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What happened in Paris last Friday was shocking. And when something as tragic like this occurs I think it can make us feel quite negative and fearful of the world around us. But what something like this makes me want to do, is absolutely embrace, seize and enjoy my life even more. Every single person who was killed last Friday started their week last Monday just like you and I are today. Perhaps feeling a bit grumpy about the weather, maybe feeling a bit of stress or pressure from modern day life, perhaps wishing away their working week days for their Friday night out, looking forward to Christmas, all those kinds of things. They just had no idea that their life would be over in five days time. Life is so short and the only thing we have in our lives is today, none of us can be certain we have tomorrow and I want you all to remember that today. Every day in fact.


It doesn’t need to be a terrorist attack either. One of my very best friends and business associates Craig Coman (who many will have heard me talk about over the last 10 years) has a very aggressive form of brain cancer at the moment and in July was given 6 months to live and whilst we’re hoping for a miracle, he could die at any time. I had an hour long skype chat with him last week and we had a really frank conversation about things, well life really. I guess he has the benefit (if you want to call it that) of having time to reflect on our world as he’s had a diagnosis, opposed to those taken suddenly on Friday who didn’t get that chance. We had such a laugh as we chatted and he said to me that the things we get caught up in as humans are “completely hilarious” when you think of it.   His tone indicated tragic.




The little things we allow ourselves to get stressed about, the fact people get grumpy about the rain, that people spend their whole life doing a job they don’t love because they convince themselves they need the money or there isn’t another path, comparing themselves to other people that they don’t even value, choosing to have a difficult life when they could be making it easier, spending their days feeling negative and low with all eyes on the future or what they don’t have, because they aren’t seeing what they have and what’s around them right now. It’s so sad yet as Craig says, it’s what we get ‘caught up in’.


So today and from now on, I don’t want you to get ‘caught up’ in life. I don’t want you to wait. I don’t want you to wish your time away. I want you to grab life by the balls and make it work for you. We all want different things, we all flourish and thrive from different paces and choices and I want you to find what that is. Search your heart, listen to your gut, find your authentic self and strive to be the very best version of you.   For some that is finding the confidence to be more ambitious and step out your comfort zone to do something you’ve always wanted to. Leave that job, travel the world, have a baby.

Never too late quote


For others it may be to slow down and re-evaluate your life. Perhaps to downsize, spend more time with loved ones, choose an easier, less stressful path. The only way your life will change is if you change it.


Don't wait quote


For others maybe it’s about finding a better balance around the things you love and value in life, prioritizing a few things and letting go of others. The ‘have it all’ and ‘do it all’ mentality fails so many. Find your greatness, find your passion, find your balance, create your boundaries, live life on your terms and damn well be the boss of your own life whilst you have your life.


Be the boss of your own life


I want each and every one of you to start each day being grateful and happy for what you have right now, even if you want to improve your life. Look around you, what do you have right now? Maybe a job that pays the bills, a roof over your head, good friends, something to look forward to this month. If it’s raining outside or dark in the mornings and evenings or nine degrees outside, find some joy in it. See this is part of the amazing cycle of life. We can’t have beautiful flowers without rain, we wouldn’t appreciate the warm, light nights if we had them all the time, this quest for permanent perfection is what creates so much depression in the world. What do you have right now? And what would you appreciate more if you only had a few days left on this wonderful planet?


And finally, take command of your thoughts. We can react negatively to things, or we can choose to respond positively. We can allow ourselves to think stressful things, or we can change those thoughts to be enjoyable ones. It’s literally like flipping a switch. If you’re worried about something, ask yourself can you do something about it. If you can, great, do it and no need to worry, if you can’t do something about it, also no need to worry because you can’t do anything! If you’re getting stressed because of money, think about those who are far worse off than you (as opposed to those you might be comparing yourself to). Change your mindset about it, hatch a plan to make more money if you want to, but please don’t feel down about it. Money is nothing when you consider what happened on Friday. Health, family, loved ones, the time you have today is way more important than stressing about money and mortgages. What are the little things that are niggling away at you today? The train being late, your husband leaving the lid off the toothpaste, your kids waking up 3 times in the night so you’re starting the week tired. Why let yourself get stressed or grumpy about these things? Laugh about them, switch your mindset, embrace them and see them as part of our existence.


Make your life enjoyable, make your life your own, make your life easy.   It’s a beautiful life we can have, every single day, regardless what is going on around us. Find that beauty, create that beauty and savour single moment. Because we only have now.


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Have a great day, have a great week and remember we only have one life 🙂


Janey x

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