decided to get a liver test just to be sure – I’ll let you know the results next week!

It is absolutely crucial for women to be in control of their drinking because in some studies I’ve read; more professional women between the ages of 45 and 55 are joining AA compared to any other category or age range. Further evidence suggests that the majority of these women started out on a glass a night, that became two and then a bottle and then even more as you get used to drinking so much.

The good news? Most women who drink up to a bottle of wine a day are not physiologically dependent on wine or alcohol, they are psychologically dependent on it, and that is a LOT easier to deal with!

As I’ve said before, I want to live on this planet as long as possible and I also want to enjoy good food and wine along the way and my Wine Management Made Easy program will teach you just that AND, by working out your wine story and creating your own wine management plan, you can pretty much guarantee that your habit won’t ever spiral out of control.

Janey x

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