The YOU ARE ENOUGH 5 day challenge!

Welcome to the YOU ARE ENOUGH challenge!

This 5 day challenge is about helping women to feel better about themselves and their lives. Too many women struggle in silence with very strong and self-limiting beliefs and feelings that they simply are not enough. It’s absolutely heart breaking and a total waste of women’s precious time, energy and lives.

And I want to turn this around for you!!

The 5 day challenge is running from Monday 4th November to Friday 8th November and hosted in my YOU ARE ENOUGH closed Facebook group.

With daily YOU ARE ENOUGH Facebook Live videos by me between 12.30pm – 1.15pm each day, where I’ll be sharing my expertise via inspirational insights, top tips and really helpful coaching questions.

The week also includes mini daily challenges set by me to you, that will immediately boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth!

How would your life change if you felt that you were 100% good enough for yourself and the world?

I’m pretty sure it would change MASSIVELY!

Come and join me on this inspiring and uplifting challenge and let me help you head into the next decade feeling SO much better about yourself and your life 🙂


Challenge outline

MondayWhere your not enough mindset come from

TuesdayNot good enough for what and/or whom?

WednesdayCelebrating your uniqueness and invaluable contribution to the world

ThursdayStepping into an empowering life where you feel that you are finally enough

FridayHow to create an empowering and long lasting ‘’I am enough’ mindset!


Sign up below and you will be sent joining instructions on how to access the Facebook group and challenge content.

It’s going to be awesome, if you struggle with a ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset then I’d be delighted to help you!



Janey x

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