Women’s Mindset Club Monthly Themes


Identity by definition is “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is”

  • It’s also how we show up. How we see ourselves. What we are known for. And, what others are taught to eventually expect of us.
  • Our identity is the way we live our lives. And it is integral to our beliefs, habits, behaviours and actions. And vice versa.
  • Our identity changes throughout our lives.  Partly by default. Sometimes unconsciously. And, when we want a new identity for whatever reason, we can deliberately seek to change it!
  • Without your own proper, clear identity, you can feel completely lost.
  • With an outdated identity, you can experience inner conflict.
  • With an identity that doesn’t match what you want, you can experience sabotage.
  • And, with an inauthentic or hidden identity, you can  feel sadness and even experience depression.
  • But, we can ALWAYS reset, reclaim and reignite the right identity for us – the good news!
  • AND, we can create any identity we want.
  • Even if it’s something we’ve never had before. Or something that seems so far removed from where we are now!

The two calls we have this month are

  • HOW TO choose, create and change your identity
  • HOW TO think, talk, trick, write and walk yourself into a new identity

And if you’re feeling lost, we really recommend having a “Remember who the fuck you are day!” – And I’ve created a HOW TO have a remember who the fuck you are day starter pack! This is in The Women’s Mindset Club or if not a member, you can buy individually for £9.99 HERE


The Domino effect is the ONE thing that if you did it it, would have a REALLY positive impact on SO many other things.

  • It’s the ONE goal, action, non-negotiable, belief, identity, habit, behaviour, thing you do, delegation, for example. That would be a total game changer in your life.
  • It could be something you’ve been procrastinating on. It can be getting help with a weakness or roadblock. A small thing that if you did daily would add up. A big thing that you can’t stop thinking about and just need the courage to go for it. It might be starting or learning something new, or an exciting (or indeed scary!) goal to nail. You get to choose!
  • And a little clue…. it’s often NOT what you think it is!

So the call this month is:

  •  HOW TO decide what your domino effect might be. How to get right behind yourself with this.
  • And, there is an optional 30 day challenge for June! Where me and my clients in The Women’s Mindset Club will work alongside it, together!
So start thinking about “What is the ONE thing that could become your life goal changer?” And sign up so I can help you make this happen!
All these calls and more are included as part of The Women’s Mindset Club


  • July – Compartmentalisation
  • August – You Matter! Let go of the guilt for good!
  • September – The procrastination and fear busting challenge.
  • October – The Power of Saying No!
  • November/December – The end of year comparison crusher challenge.