Women’s Mindset Business Club – 2024 Call Replays

Here is your Monday Zoom call link for the year!

The first call kicks off on Monday 8th January.

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Meeting ID: 836 8541 4491
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And your call links will be posted below as and when they are done as well as being emailed out.

Please note if you are joining The Women’s Mindset Club at the end of January, you don’t need to watch the previous replays unless you want to. And things we discuss in these will often be created into useful business templates for you!

Monday call replays 2024:



Monday Midday Motivation – WMBC – 8th JanuarySoooo good to get stuck back in!Those on the call, great to see you and great contributions as always.And those watching on replay, looking forward to seeing you next week!A nice and easy call to get us ready to go in 2024.CLICK HERE Passcode: b8Mm!Y&a


Monday 15th
We explored breaking and building habits.Stopping you going down a negative habit loop cycle and stepping into a positive one.Either by focusing on the problem phase OR the solutions phase!
Passcode: eLT!^a8^


Monday 22nd
Lovely to see you today, those on replay, hope all good with you! We covered:Turning catastrophising thoughts into calmer action
Looking at getting more fired up about our product / service, being clearer on value and looking at how we get that across and much more!
Passcode dh1!@0xl


Monday 29th
Let’s stop selling broccoli and start selling chocolate!
Passcode &As!SEF5




Monday 5th
Passcode 0cb*3+Xl


Monday 19th

Let’s all go on a March selling mission together!
Passcode  N2SEbh*z