The YOU ARE ENOUGH 5 day challenge!

Welcome to the YOU ARE ENOUGH challenge!

This challenge is about helping women to feel better about themselves and their lives. Too many women struggle in silence with very strong and self-limiting beliefs and feelings that they simply are not enough. It’s absolutely heart breaking and a total waste of women’s precious time, energy and lives.

And I want to turn this around for you!!

“I cannot get over how different I feel about myself in 5 days! Thank you for all those super helpful videos and coaching exercises, I really enjoyed this week”

“I have loved the challenge this week. Not something I would usually do and a little out of my comfort zone. But it has been very cathartic!”


The challenge ran as a 5 day challenge back in November 2019 and was a huge success. But the good news is, you can now access all the content although the challenge has ended… We had over 100 women on this challenge and they all LOVED it!

There are 5 YOU ARE ENOUGH videos to watch and the challenge also includes mini coaching challenges set by me to you, that will immediately boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth!

How would your life change if you felt that you were 100% good enough for yourself and the world?

I’m pretty sure it would change MASSIVELY!

Come and access on this inspiring and uplifting challenge content now – and let me help you head into 2020  feeling SO much better about yourself and your life 🙂

Challenge outline

  • Day 1Where your not enough mindset come from
  • Day 2Not good enough for what and/or whom?
  • Day 3Celebrating your uniqueness and invaluable contribution to the world
  • Day 4Stepping into an empowering life where you feel that you are finally enough
  • Day 5How to create an empowering and long lasting ‘’I am enough’ mindset!


Sign up below and you will be sent joining instructions on how to access the Facebook group and challenge content.

It’s such a great challenge, the women who did it live loved it – check out their feedback below.  And if you struggle with a ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset then I’d be delighted to help you!




Janey x


“Thank you for such a thought provoking week! I started the week with an ‘enough’ score of 3 (when considering me being enough as a stay at home Mum) and by the end of the week it was a 7/8!”

“I have gone from a score of 2 out 10 to a 7 out of 10… Thank you for such an inspiring week!”

“Janey I just loved this challenge so much. It really was inspirational and insightful and I really can’t believe the difference in how I felt about myself in a few days. As a result of this challenge I have felt confident enough to update my CV and get it out there and I’ve also said no to things I didn’t want to, because I realised that I AM the boss of my own life and choices and I am enough just the way I am. Also just signed up for BEST 2020! Can’t wait to work with you for the next 12 months!”

“I loved so many things about the challenge. But the most helpful part was the Q and A you and Gill did on beliefs, it was so brilliant, thank you so much”

“Thank you Janey, smashed all the videos and caught up on BEST while decorating the children’s rooms this weekend. Lots of inspiration and all “BEST” upped now xx”

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