MINDSET – If everything is a choice, what are you choosing?


You choose how you spend your time, what you say yes & no to.

You choose the job you have, who surrounds you, your thoughts, feelings and the way you show up in life.

You choose what and who you get involved with, what you focus on, what you give yourself permission for.

And you choose whether you compare yourself, beat yourself up, believe in yourself, support yourself, punish  or forgive yourself.

You choose stress, fun, ease, difficulty, complaining, happiness, misery and positivity.

You choose what time you go to bed, what you watch on TV, what you eat, whether you exercise, how much water, wine or coffee you drink. Your tech use, the hours you work, your boundaries in life.

You choose how you respond to situations and challenges.  And whether you let difficult things rattle around in your brain, or whether you compartmentalise, let stuff go and move on.

You choose how you deal with ANY scenario. And, you choose the identity, intention and version of you, that shows up in your life.


Fear is behind a lot of great choices NOT being made!

And fear is something you can CHOOSE to push through! Ask yourself “What would you do if you had no fear?”

I said this to one of my clients this week and they said “I’d be bold and brave and do x,y,z”

So we’re now looking at challenging the beliefs that cause the fear.

How to change the story attached to that fear.

And, to find the courage to make better and bolder choices!

Maybe it’s time to rip up the rule book and design the rest of your life YOUR way!

You CAN take back command of your mind.

So do yourself a favour and stop listening to the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t, you shouldn’t, it isn’t possible, what will others think etc.

And start listening to your heart; which is the voice of your soul, the authentic you. And bloody well pen that bright future!

If you’ve got struggles and difficulties going on, I hear you!

My back of house life is ridiculously crazy as a single Mum of 3 / SEN Mum. And I’ve been a single Mum for nearly 14 year and been through a lot of late.
But, mindset has been my super power.
You can dig deep and choose that this will NOT be the end of your story!

Changing your response to chaos, changes everything!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

We really do have the power to reframe 99% of things.

From happily-doing difficulties, to keeping calm and strong in struggles.

We can choose fear over trust.

Feeling empowered and not a victim.

And it all comes from how we CHOOSE to see things.

And the intention and identity we CHOOSE to have in every scenario.

Does this mean you don’t have dark days and are riding high every day of your life? Of course not.

But it’s arming yourself with a mindset and life toolkit that gives you more choices, BETTER choices

So have a think about what you are choosing for yourself and your life. And the things that are IN your control.

Are these working for you? Are they serving you any more? Is this the life you wanted to lead?

And also have a think how are you choosing to respond to the things OUT of your control. Those life plot twists, or other people’s opinions, choices and behaviours.

Could you empower yourself more, pull out a stronger or calmer version of you? Ask for help? Find a better tribe?

In The Women’s Mindset Club, I teach my clients how to get their minds on side and challenge the choices and life experience that don’t work for them anymore! And I also support them along the way too, so that they changes they want and need to make are a lot easier and enjoyable too!

We have a 20 week end of year pass for £149 – must book by Monday 28th August CLICK HERE for details.

Janey x


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