Giving yourself permission for you to live life your way  – Putting your new rule book of life together!

The agenda for this week:

  • WOW formula
  • Life values – and what these really mean to you
  • Energetic needs – from your thinking, choices and surroundings
  • Priorities – what’s important about these for you and how do you protect these
  • Circle of IN and OUT – What’s in and what’s out from now on
  • Power of the future self
  • “From now on” / “Right Now” rule book

CLICK HERE for the 45 minute audio

CLICK HERE for the pdf call summary

CLICK HERE for the work book

I also refer to The Life Management Formula, this is in the bonus section, but CLICK HERE to access directly.  It has a zoom, spreadsheet & pdf template.

If you want to know more about creating your core life values, please CLICK HERE – and if prompted for a password, please use “VALUES”.