Women who invest in themselves go FURTHER!


Women are typically terrible at investing themselves. But when they do, the magic really does happen!


Women tend to prioritise other people; partners, their children and families etc. So when it comes to investing in themselves…they put themselves right at the bottom of the list.


There are three main reasons why women don’t invest in themselves:


GUILT – when they invest in themselves, they can no longer invest in someone else. They tell themselves that the money could be better spent on others, who need it more than they do.

DOUBT – they worry that won’t get any return on the investment they have made.. What if it doesn’t work? What if they don’t follow through? What if they sabotage? What if they don’t enough time. All those WHAT IFS!

SCARCITY MINDSET – they tell themselves that they don’t have the money or can’t spend the money (especially during a pandemic!). That they can’t really afford it, that they just aren’t worth the investment


But this means they stay stuck.

One of the things that women say when they’ve been resistant to sign up for my help, but finally do is…“I wish I’d done this sooner!”

I get how difficult it can be to invest in yourself, I really do! In fact, I have felt every single one of these investment roadblocks at various points in my life. When I’ve been faced with an opportunity to invest in myself, often at the point when I couldn’t really afford to.


“We need to do a better job at putting ourselves higher on our to-do lists” – Michelle Obama


In 2010 when my twins were one, I’d just got divorced and my old business was affected massively by the recession, I discovered an online course to teach me how to become an online coach and package up my exertise.  I had to use the last bit of space on my credit card and I was terrified to click “confirm payment”. But instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, I asked “Can I afford not to?”. Doing this course changed my life. I showed up and worked hard and it led me to where I am today – it was actually the best money I’d ever spent. And trust me my whole family benefitted!

A couple of years ago, absolutely exhausted from being a single parent for over a decade (and having my daughter by myself – who was a very challenging toddler and never slept!), I’d lost my mojo and was completely overhwlemed, confused and on my last legs. My business was affected and I felt flat and a failure.

I knew I needed help, so I invested in a business course and had some coaching to help me gain more confidence, reconnected with who I was and changed how I did business – so I could improve my income and life. It was a very expensive course but I kept focusing on the value not the cost. And I got my investment back and a lot, lot more. I couldn’t have done what I have done by struggling alone.

Last year, faced with a personal trauma after being in a relationship with a covert love bomb narcissist (check out the interview on my IGTV on Instagram – @janeyhollidaycoaching with Janet Henson to watch the full interview on this) , I invested in some counselling and coaching which changed everything for me. It was the difference from me being completley broken to me rebuilding myself and healing. This investment was invaluable.


I have never, ever regretted putting my hand in my pocket to properly help myself out. NEVER.


Investing in yourself comes in many different forms:


  • When you don’t know something, you can go out and learn it.
  • Don’t struggle alone, find someone or something that can help and support you. It could be help in your business, or it could be help in your home and personal life
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch and there is lots of free information out there which I think is another big block to women paying for something. But when there’s nothing to lose, do you actually show up and does it have all the solutions you need? Paying for something gives it value and the motivation to do it properly. In fact usuaslly the more the pay, the more you get from it!
  • If it’s important enough you can always find the money. You can always find the funds – get a credit card and create a set amount of payments back. Cut back on your daily shop bought coffee, sell some of your old clutter. Last year a client told me she couldn’t afford one of my courses – so I challenged her to go and sell things that totalled the course fee in 3 weeks…and she did!
  • I’ve seen women ask family members to chip in for birthday / christmas presents or ask 5 friends to lend small amounts of money that added up to the course cost
  • If you run a business and your investment is business related, most banks will lend you a small amount of money or you can get a business credit card to use for important / things – most of these are interest free for 90 days too


These two very different business women, all decided to invest in themselves and sign up for BEST: Business last year to help them move on from being stuck and grow their businesses, ultimately building a business that they could enjoy too!


Sarah Fletcher runs an awesome online fabric store called Duck Egg Threads. She also provides patterns and online sewing workshops. Sarah was overwhelmed, stressed and stuck in her business. Desperately seeking clarity, but unable to see the options that were right in front of her. Being part of BEST:Business and working with me, helped Sarah to explore these other paths with a fresh pair of eyes.

“I joined Best Business because I wanted to really get behind and grow my online business. The combination of the mindset audios, having an outsider’s point of view and someone who can come up with suggestions who isn’t emotionally attached is invaluable. Janey listens and then asks the questions of you that you would never ask yourself out of fear or because you are too close to see clearly. I was nervous about investing in my business like this at the start, but I can’t imagine running my business without the support of Janey and the BEST:Business team. It’s been the greatest investment that has not only helped my business but enhanced me personally as well”Sarah Fletcher


Karen Zimmerman-Grant, BEST:Business client living in Switzerland runs this awesome eco-friendly, reusable ceramic cup art and personalised gifts business called Soul Shimmer Designs. Karen was struggling to see the value in her product and how it could benefit people and lacked confidence. In one line I gave on a Q and A session, I told Karen that quite simply her products bring such a lot of joy to people. And this one angle helped her get clarity, confidence and shine bright!

“When you make the investment to join BEST: Business, I can guarantee that’s it’s not just the brilliant practical mindset and business guidance you’ll leave with from Janey. But something way more valuable – an incredible sense of community and support from a group of like-minded, fabulous women. That’s worth it’s weight in gold and not something you find in many business groups.” – Karen Zimmerman-Grant


Everyone benefits when women start to soar, when they take the plunge to invest in themselves.


Here are some things to consider if you’re struggling to invest in yourself…


What are the consequences if you do or don’t invest in yourself?

Look at the gains, not just for you but for others you love

Do you really want to stay where you are or whether you want to change the end of your story?

When considering investing in yourself don’t look at the price but instead look at the VALUE.

When you say “I can’t afford it” reply to yourself with “Can I afford not to?!”


“Investing in yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential Self-Care”



Sometimes we just need a little nudge.


If you’re someone that would like to have a successful and enjoyable business, I know that BEST:Business will be the greatest investment you will make in yourself and your future. Just check out the testimonials on the BEST:Business program page!


“Best business is the best investment I ever made in my business. The ROI in terms of value for money was beyond my expectation” – Janet Henson


“I can’t recommend Best Business highly enough, it’s the best business investment I could have made!“ – Amanda, Sip Sip Wine


“Janey helped me set up a brand new business in just a few days! I will always be thankful for investing in myself when I was worried about spending money – the return I’ve got has been incredible” – Honor Marks, Instagram coach


BEST:Business starts on Monday 17th January 2022, please sign up via the box below!




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